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Chen Xiang wanted to quickly gather all the Heaven Earth Killing Method s, but he did not know where the other parts were. He could only make himself stronger now, and when he found out where the other parts were, he would be able to quickly take them away.

"Do you want to return to the Dragon Subduing School now?" Duan Chong asked.

I'm not too worried. After you go back, you can only tell Elder Li that I'm free, and let him formulate a plan to secretly assist the Chen Martial Continent, and it would be best if he contacted the Principal of the Devil-subduing College. I believe that if the Fire Divine Palace attacks the Chen Martial Continent, he will definitely bring in the forces of the Demon and Devil Realms.

Chen Xiang still had to go to that underground palace to completely destroy Fire Divine Palace's plans to revive him. Ice Emperor was actually such a terrifying person, he could not be reborn inside the New Imperial Heaven World.

"I understand, I will find the location of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm as soon as possible." Duan Chong nodded his head, he had already known where Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was, but the danger in Fire Divine Palace was still not over. He was worried that Chen Xiang would go and take a risk in Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm at this critical moment, and felt that he should at least wait until the matter of Fire Divine Palace's attack on Chen Martial Continent was over before he could tell Chen Xiang about the matter of Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm.

Chen Xiang and Duan Chong parted ways in the profound Ice City, Duan Chong returned to the Dragon Subduing School, and Chen Xiang left the city to search for the underground palace.

He knew that the underground palace was very important before, so he told Long Xueyi to remember the location of the underground palace. This way, he could quickly find it in the future.

Chen Xiang felt that there shouldn't be too many strong practitioners guarding that underground palace. At the very most, there would be some very powerful formations, and he reckoned that there weren't many strong practitioners in the Fire Divine Palace, and right now, they needed to go all around to pull some people into the alliance. There would also be some profound Ice City's headquarters and profound Ice City s guarding that place.

Last time in the underground palace, Chen Xiang had killed two of the stronger ones as well. If he met another expert of that level, he would immediately use his Super Old poison.

After two days, Chen Xiang used the Shrinking step and spatial travel to travel. Right now, he could see the tall mountain from afar, and the underground palace was built right under the mountain.

Just as he had guessed, that mountain was shrouded in a strong array formation. After the last incident, the Fire Divine Palace reinforced the array defense. Chen Xiang didn't know if he could sneak in like last time.

"The entrance is gone." Chen Xiang turned into snow and used his divine power to observe the entire mountain. The hole that led to the belly of the mountain had already disappeared, but the underground palace was still there.

"It's a very tight array. If the God Power touches it, it might cause a lot of commotion. As for the powerful array inside, I can't see it. I don't dare to use the God Power to spy on it right now, or else it'll attract their attention." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang observed for a while and discovered that the array had blocked the snow and wind, the space was also very stable and it was difficult to penetrate. This time, the Fire Divine Palace had invested a lot into the array.

"There will be people patrolling outside at regular intervals. I can feel their residual aura." Long Xueyi said in excitement.

Chen Xiang immediately understood and laughed, "As long as those patrolling soldiers come out, I will think of a way to hide on their bodies and let them bring me in."

Even if someone had heard of it, they did not think that it was something that a human could use. It was a high level ability from the Imperial Dragon Clan, thus, Chen Xiang was able to use it and transform himself into a variety of things that could be used to infiltrate.

It was a small team, with ten people dressed in white, wearing white, and wearing a white robe and a white hat. They were all Immortal Grade s, and the fire attribute Innate Qi s within their bodies were extremely thick, which showed that they were all Fire Divine Palace s' experts.

In the eyes of the New Imperial Heaven World, these ten people were already considered very strong. They were all existences that surpassed the Nirvana Realm.

Chen Xiang, who had turned into flying snow, controlled himself to float onto one of the person's body. Then, he turned into a snow-white mosquito, hiding under the person's wrinkled clothes.

These people were patrolling around the mountain, mainly for the sake of discovering the people who were approaching immediately. Normally, those who weren't from Fire Divine Palace would be killed by them, which was what Chen Xiang heard from their conversation.

They would patrol for three days in a row before changing shifts. When they switched shifts, they were also ten people who were on the same level as them.

It was finally time for the shift change. Chen Xiang had already felt that those people had brought him into the powerful formation, and then transferred a hidden Transmission array to the underground palace.

It was difficult for people to travel through space. This was all because of the last time Chen Xiang sneaked in, which was why Fire Divine Palace used this technique. But now, Chen Xiang had still managed to sneak in, and it was much easier than last time.

The Fire Divine Palace had been around for a long time, and knew how to set up many powerful ancient formations.

For example, the ten people who had just returned needed to enter an array formation to be able to distinguish their blood and Qi. This was to prevent others from impersonating patrolling soldiers from sneaking in.

After entering the array, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a mystical power drilling into his body. Then, he saw the array give off a strong ray of light and it started to shake.

"Crap, I've been discovered." Chen Xiang never thought that this large formation would have this kind of ability. He had initially planned to attach himself to that person's body and follow them into the depths, but he never thought that the large formation would actually sense his existence and even cause such a commotion.

That magical power that was able to enter Chen Xiang's body caused Chen Xiang, who had turned into a mosquito, to let out a white glow. At this moment, several elders had already arrived outside the array, and were able to see the dazzling mosquito.

"To be able to cause such a commotion in this formation, this is no ordinary mosquito." An old man's face was gloomy. He took out a small pagoda, and activated it to create a powerful suction force.

Chen Xiang could feel his body flying towards the small pagoda. If this carried on, he might even be sealed again.

"Let's go all out."

Everyone saw the small mosquito suddenly flash with a strong golden light. Then, an average looking middle-aged man appeared with a black hammer in his hand.

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