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Lan Lan asked softly: "Uncle, are you going to join the Leader as well?"

"Dragon Subduing School? This name would offend a strong person, and you guys are actually not afraid. " Of course he wouldn't join the Dragon Subduing School, but he had promised Chen Xiang that he would help him participate in the Three Realms Talk.

Long Xueyi lightly snorted from inside the ring: "What's there to be afraid of? This is something that this Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord agrees to, specially used to suppress that group of old dragons."

"Little guy, your resentment is not small!" You finally know why you appeared in Di Tian? " He was actually able to hear what was going on inside the ring.

Long Xueyi did not make a sound, he only snorted a little angrily.

Lan Lan was no longer so afraid, because the White Tiger was no longer looking at her. It was looking at Duan Sanchang instead.

Duan Sanchang muttered in his heart: I am a normal person. I don't have a blue bloodline, nor am I a demon. Is it because I'm too handsome?

The White Tiger only smiled and did not say anything. Looking at his expression, it seemed like he seemed to have seen something from Duan Sanchang's body.

The White Tiger secretly sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, not wanting to expose his identity as the White Tiger. It then said to Yan Yanran, "You can stay here right now.

Yan Yanran nodded, then looked at Lan Lan: "Senior, can she be with me?"

"Of course you can!" The White Tiger replied with a smile.

Although these two women were staying here for the time being, it was still a great thing.

Following that, Chen Xiang briefly explained to the White Tiger about the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. The White Tiger slightly frowned and said: "This place was opened a little too early, could it be that we discovered some unforeseen event? But you can't go. The Nine Lives Cat Race, the Mortal King Clan and the Duan Clan have all helped Qi Shi before, so it would be best if you don't go! "

The White Tiger looked at Duan Sanchang, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran.

"Why?" Duan Sanchang was shocked: "My grandfather might be inside there, my great-uncle and the others might have also entered!"

The White Tiger had obviously already known that Duan Sanchang was a member of the Duan Clan.

"The Heaven Thunder Purgatory was not established by Qi Shi, it was a … "The battlefield." The White Tiger said.

"Could it be the place where the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord died?" Duan Sanchang lost his voice and shouted, "That is an extremely vicious place. My Duan Clan and the Ironlion Army were cursed inside!"

The White Tiger nodded, then shook its head: "That place is the paradise of traitors, it was a trap set up for Qi Shi all those years ago. Qi Shi didn't die inside, he was only severely injured while he was inside, like the subordinates he brought, they most likely died inside, and only a few could escape."

"Your Duan Clan's Patriarch surely knows that if they still dared to take the risk and enter, they might have already realized something and searched for some things that they had to find."

Yan Yanran and Lan Lan only felt extremely regretful. After that, they followed the White Tiger and entered the depths of the forest, while Chen Xiang left the White Tiger profound Realm with Duan Sanchang.

"Leader, if you see our Duan Clan members, please save them!" Duan Sanchang was extremely worried. He knew his own strength well, and if he went in with Chen Xiang, it might only cause Chen Xiang more trouble.

Originally, Chen Xiang planned to let the White Tiger go with him, but that was also to ensure the safety of Duan Sanchang and the others. Now, only he could go by himself, so he didn't need the White Tiger to come out.

Duan Sanchang went to look for Li Baojun, while Chen Xiang headed to Heaven Thunder City.

Chen Xiang passed through the large ancient legends of the City of the King, and arrived at the distant east side, the Heaven Thunder City!

The Heaven Thunder City was a city that was just established, it was jointly built by many great powers in the east. The big shots in the east wanted to use the Heaven Thunder Purgatory to turn the Heaven Thunder City into a bustling city.

This city was the same as other large cities. Although it had just been built, there were many people here and many new buildings looked very comfortable.

Chen Xiang appeared in the Transmitting Square, but he immediately realized that the legendary formation could only be teleported to here, it couldn't be teleported to anywhere else.

"The entire city has been sealed off! You can't leave!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang raised his head and looked into the distance. It was as if a gigantic golden hat was floating above the blue sky, and this was the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, the gigantic whirlpool.

"It really is huge. Even from so far away, I can still see the shape, and I can still vaguely see the lightning above!" When Chen Xiang walked out of the Transmitting Square, he quickly found out about some of the things that had happened.

In order to prevent the matter of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory from being leaked out, many great powers decided to seal the city, and only those great powers that participated in the Three Realms Talk could enter and leave at will. If they wanted to enter the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, they could pay a certain amount of Spar and have a few experts escort them in.

As a result, it was very difficult for this information to be leaked out. The reason the big powers did this was to ensure that they would be the first to obtain the good stuff in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

Chen Xiang was a little regretful that he did not leak out this matter and destroyed the plans of the big powers. Right now, he did not have the chance, the Heaven Thunder City's array was extremely powerful, if he wanted to leave, he could only do it through tough means, but he would definitely be stopped, and would not have much time to break it.

As long as each person had 10 billion Spar, there would be an expert escorting them to the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. The reason for this was partly to appease some of the rogue cultivators in the city, and partly to earn more Spar, because the team that would be responsible for escorting them would come from many different forces, so it had a lot of competitive power. Furthermore, there were a lot of people in the Heaven Thunder City, which would allow them to make a lot of money.

These rogue cultivators were basically not much of a threat, even if they went to the Heaven Thunder Purgatory to obtain good stuff, they could not take away much.

Right now, Chen Xiang only wanted to enter the Heaven Thunder Purgatory smoothly. He felt that he would definitely run into many old friends inside, but he planned to investigate for a bit to see if there was anything good inside, and then see if he could meet with his old friend or not.

He found a escort team, paid a million Spar, and then waited with more than a hundred people to set off.

More than an hour later, the escort team set off. They were escorted by five immortals who had experienced the Nine Tribulations, so many people were extremely at ease. They had heard that when entering the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, it was very easy to be struck by lightning, but with the protection of these experts, they were able to help resist the lightning.

Of course, the most important reason was that they could not leave the city without permission. Otherwise, many people would not have to pay a million Spar.

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