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Chen Xiang sneered: "Your Sect Leader, this dog Heavenly Slave is not worthy enough to directly talk with our Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Head Palace Master."

"You're courting death."

The elderly man from Divine Devil Cult was furious, the other disciples also followed suit and looked at Chen Xiang angrily. In the sky above the plaza, dark clouds suddenly appeared and thunder rumbled.

The reason why Chen Xiang came here was to cause trouble. To be able to fight a big battle here, was not good enough, moreover, he could give a good beating to Divine Devil Cult.

Hallmaster Xu Teng stood there with a calm and composed expression, but he was extremely worried in his heart, and cold sweat was already seeping down his back.

"You want to fight on stage?" A clear and cold voice came out, the black clouds in the sky immediately scattered, the Heavenly Slave's eyes became red as he glared at Chen Xiang. He did not expect that this fellow would actually dare to provoke him.

"Do you dare to fight on stage? The kind that would kill you." The Heavenly Slave said coldly.

"I will definitely accompany him. Since there's still time now, you should properly ask your god and let him find a new dog slave." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

"Just you wait." Heavenly Slave had a bad temper.

Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Divine Devil Cult had worked together before, but because of some small matters, there were some conflicts, and eventually things developed into something big.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning appeared on the Large Competition Platform in the middle. A handsome man in white clothes appeared there with a dense holy aura around him. It was obvious that he was a powerful Saint Immortal.

"Everyone, you've waited for so long, so I won't say anything polite. Everyone knows the reason why you're here today." The voice of the man in white transmitted in all directions, allowing everyone to hear him clearly.

"There is a dragon vein in Evil Dragon Graveyard, and this dragon vein is birthed from heaven and earth, it should be something that everyone can have, but now that it is taken over by the Dragon Subduing School, we have to break through the Evil Dragon Graveyard, destroy the Dragon Subduing School, and share the dragon vein."

After hearing that, Chen Xiang wanted to step on his face fiercely.

"However, we have no leader in this group, and we only have a few contradictions. Therefore, today, we must choose the strongest person, the most convincing person, to be our commander. Anyone can participate, and when the time comes, no matter what, we must listen to that person's orders."

Suddenly, a voice boomed, "What if someone doesn't listen?"

A powerful surge of Dragon Qi accompanied that thunderous voice. Chen Xiang frowned, this was a Sky Dragon.

"If anyone doesn't listen, that is everyone's enemy. When the time comes, I will eliminate that person first." After all, with the addition of the Heavenly Dragon Realm, it would be much easier for them to take over the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

"As long as we win, everyone can do whatever they want."

Another voice rang out. At this moment, everyone could sense a surge of Astral Energy. This should be the rumored expert of the Astral Realm.

"As long as we take the dragon fountain as the main force, we will all have to listen." The man said again.

Even though two groups of people had already appeared on the square and were walking into the empty seats, there seemed to be some very powerful people there, especially those Sky Dragons. They did not seem to be restraining their domineering aura.

was relieved that the Dragon Emperor did not appear. He was only curious about where Long Xueyi was going, to actually be able to get the Heavenly Dragon Race to bring so many dragons to participate in this conference.

Chen Xiang and Xu Teng sat down, and waited for the battle to begin. The entire place was quiet, the atmosphere was extremely heavy, because the few forces that suddenly appeared were all too strong, pressuring the major powers of the Nine Heaven World to the point that they could not even breathe.

Chen Xiang paid attention to the Fire Emperor of the Fire Divine Palace. This half crippled Fire Emperor had a very ugly expression, because compared to the experts present, his current strength was nothing.

"How do you want to compete, hurry up and tell me, don't waste your time, after the competition, directly attack Evil Dragon Graveyard, I have brought everyone here." someone shouted.

"If you want to fight for the commanding authority, you must be very strong, there are even some who aren't equal, so if you want to fight, it will take a long time. Even if you want to fight, there must be someone who is unconvinced, because their strength is almost the same." The man said, "Therefore, we have decided to restrict him for a period of time. As long as we don't make a decision within the prescribed time, he will step down."

As he spoke, the man took out an hourglass. Looking at the speed at which the sand was flowing back, he could predict that it would only take a single meal.

For someone of similar strength, this was simply too short. There were some experts that would not be able to finish the battle even after several days.

But to make others completely convinced, he needed to be very strong.

"If I were to step down, would I have a chance to go up again?" someone asked.

"We only have one chance. If both of them step down at the same time, then these two would no longer have the qualifications to fight us again."

"Then who's going to start first?"

"It has been decided by drawing lots. If you plan on participating, send a representative to draw lots right now. Each faction can only send two people to battle."

Chen Xiang looked at Xu Teng, and indicated for him to go up to draw lots.

Xu Teng sent a sound transmission to him, "Do I need to go up?" He was a little worried that he would run into Divine Devil Cult, because Chen Xiang had infuriated him quite a bit.

"It's useful. Leave everything to me. You just stay here and watch." Chen Xiang smiled at him: "Relax, what's there to be afraid of?"

At this time, many representatives of various forces had already sent people over to draw lots. Chen Xiang took note that the Hundreds of Flowers Palace and Ice Dragon Race that were invited did not go up. After all, they were here to help Chen Xiang.

"What if someone dies?" An old man asked.

"If he were to be beaten to death in such a short period of time, then he is unworthy of living." The youth laughed, "Even if we resurrect him, he probably won't have the face to continue living."

The duration of the battle was very short. If the opponent was very strong and could not endure it, then the only thing to blame was whether he was too weak or not willing to admit defeat.

For such a short period of time, it was usually very difficult for a person to die. It was even difficult for a victor to be determined in such a short period of time.

Therefore, he had to use his strongest strength from the start. Otherwise, there was no chance of victory and he would definitely not lose. He would only end up in a draw and the advantage was that he would not let many powerhouses suffer too much.

Huang Jintian asked Chen Xiang via sound transmission, "It's really hard to beat someone up and beg for forgiveness or even beat them down in such a short period of time. If I had to face so many strong warriors, I would be able to hold on."

The standard way to win was to let the opponent die while fighting. To force the opponent to admit defeat, or to kill the opponent. This was truly difficult.

After the drawing of lots was done, the results were made public, causing Chen Xiang to be a little surprised. The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's opponent was the Saint Thunder Dominion, and without fighting with the Heavenly Evil Realm or the Divine Devil Cult, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's advantage would be greatly reduced.

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