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Flower Emperor did not use all her strength, she only looked very fierce. Seems like she just wanted to teach Chen Xiang a lesson and make Chen Xiang suffer a little.

However, Chen Xiang was not someone who was willing to lower his head. He immediately shuttled through space in an attempt to dodge the strike, but he did not expect that it would actually fail. The space here was extremely stable, and he immediately realized that he was in the Flower Emperor's power domain with his sword thrusting over.

Chen Xiang failed to travel through space, and he had already missed the chance to dodge because that was only for an instant. He only felt a slight pain from his left ribs, and then, his body floated up, and he was sent flying by that strong sword strike.

Flower Emperor was a little shocked and startled, she never thought that her fine sword would not be able to pierce through Chen Xiang's body. In that instant just now, she could feel that Chen Xiang's body had a very strong armor she couldn't identify, but to be able to withstand the armor of her sword, it must be very strong.

Chen Xiang felt a sweetness in his throat, and almost vomited blood. The sword strike just now had caused the Qi and filth in his body to constrict together, and if not for the fact that he had a strong physique and the profoundwu diamond armour, he would have been severely injured, as well as his internal organs.

"This woman is truly amazing. I didn't expect her strength to be so strong in the Spirit Realm." If he hadn't used the spatial teleportation, he might have been able to avoid it in other ways. At least, he wouldn't have received such heavy injuries.

Chen Xiang had indeed sustained some injuries earlier, but the Yulong blood s and the tiniest bit of Phoenix blood within his body allowed him to quickly recover the injuries within his body.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had such a powerful armor, Flower Emperor was even more at ease with his attacks. With a swoosh, he gently swung his sword, looking extremely graceful and light, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was extremely terrifying, making him feel as if he was in hell.

He never thought that the Flower Emperor would also be a sword expert. Just this one sword attack was already at the peak of perfection, the powerful sword force that shrouded over seemed to be able to crush him.

"It's over." Even Long Xueyi did not know how to dodge this strike. This was the Flower Emperor's power domain, no matter how she dodged, her sword would pursue you like a ghost.

Chen Xiang suddenly had an idea, he anxiously took out the divine furnace, causing the divine furnace to reverse and cover him from inside.

Just as the Flower Emperor was about to hit Chen Xiang, a huge cauldron suddenly appeared and covered Chen Xiang, causing her to be secretly angered. Her sword had already slashed onto the hard and solid divine cauldron, releasing a "dong" sound, which shook the entire forest and caused Chen Xiang to shrink the divine cauldron, running out from within.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling pleased with himself, Flower Emperor appeared beside him in a flash and placed the sword on his neck.

"Flower Emperor, you said that there are only three moves, but I have already dissolved your three moves. You must keep your word." Chen Xiang did not dare move, he could see that she was angry.

Flower Emperor was just feeling very unhappy, because she did not force Chen Xiang to use the powerful Green dragon demon-slain broadsword nor did she force Chen Xiang to use the Heaven Earth Killing Method. These were the things that Chen Xiang was most proficient in, but Chen Xiang had actually used a broken iron hammer and a cauldron to fight against her, which made her extremely unconvinced.

"How did you get in? After all these years, there have been a lot of people who wanted to sneak in, but none of them succeeded. You have to tell me honestly, otherwise you won't be able to get out." Flower Emperor's face was cold as he asked.

Chen Xiang secretly felt that this Flower Emperor was a little stingy, he thought that the Flower Emperor was still worrying about the Immortal Sword. If not for his sudden appearance, the Immortal Sword might have been hers, and wouldn't have been snatched away by Duan Ming.

"Didn't you see? Then how did you know I was hiding there?" Chen Xiang asked curiously. He thought that the Flower Emperor would be able to see that he had become a leaf.

"I can feel that the plants here are all planted by me, and I have a subtle connection with you. Although I don't see you, I feel that you are there."

She had originally wanted to cut Chen Xiang's skin and scare him, but who knew that Chen Xiang's skin was so thick and tough that she couldn't cut it even after she sawed it a few times.

"Speak." Flower Emperor asked.

Chen Xiang was in the wrong as he had trespassed into their territory without permission. It was considered good enough that the Flower Emperor did not kill him, it was normal for him to want to find loopholes.

"You have to keep it a secret. You can't let anyone else know. Otherwise, it won't work if I use this trick again."

Chen Xiang stared at Flower Emperor's beautiful face at close proximity without restraint. His greedy eyes made Flower Emperor feel extremely uncomfortable, because there were very few people who dared to look straight at her.

Flower Emperor had long since heard that Chen Xiang had exterminated Divine Artisan Mountain Villa alone. She knew that the array protection of Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was stronger than hers by no means.

"Alright, I won't tell anyone." Flower Emperor really wanted to know how Chen Xiang sneaked in without making a sound and was even secretly probing for her. If it wasn't for her cultivating her soul and having a powerful divine sense, she might not even have discovered the power that was probing for her.

If she was not in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and someone else had snuck in like that, she would feel fear just thinking about it.

Chen Xiang moved her slender sword away a little and laughed: "If you remove your power domain, I can demonstrate it to you."

When Flower Emperor saw that Chen Xiang was looking at her with his thief eyes, she glared at Chen Xiang fiercely. However, her beautiful eyes still shot out two fierce glints, causing Chen Xiang's body to tremble and restrain himself a lot.

She kept the slender sword well, and then retracted the power domain that she had released. Then, she looked at Chen Xiang, and indicated that Chen Xiang could begin.

"You want to run?" The Flower Emperor saw that Chen Xiang had not started, and a thin sword appeared in his hand: "You are trespassing my territory, if not for Qianxiang, you would have died long ago, if you did not let me know how you came in, I will not be polite."

Chen Xiang clenched her teeth, and suddenly turned into a bird, hovering above Flower Emperor's head. Flower Emperor was stunned, causing Chen Xiang to land on her shoulder, but she did not chase him away.

Soon after, Chen Xiang turned into a strand of hair that stuck to Flower Emperor's back. Finally, Chen Xiang turned back and stood in front of her.

"You should know by now, but this trick is useless against you, so you can definitely discover me, but the others will be hard to say. So I came in just like that, and although not many people know this method, it's best for you to think of a way to guard against the attacks that will fall on me in the future."

Chen Xiang suddenly became serious, and said: "Don't speak nonsense, I know this ability."

Flower Emperor coldly snorted: "I didn't expect you to cultivate the way of the gods with the technique of change in Imperial Dragon Race."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Same here, you should be cultivating the way of the gods too, but you are still a newbie, do you want to learn the art of transformation?"

"I don't want to." Flower Emperor answered very decisively.

"Hehe, even if you want to, I won't teach you." Chen Xiang laughed mischievously.

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