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After killing Ji Chong, he had obtained the profoundhan poison, and also received the thousand billion Spar s' gratitude from the Devil Race. He never thought that not long after he had become a Ghost Killing King, he would already have such an abundant income.

After burning Ji Chong's body up, Chen Xiang immediately returned to the Sacred Fire School. He also wanted to meet the mysterious Immortal King hidden in the Sacred Fire School.

As Ghost Killing King, it was normal for people to appear and disappear, and the experts that gathered in the Sacred Fire School were no longer surprised. However, the Ghost Killing King made them feel extremely fearful of him, because no one knew what kind of appearance or background he had, and the scariest thing was his ability to assassinate people.

In order to not expose himself, Chen Xiang tried his best to avoid conversing with others, but Mo Xu was an exception.

When Mo Xu saw that the Ghost Killing King had returned, he immediately sent people to investigate. He wanted to confirm if the Ji Chong was really dead, and it would take a period of time. Chen Xiang was not anxious, even if he could not obtain the one trillion Spar, it would be considered good enough for him to obtain some.

Chen Xiang was worried about when the Fire Divine Palace would attack the Chen Martial Continent. Although he had already lost a lot, he knew that the Fire Divine Palace was definitely not just a little bit of strength, and there were definitely hidden forces in the Fire Divine Palace, but if he were to fight again, the huge losses that would result from that would shake the foundations of the other big powers.

However, this did not mean that they would not fight, because the conflict between them and the Chen Martial Continent was no longer possible to resolve. And the advantages that the Chen Martial Continent had, allowed the various powers above the Chen Martial Continent to become very powerful in the future. If they allowed those powers above the Chen Martial Continent to continue developing, in the future, once they had enough power, they would be the first to be annihilated.

Furthermore, they had already lost so much previously, they could not afford to lose it for nothing. Therefore, they hoped that the two Immortal Kings of Fire Divine Palace would take action.

The reason the Fire Divine Palace used so much power to seal him was also because of this.

After waiting here for a few days, he heard the news of the Second Clan Elder's death. The Pearl of Life had already been broken, which meant that he was dead.

Once they went to the Ten Thousand Snake City, they would die. People couldn't help but wonder if the five Black Jiao's of the Ten Thousand Snake City had that kind of strength.

Ji Chong was quite famous in the Devil Realm. Many experts of various powers in the Human Realm knew of this powerful being, but now that he was dead, it was related to the Demon Realm's City of Ten Thousand Snakes.

At this time, Mo Xu had also acknowledged the power of the new Ghost Killing King. It was done very beautifully and very quickly, but it was not completed after going out for a short while, so after he confirmed that Ji Chong had secretly given him a billion Spar s after he died.

Previously, Chen Xiang had absorbed all of Ji Chong's memories and knew why Mo Xu wanted to kill him. It was because Mo Xu and Ji Chong were good friends, and they had even done some things that could not be exposed to the world. For example, Mo Xu and Ji Chong had secretly teamed up, and quietly devoured a lot of the benefits of the Devil Race.

Because the two of them were greedy beyond compare, it made Mo Xu suspicious, but in the end, Mo Xu still got rid of all the suspicions, it was just that Ji Chong was using this method to force Mo Xu to help him take the position of Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect.

That was why he wanted Chen Xiang to kill him. That way, he would be able to rest in peace, and Ji Chong didn't know that, so he told Mo Xu about his whereabouts, allowing him to grasp Ji Chong's whereabouts at all times.

When Ji Chong thought about this matter, he could not help but let out a sigh. This was because not only was it the Devil Cultivator s, even within the Human Realm s, such a thing was normal.

As everyone was discussing the matter of Ji Chong's death, the Immortal Monarch suddenly walked out and said in a low voice: "That senior has come out."

The hall immediately quietened down, all of them tidying up their clothes, all of them hoping for the Immortal King to nod his head and attack Chen Martial Continent, at that time, they wouldn't have to put in so much effort.

Chen Xiang had already felt a strong aura, it was indeed at the Immortal King level, its strength was similar to that of the hall master, but he did not know what position the Immortal King held in the Fire Divine Palace.

What surprised everyone was that the Immortal King looked to be very young, young and pretty, with delicate features, a high nose bridge, fair skin, and a beautiful face. This also meant that the Immortal King might be a young Immortal King, and this made everyone happy, as long as they could persuade the Immortal King to make a move, the Chen Martial Continent would be theirs from now on.

Even though the young immortal king didn't seem to have any airs of arrogance, the arrogance on his face was extremely obvious. However, this was to be expected, because the people sitting here could be casually crushed to death by him.

When the young Immortal King saw Chen Xiang, he couldn't help but frown, and his voice carried a trace of ice: "What do you mean by not taking off your mask?"

Other than the Immortal King, everyone here was a little afraid of the Ghost Killing King. They also knew the habits of the Ghost Killer, and normally did not reveal their true appearances.

Chen Xiang never thought that the mask would displease the Immortal King, but he suddenly felt a resistance, even if the Immortal King was strong, he did not want to follow his orders, even if he had to remove the mask it would not affect him, because he could change his appearance and not be afraid of being recognized.

"Didn't you hear me?" The immortal king's tone became even colder.

Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, he had to continue staying in the Sacred Fire School and find out more things that would benefit them, so he could only endure.

He extended his hand to remove the mask, revealing an extremely ordinary face. It did not seem to fit his identity as a Ghost Killing King in the slightest.

"Hmph, you are disrespectful to me for appearing here with that mask on. However, seeing as you can help the Fire Divine Palace with just a little, you only need to kowtow and admit your wrongs." The Immortal King snorted, he did not even look at Chen Xiang, in his eyes, the ordinary face had tainted his eyes.

This immortal king was not an ordinary one, but he had the right to be arrogant. He was an immortal king, a lord. No matter how mighty the people here were, in front of an immortal king with extraordinary powers, they could only swallow their anger.

Chen Xiang stood up, and everyone's heart was suddenly filled with an indescribable pleasure, because Ghost Killing King, whom they were usually afraid of, was now kneeling down like a grandson to apologize. Although he was not kneeling down to them, they were still very excited.

"What if I don't apologize?" Chen Xiang also said with an ice-cold voice that carried anger.

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