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### Chapter 58 - 150 slashes, kill!

His voice shook the heavens!

It was like a thunderclap that struck into the hearts of everyone present.


It was very uncomfortable, the people who mocked Long Fei were like people who had eaten flies, the feeling of being stuck in their throats and unable to be spit out was too unbearable.

Especially the people from three pillars and the royal family, they felt as if their faces had been ruthlessly slapped by Long Fei.

It was extremely painful, extremely painful!

Long Fei's eyes sank, and said arrogantly: "So what if you have Negative Activation to Dragon Blood? So what if the Pubes is broken? So what if your tendons and veins are in a state of depression? "

"Mocking that your father is trash?"

"You two are worthy of that?!"


Once again, he roared out in rage, venting the anger in his heart.

He was displeased from the moment he tested Long Fei's Dragon Blood Activation, and suppressed a ball of fury in his heart. Facing the mockery of the three pillars and the Imperial Family, and facing the disappointment of the Long Family members, he was even more displeased.

At that time, he had hidden his strength, precisely because he wanted to tell the Long Family's disciples that Dragon Blood Activation could not represent everything.

Pubes cannot represent everything.

It was impossible for his tendons to be blocked!

He wanted to tell everyone that the Long family would never give in to any difficulties!

The entire hall was silent.

Everyone was staring at Long Fei who was on the stage. At this moment, the Long family's unity once again gathered together, with Long Fei as the core.

At this moment.

Nearly everyone in the Long family recognized Young Master Long Fei's position, and everyone started to worship him.

Because …

He had created a miracle!

Because his name was Long Fei, the young master of the Long family!


Long Zhanwu said coldly: "Long Fei, don't get cocky too early!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Zhanwu bellowed, "Long Fu, kill him, kill him!"

In the blink of an eye.

A demonic shadow rushed out from the crowd and released the Conical Shadow Technique from his palms.

At this moment.

Long Fei laughed coldly in a complacent manner, "I've been waiting for you for such a long time, you've finally made your move!"

He had been paying attention to Long Fu from the beginning.

From the moment of his examination, Long Fei had already guessed that he was the assassin hidden amongst the Long family disciples. After killing the fourteen Long family disciples, Long Fei was even more certain in his heart.

At the same time.

He also believed what the female assassin said.

I didn't lie to him!

The ball of black shadows trembled. It was obviously him who had ambushed Long Fei, but he was still … An ominous feeling rose in his heart, as if he had fallen into Long Fei's trap.

He was a killer.

A killer with a keen sense of smell.

His years of killing experience had taught him that only by saving his life could he complete the mission!

The machine broke down.

He suddenly turned around and charged in another direction.


Long Fei laughed coldly: "Too late!"

The blade aura accumulated from the seven moves of the dragon salyer technique suddenly moved. From the moment he attacked, he had been accumulating blade aura, with the aim of dealing with Long Fu!

"dragon chop!"


"Triggering the Spatial Ring's Luck attribute will increase the damage of the dragon chop by 100%."


"Then your fate is really bad." Long Fei was secretly shocked, he did not expect to trigger the luck attribute, clenching his teeth, he roared fiercely.

"One hundred and fifty slashes!"

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Long Fei held onto the blade with both of his hands as the true breath surged. He released all the true breath and roared: "Get on the ground!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The first layer of blade energy was released and Long Fu was lifted into the air. Immediately following that, the 149 layers of blade energy slashed down in an instant.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The saber Qi slashed crazily on Long Fu's body like a knife cutting through butter. In a split-second, Long Fu's body was completely shattered. A torrential rain of blood spurted out from his body.

The surrounding people looked up at the sky.

He could feel the destructive power of the saber.

Each one of them was completely crushed by this saber energy and could not move at all.


The assassin's body split apart.

It was chopped into pieces.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Long Fu' for obtaining 150,000 experience, 1000 true breath and 10 Energy Values."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'twenty million' silver notes."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'hells magic'. Do you wish to cultivate it?"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current Level: Level: 2 war spirit!"

… ….

The system beep sounded continuously.

He was surprised to find that he had 150,000 experience points. It was simply too satisfying to directly level up!

You know.

Once Long Fei levelled up, all of his stats were fully filled.

true breath Slot fully recovered.

martial-arts arena, be quiet!

It was deathly quiet, so quiet that it made people panic.

It was shocking to have beheaded fourteen disciples at once, but … In the end, Long Fei released a dragon chop that was completely shocking, beyond compare.

A hundred and fifty layers of saber Qi, arrogant saber Qi, domineering saber Qi, it was as if they could really kill a divine dragon.

An existence that was so cool that it could even explode!

Was this something a human could do?

He was simply a god!

Long Fei stood on the stage, his gaze sweeping across the entire arena, and growled: "Who else?!"

"Long Zhanwu, who else?!"

Long Zhanwu's body trembled slightly, the aura coming from his body made him feel uncomfortable. He was an expert of the war chief realm, but he was being crushed by Long Fei who was in the war spirit realm.

It could only be said that the dragon chop was too domineering.

At this moment.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing the 'Family Contest' Quest with a reward of 100 thousand Experience Points, 1000 true breath, 500 Points, Battle Dragon Armor (Earth Stage)".


"Do you want to use the Dragon Battle Armor?"

"Use it!"

Long Fei did not hesitate at all and immediately wore the 'War Dragon Armor'. He urgently needed defense right now.

After putting on the Dragon Battle Armor.

Long Fei's entire body was covered with the aura of 'War Dragon'. This was a thick defensive Qi, and the Battle Dragon Armor was too cool.

The two dragons were coiled on his back, like wings.

He was a complete mess.

Of course.

Only Long Fei himself could see.

At this moment.

Long Shan shouted hysterically, "Young Lord, mighty Young Lord, domineering Young Lord, long live the Young Lord!"

"The Young Lord is mighty, the Young Lord is domineering, Long live the Young Lord!"

At the same time.

The entire Long family's disciples roared.

"The Young Lord is mighty, the Young Lord is domineering, Long live the Young Lord!"

Too cool!

He was so handsome that he dropped to the ground.

Who still mocked Long Fei as a trash?

Who else would dare?

At the same time, the doors to the two secret chambers of the Long family opened.

… ….

Long Fei stared coldly at Long Zhanwu, and said: "You spent 50 million to hire a killer to kill me. In Fire Wolf Valley, the Long Fu that died just now, you are truly vicious, I am your nephew, yet you hired a killer to assassinate me, how did I offend you?"

"Did I fuck your wife or your daughter? You want to do this to me? "

Long Zhanwu was so angry that his entire body was trembling, his teeth chattered loudly, and he roared loudly, "Long Fei!"

"Why are you calling me daddy?" Long Fei heaved a heavy sigh, and said word by word, "Since..."

"You want to kill me!"

"Alright then!"

"Long Zhanwu, today, right now, I, Long Fei, will challenge you!"

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