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Was it fusing with Nangong Yan?

Or what?

Everyone who saw the phoenix shadow rush down was shocked, many of the girls even screamed.

Nangong Yan was paralyzed on the ground, with one hand covering his eyes, he did not dare open his eyes, but he was afraid in his heart, feeling very proud of himself in the midst of all this fear.

Because …

This could be a sign before the fusion of the Phoenix blood lineage.

That must be it.

She would become a Phoenix Heavenly Girl, and will forever be the unparalleled blood lineage. If that was the case, then no matter how insignificant Long Fei was, no matter what the Long Family, they would all be stepped on under her feet.

Phoenix blood lineage, holy vein.

She might not be unrivalled in the world, but after fusing with a sect, she would definitely soar to the heavens. She would have the qualifications to be proud of her existence.


Things were not as she had expected.

The phoenix silhouette let out a hiss, frightening her to the ground. Her body flipped, and her long feathers scattered a bit of golden light.

Liu Luoxi dispersed, and Ye Ziyan also ran, only to see the phoenix phantom standing quietly in front of jojo, its expression incomparably respectful, as if it was looking at its master.


Everyone was stunned!

Everything happened too quickly and dramatically.

Wasn't it about to charge into Nangong Yan's body? Why did it suddenly stop in front of jojo?

jojo was startled, seeing the phoenix phantom radiating with holy light, she crouched down, and muttered: "Are you looking at me?"

The phoenix phantom nodded.

Long Fei said: "jojo, fuse with her."

jojo looked at Long Fei, and asked: "Did you choose me? "I, I, I, I don't know anything, not even the least bit of cultivation. Choosing me might be the wrong choice, why don't you choose Big Sister Luo Xi, Big Sister Zi Yan, and Big Sister Tiantian instead?"

Facing the holy vein, who wouldn't be moved?

But jojo was thinking about others!

If she couldn't help Long Fei, even if she could only fuse the holy vein, it would be a waste. It would be better to let Liu Luoxi and the others fuse them, so that they could push the strength of the blood lineage to the limit, and then help Long Fei even more.

She was just that stupid.

The three Liu Luoxi sisters were extremely shocked. Compared to jojo, they felt like they were inferior in their hearts.

I ask myself, if they were facing the holy vein, would they be able to do this?

jojo was too kind, too pure. Was there anyone in this world who was not kind and pure?

Liu Luoxi slightly said: "jojo, she chose you to be its master, and only you are able to fuse with it. No one else is allowed to, this is a new year gift from Long Fei."

Ye Ziyan and Xiao Tiantian were so moved that they were about to cry.

was moved by jojo's kindness.

jojo looked at Long Fei, who nodded and said: "Fuse with it."

It was also at this time.

Nangong Yan crawled up from the ground, his expression ferocious. Like a shrew, he rushed forward and said: "The person the Phoenix blood lineage chose is me, what qualifications does a lowly commoner like you have to fuse with it? It is mine, the Phoenix blood lineage is mine …"

He took a step forward.

Long Fei moved, and instantly appeared in front of Nangong Yan, and slapped down. Bang!

Dongfang Jian was quick to react, and thrusted his sword out.


The aura of the peak war chief was released and a strong pressure pressed down on Long Fei's sea of consciousness, causing his speed to slow down.

Nangong Yan released the aura of the war chief from his body, and dodged Long Fei's slap. Two were enraged, and the sword at his waist directly pierced towards the center of Xiang Longfei's brows, "Die!"

It came too fast.


Dongfang Jian's aura of the peak war chief was released at full power, and was extremely sharp.

The two of them exchanged sword attacks, with all their strength, they attacked Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei's brows sank, the pressure from his cultivation realm started to cause him to panic.

jojo cried out in alarm, "Young Master, be careful!"

At this moment, she seemed to have moved her spiritual consciousness. The phoenix phantom also rushed into her body. An incomparably mournful cry resounded.


jojo's body floated in the air, his body flickered with an incomparably glaring light. The light grew brighter and brighter, the light continuously condensed, and a pair of rainbow coloured wings appeared on her back, flickering with an auspicious light.

"Wow …"

Another hiss sounded, and the light around her body became even more intense.

"Phoenix Nirvanic Rebirth?"

"Light is fire."

"Phoenix Nirvana Rebirth …"

"Is fusing with a Phoenix blood lineage like this?"

… ….

Everyone was incomparably shocked. To fuse with a blood lineage, even if it was a fused holy vein, such a situation would not occur, nor would there be any kind of auspicious light.

Who exactly was jojo?

How could he allow the Phoenix blood lineage to recognize him as its master, and with such respect?

How could he be reborn from the phoenix?

There were too many things on her that no one could understand. No one present could explain it.

In Long Fei's eyes, jojo was an angel!

At this moment, she was flapping her wings, and the messy feathers on her body fell down, turning into starlight that slowly flew up, turning into stars in the dark sky.

All of this was too bizarre.

"Rumble …"

The sky and the earth resonated, and a loud sound echoed down from the nine heavens. It was as if the sound wanted to resonate and resonate throughout the entire Nine Nether Domain.

It was extremely touching.

Accompanied by this loud noise, jojo was' reborn '.

She was wearing a white feather-like dress with a diamond-shaped, crystal-like object embedded between her eyebrows. Her entire body was emitting immortal spirit energy.

At this moment.

She was a real fairy.

Everything in the world felt inferior in front of her.

Because she was a Phoenix Fairy above the ninth heaven!

And at this moment.

jojo took a step forward, blocking in front of Long Fei. Seeing the incoming swords from Nangong Yan and Nangong Yan, he frowned slightly.

"Buzz buzz!"

"Buzz buzz!"

A powerful energy shot out from her body. This energy was visible to the naked eye, and it directly bound the two longswords tightly.

No more.


Both Dongfang Jian and Nangong Yan's faces were incomparably pale, as they could not withstand the pressure from jojo's body.


jojo took a step forward, stood in front of Nangong Yan, moved his two fingers, and directly broke the longsword in half, then... She raised her right hand and slapped it.


He slapped Nangong Yan's face.

jojo said angrily: "Young Master doesn't like you!"


"The Grand Preceptor doesn't like you!"


"Big sister Luo Xi doesn't like you!"


"Elder sister Zi Yan doesn't like you!"


"Elder Sister Tiantian doesn't like you!"


"Big sister Shadow doesn't like you!"

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"Sister Bao doesn't like you!"


"jojo doesn't like you either, hmph!"

jojo said every single slap. Nangong Yan simply did not have the strength to retaliate, and still ended up being slapped down by jojo. His face was red and swollen, purple mixed in with his bun.

Chapter VIII

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