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Chapter 726 - Cloud Ranking Rank 1

"Ah... "Oh …"

A pig-slaughtering howl rang out.

Clenching his legs, Lu Yuanxian's eyes became white, the pain caused his entire body to tremble, and he stepped down.

No matter how strong you are.

These were all male hood door s.

The pain of the egg cracking was too unbearable.

All the disciples of fighting arena took in a breath of cold air. Their chrysanthemums tightened and their legs naturally reacted to tighten by a little bit.

"You won't tell me, right?"

Long Fei shouted once more as the four ghost soldiers laughed heartily and pulled Lu Yuanxian up. Long Fei raised his right leg and laughed coldly.

Lu Yuanxian was about to cry. "I'll say, I'll say, I'm a son of a bitch …"


"Only now? "Too late!"

Long Fei's right leg spasmed, fiercely kicking him: "This old man will make you feel good to the heavens!"

"This kick is to avenge the people who died in the Heaven Sect."


"This kick is for the people of the South Horizon Region."


"This kick is for the Long family."


"There's no reason for this kick. I just wanted to kick you until you exploded." Long Fei kicked him a few times.

Other than screaming, Lu Yuanxian could not let out anything else. His face was in pain, his thighs were already badly mutilated, and the pain was so excruciating that it seemed like he was numb.

The two old eggs that he had left behind for decades were finally finished.

stared at him coldly, and said softly: "If this place wasn't god emperor academy, you would be dead already!"

It was true.

If it weren't for the god emperor academy, and if it weren't for the fact that Long Fei was in a rush to obtain a thousand points to exchange for an official disciple position, he really would have killed Lu Yuanxian.

Lu Yuanxian fell to the ground like a dead dog, his body constantly twitching. Although he was not dead, he was basically crippled.

At this moment.

The referee walked up and said, "Long Fei wins!"

"Points accumulated: 1,230 points."

Long Fei glanced at Lu Yuanxian who was on the ground and said in an extremely disdainful manner, "Damn, 230 points. "Pfft!"

"Hahaha …"


"Young Master Long won against the elder."

"Hahaha... tie with fighting arena's record, winning eighteen consecutive rounds in two days, it's just too amazing. "

"The number one person in god emperor academy."

"Young Master Long is mighty."

… ….

The god emperor academy had many rankings.

Amongst them, the Wind and Cloud Leaderboard had the greatest influence.

The next day.

Long Fei's name appeared at the top of the school's Wind Cloud List.

"Servant disciples have won eighteen consecutive rounds, clearing the school's history."

"Servant disciples have heavily injured Elder Lu of virtual immortals stage, making it an unprecedented record."

"Servant disciple Long Fei used his strength to play around with the reputation of being a piece of trash in the South Horizon Region."

"The service disciple Long Fei was the first to enter the god emperor academy in the Southern Domain within a hundred years. He is known as the number one person in the Southern Domain."

… ….

The academy was filled with discussion about Long Fei.

Although the first seventeen matches could be said to not be of much importance, the weight of Lu Yuanxian who had fought against the virtual immortals stage in the final match could be said to be extremely heavy. Furthermore, Lu Yuanxian did not even have the strength to counterattack, it was as if he had been struck by Long Fei's Imprisoning Magic.

The whole of god emperor academy was shocked.


Profound college of martial arts training.

"Hahaha... Boss is powerful, just mighty. I knew that no matter where you are, you would be able to soar into the sky because you are a dragon. "

Chen Tianfei carried a huge boulder on his shoulder, and beneath him was a sharp blade.

Ever since he had entered the Profound college of martial arts training, he had been constantly being punished by Xiao Tianwu.

He had never received any cultivation resources, nor had any instructors ever taught him anything, so he did not complain. No matter what punishment Xiao Tianwu gave him, he did not complain at all, as though he was a different person.

Because …

He was waiting, waiting for Long Fei's rise.

Hearing that Long Fei had won eighteen consecutive rounds, and defeated the academy elder, Fatty Chen was extremely excited, "Boss is about to take off, I have to go all out too!"


As if he had gone mad, Fatty Chen stopped the holy-armor fairy vein on his body and dropped straight into the abyss of the blade, using the blade to train his defense.

He wanted to activate the holy-armor fairy vein's power again!

… ….

college of war Martial arts.

Xiao Ying was jumping around like a little sparrow, laughing out loud, "Young Master Long is mighty, Young Master Long is domineering."

Man Tuoluo from the Spirit Poison Hall walked out from the poison pill room. With a smile on his face, he looked at the sky and muttered, "Hurry and soar into the sky."

law enforcement agency.

Nineteen clasped his hands behind his back and smiled faintly. "I've really done it."

"That's right!"

"Very good!"

"This way you can become an official disciple. The rest will depend on which college of martial arts training will accept you, but …" His smile suddenly turned cold.

Immediately after, his idea moved, and a spirit sword on his body flew out, piercing through the sky and entering the outer space palace.

supreme god also became excited, "Eighteen consecutive victories, although it is not as heavy as Long Zhanting's initial strength, their cultivations are not on the same level."

fighting arena's record of eighteen consecutive victories was maintained by a person called 'Nameless'.

This nameless person was Long Zhanting.

The name Long Zhanting entered the god emperor academy back then wasn't Long Zhanting, and no one knew that he was from the Southern Domain. Even more so, no one knew that he came from the Long family.

All of his information records in god emperor academy were erased.

The supreme god laughed coldly, and said. "Long Zhanting, your son might have been able to accomplish something that you failed to do back then, hahaha …"

"Just you wait!"

"The secret treasure of the dragon clan must be mine!"

supreme god was excited.

Long Fei followed his plan and walked out step by step.

Right now, what Long Fei wanted to do was to find the secret of the 'Dragon Head Qiankun Map', right?

supreme god's eyes shook as he muttered to himself, "A dragon's head is a dragon's head, which is also the dragon's head of the dragon race. What is it hiding? "

"Long Fei, I can't wait any longer."

The supreme god idea moved and said to Nineteen with a sound transmission, "No need to intervene, he's relying on his own strength."

Too much intervention can backfire.

The last time it was with Long Zhanting, the consequence was explosive.

What he wanted was the result, and he didn't care about the process at all.


When the supreme god saw something different on Long Zhanting, Long Fei was even more eager than Long Zhanting to understand the hidden secrets behind the disappearance of the dragon.

"Long Fei, don't let me down."

"Don't be like your disobedient father, or else …" supreme god's eyes carried a trace of gloominess.

… ….

Servants' Quarters.

Long Fei rested for an entire day, and only after consuming a dozen or so medicinal pellets did his injuries stabilize.

Every disciple in the service yard looked at him with fiery eyes. They did not speak for a long time.

sun datou looked at Long Fei, and asked: "What do you plan to do now?"

Long Fei said: "We will exchange them for the identities of official disciples and then join the college of war Martial arts."

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