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Chapter 729 - Level B Mission

The strength behind his palm was extremely strong.


The big guy was very obedient. He had used 80% of his strength just because of how much strength Yao Yan had given him.

Eighty percent of the virtual immortals stage's power, this was a tempo that could blast others to death.


Long Fei's body moved to the side, and continuously retreated, his arms becoming numb, and his heart becoming unhappy.

The big bloke's palm felt even more uncomfortable.

It was as though he had slapped a steel plate. His five fingers were splitting apart, and his entire arm was in incomparable pain. He was infuriated. "You actually dare to block me. You're courting death."

At this moment.

Another disciple said anxiously, "Senior Martial Sister, the mission we were about to accept has disappeared."

Yao Yan's face immediately changed and shouted, "Who dares to snatch the mission from me?"

While they were talking …

She strode to the task window.

The big sized man also retracted his finger, he stared at Long Fei and said fiercely: "Brat, just you wait."

He followed her.

Long Fei did not pay attention to this, he studied the mission carefully, but he could not find anything suitable for him, "Regardless of all that, I can just accept any mission."

He also walked to the mission window and handed over his identity plate, "An level mission."

The staff member checked and said, "Your level is not high enough to accept an [A] class mission. Do you have a team?"

Long Fei shook his head and said, "No."

That person replied, "Then there's no other way. If you want to receive an A grade mission alone, you need to have the identity of an Advanced Disciple."

"Then what kind of missions can I accept with my current level?" Long Fei asked.

That person replied, "At your current level, you can only take missions below the C grade. It seems that there are no missions below the C grade today. You can come back tomorrow."

Long Fei was speechless.

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On the other side.

That senior sister Yao Yan was so angry that her chest was trembling and was about to burst her clothes. "You dare to snatch the mission from me, just you wait."

"This is so infuriating."

Looking at her expression, Zhang Xuan felt as though his lungs were about to burst from anger.

The crowd started whispering to each other.

"That is an [A] class mission of Immortal City. I heard that the god's fire troopers had prepared for this mission for a month, I never expected that someone would beat me to it."

"Who dares to snatch the mission from the god's fire troopers? Isn't this courting death? "

"Who knows?"

"However, not just any person would dare to take the Immortal City mission. I heard that the Immortal City is filled with dark creatures that won't die."

"That's because there's an Immortal Soul Treasure inside."

Zhou Ren began to discuss in a low voice.

At this moment.

There were two people standing beside Long Fei, and one of them was wang qingshan.

Seeing Long Fei, wang qingshan immediately went forward to welcome him and said: "Brother Long, do you want to form a team? I just accepted a [B] class mission, do you want to come with me? "

One of the disciples standing beside him looked at Long Fei in disdain.

Regarding Long Fei, wang qingshan had already let go of his resentment.

More importantly.

After wang qingshan lost, Teacher Oya's words to him made him admire Long Fei.

Long Fei's level was not high, but his comprehension of the way of the sword was above his.

With regards to people with high comprehension in the way of the sword, wang qingshan would be filled with respect and admiration.

Seeing that Long Fei did not receive a mission, he took the initiative to walk forward and invite him.

Long Fei said: Do you guys still need more people?

The disciple beside wang qingshan said coldly: "It's full."

wang qingshan glanced at him, then immediately laughed: "There's still one more person. If you join, that would be perfect."

"Divide the points equally. If you gain something else from the mission, you can give it to whoever is suitable. If it's not, you can sell it. The points, the fairy stones will also be divided equally. What do you think?"

Long Fei needed the mission, he needed it greatly, and said, "Then, thank you, senior fellow apprentice Wang."

wang qingshan laughed: "You're too courteous, you can just call me Qingshan."

"There are still three senior fellow apprentice waiting outside. I'll take you to see them."

A team was like a team in a game.

Whether it was clearing the Instance Dungeon or defeating the Boss, he needed to cooperate.

In the game, every team needed a Cleric, Warrior, and Mage. Every team had their own division of labor.

Long Fei walked out of the mission hall.

wang qingshan introduced him in a familiar manner: "Spirit Poison Master Zhou Ling, Array Master Zheng Qingsong, this junior sister apprentice is a college of martial arts training with me, his name is Yang Luoshui."

"You have met this Meng Cheng before."

And then …

wang qingshan then introduced them: "This is Long Fei, the one who won eighteen consecutive rounds."

Zhou Ling and Zheng Qingsong were startled, both of them revealed an expression of excitement.

Yang Luoshui and Meng Cheng's eyes flashed with a look of despise.

Yang Luoshui said coldly: "senior fellow apprentice, aren't we looking for a beast master? What are you finding a service disciple that you don't even want from eighteen great matrial halls for? "

wang qingshan laughed: "I didn't find a suitable beast master. I know Brother Long, he must be very strong."


"Powerful?" If it's strong, would the eighteen great matrial halls not accept it? " Meng Cheng sarcastically said, "Brother Wang, if it wasn't for this mission, I would definitely not be in the same squad as a service disciple."

Zheng Qingsong slightly said: "Harmony, harmony, harmony is the most important."

Zhou Ling also added, "The mission is the most important, I only lack the points for this mission to be exchanged for a Poison Scripture."

And then …

He looked at Long Fei and said: Brother Long, eighteen consecutive victories are truly powerful, but the fighting is a battle and the mission is a mission, I hope that everyone will retreat, and follow the instructions, if there is any mistake and we do not complete the mission, I will not hold back.

The atmosphere became stiffer and stiffer.

Long Fei looked at wang qingshan and said, "senior fellow apprentice Wang, I think I should still …"

wang qingshan immediately said: "Brother Long, if you withdraw, then don't treat me, wang qingshan, as a brother anymore. Teacher Ao Ya had said before, she wants me to learn from you."

"Let's go!"

"Our mission this time isn't too hard."

Without waiting for Long Fei to refuse, wang qingshan had already pulled Long Fei back.

The mission was accepted by wang qingshan, he had absolute authority.

Long Fei exhaled in his heart, and thought: "I want to become stronger quickly, I want to create my own team, if only Li Yuanba and the others are here."

"I wonder how they are doing now."

"Lang Qianli is still not back. Nothing will happen to him, right?"

The four King Kong were all in the South Horizon Region.

If they were here, in addition to Chen Tianfei's Super Tank, they would be a Super Team.

The group of six walked towards the teleportation array.

At this time, the six from god's fire troopers were also by the teleportation circle. The bewitching senior sister was still angry as she said, "Stealing missions from me, I will toy with him to death."

"Go to the Immortal City!"

When the teleportation array opened, a ray of Xuna Bai's light enveloped the six of them. A few seconds later, they disappeared.

Long Fei and the others walked to the center of the array, "senior fellow apprentice Wang, what kind of mission are we on?"

wang qingshan said: "Our mission is very simple, find the ruins of the Immortal Sect, set the coordinates, and we will be done with setting up the teleportation circle."

"Immortal Immortal Sect?"

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