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After Chen Xiang heard this, he secretly cursed Long Xueyi in his heart. If she had not woken him up, he would have just woken up.

"She's just drying herself by the bed. Open your eyes and look. Don't waste it." Long Xueyi urged.

Mu Qianxiang thought that Chen Xiang had gone to sleep, so she did not mind at all.

"Her figure isn't bad. If she's really the tallest, I can give her nine points." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had already sealed off his five senses, and did not continue to listen to Long Xueyi's words, and quickly fell asleep.

"What's wrong with this little scoundrel? He doesn't look like him." Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "He actually didn't peek, this wild girl is indeed not bad, I really feel pity for this little scoundrel, and miss such a good opportunity."

Mu Qianxiang had already put on his clothes and was wearing loose pajamas on the bed beside Chen Xiang.

"Elder Brother Shen, wake up." Mu Qianxiang lied down on her side and shouted at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang couldn't hear them, he had already sealed his sense of hearing.

Mu Qianxiang called out a few times, but seeing that Chen Xiang did not make any movements, he climbed onto Chen Xiang's bed and pushed his way through Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang suddenly woke up from his stupor and looked at him with a big grin.

Mu Qianxiang had a head of long hair that hung down to her chest. She wore clothes that were extremely broad at the chest, revealing her beautiful collarbone.

This kind of spirit lying on his bed caused Chen Xiang's heart to thump, "Didn't I say not to disturb my sleep?"

It was already dark outside and the sound of insects could be heard. Inside the house was also very cool, but Mu Qianxiang saw that Chen Xiang had been woken up by her, and did not feel any guilt at all. Instead, her face was full of happiness as she laid beside Chen Xiang.

"I can't sleep. I'm very excited right now, so I can't calm down and cultivate." After Mu Qianxiang laid down, he also pulled Chen Xiang who was sitting up down down down down and placed him beside himself.

was somewhat unable to endure Mu Qianxiang's enthusiasm, especially when his arm was hugged and he touched Mu Qianxiang's soft and fragrant peaks through a thin layer of clothes … "Lil 'Xiang, you're not young anymore. You should know that men and women shouldn't be intimate with each other. Aren't you afraid that I'll do something to you while you're in the same bed as me?" Chen Xiang calmed the restlessness in his heart.

"No, because I'm stronger than you, it won't be that easy for you to harm me. With your current strength, you cannot bully me. I can only bully you." Mu Qianxiang chuckled.

Mu Qianxiang held Chen Xiang's arm and said softly: "Can you tell me what the outside world is like? I asked the elders and the others, and that's all they have to say."

"Alright, actually, I just ascended to Heaven Realm, so I don't know much about Heaven Realm."

Chen Xiang then recounted some of the things he knew and told them in stories, causing Mu Qianxiang to be extremely interested in hearing them.

He was mainly talking about some very mysterious things, such as the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and then talking about the stories of the great powers outside.

Although she did not sleep that night, Chen Xiang was still very energetic, there was no need to mention Mu Qianxiang. After knowing how wonderful the outside world was, she became even more excited, and wished to immediately fly out.

"Go see my great-grandfather. He's the clan leader here, and he often goes out to hunt some powerful monsters for his clansmen to eat. Everyone uses this method to increase their strength."

Mu Qianxiang entered the bathroom and changed into a purple cheongsam behind the screen, giving her a dignified and noble temperament.

On one hand, it was to welcome the return of the Patriarch, and on the other hand, it was to look at the foreigner that Mu Qianxiang had brought over.

Mu Qianxiang brought Chen Xiang and walked into the great hall that had a few hundred people standing around. It immediately made Chen Xiang feel a little pressured, because many people were looking at him.

He saw that the people here were all in groups, and most of the women were in groups. Mu Qianxiang had previously said that the men here could marry many women, and now that the Patriarch had returned, they had to all come out.

There were quite a few boys and girls as well, and compared to Mu Qianxiang, the strength of those youths at Mu Qianxiang's age was indeed very far apart. No wonder Mu Qianxiang had such huge privileges, and when she walked in, she did not even bother to look at the people on both sides of the hall. Her entire body was exuding an oppressing aura of arrogance as she walked into the hall and stood behind the few elders.

After everyone had arrived, a robust middle-aged man with a mix of black and white hair suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hall. When Chen Xiang saw him, the middle-aged man disappeared, and then reappeared on the big chair at the head of the hall.

"Very strong." Chen Xiang was overwhelmed with shock, he never thought that the patriarch of the Mu Clan would actually have the power to surpass the Immortal King.

At this time, everyone in Mu Clan bowed to greet the patriarch.

"Nothing big happened to our Mu Clan, right?" The patriarch swept his sharp eyes across the crowd, causing them all to feel a chill in their hearts.

"Chief, the little girl brought back an outsider. You should have heard about this." The short old man said.

The patriarch of the Mu Clan immediately looked at Mu Qianxiang, he nodded at him, and could tell that he valued Mu Qianxiang greatly, then shifted his gaze back to Chen Xiang.

"I heard that he is temporarily staying at our place, and after that, he will investigate the Samsara Valley. In the future, he will enter the Samsara Valley." The patriarch of the Mu Clan said.

They were actually going to the Samsara Valley, and when Mu Qianxiang brought Chen Xiang in, everyone felt that Chen Xiang's strength was not very high, like many of the other youths in the clan. He was only at the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, and Mu Qianxiang was even stronger than him.

However, everyone heard that he rubbed away Han Chen's middle grade immortal sword like he was rubbing mud.

"Great grandfather, you are the one who understands Samsara Valley the best out of the nine clans. Elder Brother Shen continues to know some things about the situation and he even brought a great gift …" Mu Qianxiang pushed Chen Xiang away and pushed him out of the room. She had greeted Chen Xiang earlier and told him to prepare some gifts for him.

The patriarch of the Mu Clan shook his head: "I have been to the Samsara Valley twice, but have never found anything, and almost died inside. I do not understand much about it, I only know of the dangers inside, and I can let him look through some of our ancient books, they mentioned about it."

Chen Xiang took out a jade box and said: "Boy Chen Xiang, because you have obtained a map, you have to come here. I know that the Samsara Valley is very dangerous, so I plan to stay here for a long time.

Chen Xiang gave the jade box to Mu Qianxiang, and had him bring it over to the patriarch of the Mu Clan.

"You are too polite, you have already given the Chu Family 10,000 Spiritual crystal s a day, and our Mu Clan can also get two levels, so the faster people who come are the customers. If it were not for the rule that was made many years ago, you would not be stopped outside the barrier today." The patriarch of the Mu Clan said while smiling.

As he spoke, he opened the jade box and saw a fruit filled with immortal energy. He was stunned. Although he had grown up in this sealed off place, he still recognized the fruit.

The patriarch of the Mu Clan took a deep breath and said: "Longevity fruit."

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