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Hearing the words Law Enforcement Saint, the expressions of the three people of Super Holy School slightly changed. Even though they were relatively strong, they were very afraid of Law Enforcement Sacred Masters, but when Chen Xiang saw that they did not seem to be very afraid, he immediately became nervous.

"Do you want to fight here?" Ji Ling'er said coldly: "This is the Heaven Sacred District, you had best think about the consequences of being caught by a Law Enforcement Saint."

There were three people who had come. One of them was an elder from the Ji Clan, the other was the Big Senior who used to be Red Dawn, and the other was an old man. The three of them were all very powerful, so Chen Xiang did not think that Ji Ling'er and Red Dawn were their opponents.

"Get the hell out of my cave abode." Ji Ling'er frowned, she was also prepared to call the Law Enforcement Saint over. The reason they spent so many Holy stone s to buy that bronze tablet was so that they wouldn't be harassed inside.

"Hmph, just you wait." The eldest senior brother thought for a moment. They were also afraid of provoking that Law Enforcement Saint.

Just as the three of them turned and walked out of the cave, Chen Xiang hurried to catch up.

Sensing that Chen Xiang was coming closer, the three of them turned around fiercely. They felt a gust of air coming towards them, enveloping them within. This stream of air did not have any offensive power, so the three of them were not too worried, but they wanted to disperse it.

"Ling'er, close the door." Chen Xiang suddenly sent a sound transmission to Ji Ling'er, then laughed coldly towards the three of them. He used his divine power to control the air current and sent it into the three people's nostrils.

The three of them were all powerful Heaven Realm beings, and they had already been on guard. The Drunk god magical poison that Chen Xiang had just released did not all enter into their bodies, but rather, some of it was absorbed by them, while the majority of it was dispersed by them.

When she was guarding the mines previously, she knew that Chen Xiang had used a strong poison to deal with the fifteen people. She immediately closed the stone door, not allowing the three people to run out.

"Are you all courting death?" The elder from the Ji Clan sneered, he had already struck out with his palm towards Chen Xiang.

At the same time, he released an extremely terrifying heat wave, which seeped into the elder's arm. The elder's sleeves suddenly turned into ashes, and his arms turned completely red, the heat wave continuously emitted from his body. The elder's face flushed red, he did not expect the flames of the red light to be so strong, and the flame that was injected into his arm seemed to want to melt his arm.

Ji Ling'er's reaction was extremely fast. Just as she made her move, she arrived beside Chen Xiang and used her palm to strike at the old man's abdomen, forcing him to retreat a few steps. At the same time, she pushed Chen Xiang backwards, away from the three people.

"What do you mean? Aren't you afraid of the Law Enforcement Saints?" The Ji Clan Elder was furious, but he was secretly shocked. This was because the strength of Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er were not as weak as he had imagined.

The two of them made a move at the same time, but it did not create any big noise, but the force that they used was not weak at all. The red light was like a powerful flame that was injected into the elder's arm, while Ji Ling'er condensed his holy energy and pierced into the elder's body like a nail.

"Very well, since you all dare to attack us, we have underestimated you all. This is exactly what I wanted." The senior brother smiled sinisterly and took out a holy sword, then said to the old man: "Do it, as long as you capture them and quickly leave the Heaven Sacred District, there is no need to be afraid of your Law Enforcement Saint."

Chen Xiang watched from the back, his heart extremely anxious. He had underestimated the strength of the three people, up till now, and the Drunk god magical poison had not acted yet. Although it was only absorbed by them a little, as long as they didn't discover it, the poison would gradually spread.

Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud were not weak in the first place. If they were to fight with their lives on the line, even if they couldn't defeat these three people, they shouldn't think of easily taking them down.

The first senior brother had forced her two elder sisters to death in the past. Now, she was ready to sacrifice everything to kill this person.

"Let's go." Ji Ling'er shouted lightly. At this point of time, both sides had high fighting spirit, and could not care less about being Law Enforcement Saints.

"Capture them alive." Red Cloud and Chen Xiang were both important figures, Red Dawn had Holy Spirit Fire s inside her body, and Chen Xiang had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s. If they could capture them, the three of them would definitely receive a huge reward.

However, just as the Super Holy School and the other two were about to attack, their faces suddenly changed. They, who had an imposing manner, actually gave up on attacking, instead fearfully dodging Ji Ling'er and Red Dawn's swift swords.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed, because the Drunk god magical poison that he released had already taken effect, the three of them had already sensed that the poison was being forced by the Holy Spirit Qi in their bodies, but they realised that the poison was like a huge wave, quickly spreading throughout their bodies. After numbing the Holy Spirit Qi in their bodies, they used their Holy Spirit Qi as nourishment, constantly replicating the poison, allowing the poison to spread very quickly.

In just a few blinks of an eye, more than half of the holy energy in their bodies had fallen. They glared at Chen Xiang and they had already recalled the scene of Chen Xiang releasing that terrifying poison on them.

After entering the Immortal-becoming realm, Chen Xiang used his powerful divine power to control the Drunk god magical poison to enter the bodies of the three people.

"Little bastard, what did you do to us?" At this time, Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud had already stopped their attacks, because the three of them were just lying there, unable to move.

Chen Xiang laughed, then walked to their side: "You should not be here, this is your own death, you can't blame people."

"Do you dare to kill us? If we die, the Law Enforcement Saint will immediately rush over." That Ji Clan Elder sneered. They still had a sliver of hope in their hearts.

Chen Xiang's thigh suddenly flashed with electric threads, and fiercely kicked towards the face of the Ji Clan Elder, causing a burst of piercing electric light to flash out, and exploded out a burst of muffled sounds, causing the elder's teeth to fly out.

"Who said we were going to kill you? Haha …" As Chen Xiang laughed, he continued to punch and kick the Ji Clan Elder, causing the Eldest Senior Brother and the other elderly man's heart to jump in fear. Because they had already seen that the upcoming event might happen to them.

At the beginning, Red Cloud was somewhat at a loss, not knowing why those three people would suddenly collapse on the ground. Ji Ling'er explained to her using sound transmission, letting her know Chen Xiang's secret method.

After beating the Ji Clan Elder until his face was bruised black and blue, Chen Xiang softened his fist and looked at the senior brother and the old man sinisterly. "Don't worry, just wait for me to rest for a while, you guys can enjoy yourselves.

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