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On the square outside the Palace.

Ten minutes passed.

The scholar slightly said, "Why is he not out yet?"

Xie Qin put a hand on Long Fei's shoulder, "Little handsome brother, are you really the reincarnation of a Sky Demon? Our ancestors and god's devil ancestor are a pair, how about we … "

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Xie Qin's large twin peaks rubbed against Long Fei's arms, making them feel numb.

In addition to the heart-piercing laughter, no one could resist it.

Xie Qin continued to speak: "All of us evil sound sect s are beauties with the beauty of a nation. When the time comes, you will be in our evil sound sect to be romantic and happy for the rest of your life, what do you think?"

This …

No doubt about it.

It had always been what Long Fei wanted.


He had to say it.

Xie Qin's clothes were exactly like a zither girl's in a game, hot and spicy, his clothes on his chest seemed to be bursting at the seams.

A delicate appearance that could arouse tender affection.


The Ghost Elder laughed strangely: "evil sound sect did instantly, with groups of beauties, but … You can go enjoy it with your life. This supreme beauty of the evil sound sect especially absorbed the yang energy from men. Even the god's devil ancestor back then didn't dare to linger here. "

Long Fei's heart trembled, and he looked at Xie Qin.

Xie Qin's expression changed slightly as he said, "Ghost Elder, you dare to ruin my good plan?"

Ghost Elder sneered: "What do you mean by 'bad news'? Which disciple of the Devil Sect doesn't know that the evil sound sect's women are the most vicious and specialize in absorbing the Yang energy from men's bodies?"

"Is that so?"

Long Fei slightly nodded as the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of an evil smile.

Xie Qin immediately pretended to be weak and leaned into Long Fei's embrace, saying: "Little handsome brother, don't listen to his nonsense. I truly like you."

"Really?" Long Fei asked.

Xie Qin nodded his head, and said: "It is absolutely true, from the first time I saw you, I had already fallen for you."

Long Fei said: How much do you like it?

Xie Qin said: "If I like it, I'll do anything for you."

Long Fei asked: "Anything?"

Xie Qin looked at Long Fei's fiery eyes and felt joy in his heart. He thought to himself: "What kind of man can resist my enticement? Moreover, this is only a place. "

He looked at Long Fei lovingly, and said: "Mn."


Long Fei grabbed her chest.

Xie Qin's expression changed. She never thought that Long Fei would be so bold.


In broad daylight, this …

The other seven people looked at her, and the surrounding Demon Cavalry Warrior were the same. All of them swallowed their saliva, and stared at Xie Qin as if their eyeballs were about to pop out.

All of a sudden.

Xie Qin's face reddened, and she instantly bounced away from Long Fei. She hurriedly tidied up her clothes and scolded: "Brat, do you want to die?"

Not taking advantage of a bastard.

Moreover, she was such a 'ferocious' woman, so he shouldn't miss out on her.

Long Fei feigned ignorance: "You said it yourself, you are willing to do anything for me, even touching you twice, you are lying to me."


"I was still thinking of opening the god's devil ancient case and giving it to the god's devil lute, but I've changed my mind."


Xie Qin was startled, and immediately regained his composure, leaning on Long Fei with a soft and weak look, and said: "You pinched Lun Lun's house just now."

Long Fei pretended to be disdainful and said: "I didn't use any strength just now, stop lying to me."

"I really didn't lie to you."

"If you don't believe me, keep touching." Xie Qin was ready to throw caution to the wind.

Long Fei was just a teenager, how could he have any playthings?


She didn't understand Long Fei at all.

Long Fei's personality towards women was, if you gave him a pole, he would immediately climb up.

The moment Xie Qin's words fell, Long Fei kept reaching his hands directly into her clothes …

The seven war emperor Rankers in the surroundings, along with the hundreds of Demon Soldiers in the surroundings, all of them were prostrating themselves in admiration of Long Fei.

So awesome?

Xie Qin was about to cry.

The more she comes along, the more you feel like you've been fooled, but. He still didn't know how to exit!

I can't bear to have a child with a wolf.

He was going to throw caution to the wind.

At this moment.

One of the guards walked into the hall and said, "The god's devil ancient case has been undone. Please enter the hall and take a look, guardians of the ancient boxes."

"It's been solved?"

Xie Qin was the first to react. Her two eyes were unmoving as they looked at Long Fei. Her face was pale white, as if her eyes were about to spit out fire.

He even had the heart to eat people.

He stared at Long Fei and said: "Try touching it again!"

He fiercely pinched them, causing his hands to feel extremely good. Long Fei played dumb: "Didn't you like me? I like you too. "

"I will kill you!"

Xie Qin was completely furious.

At this moment.

Long Fei used a bit of force.


Xie Qin's clothes were pulled down, revealing his chest.

Long Fei immediately shouted, "It's so big, quickly come take a look!"

While they were talking …

Long Fei had already ran out, Xie Qin was furious, he almost wanted to suck Long Fei dry, the killing intent in his heart had never been so strong.

Too cheap!


The blood refining scholar smiled, "Stealing a chicken will cause one to lose rice. Xie Qin never thought that you would wear such a sexy outfit, hahaha …"

Xie Qin's face paled again.

The guard reminded them once more, "Please hurry."

Everyone calmed down.

Xie Qin stared at Long Fei and said: "I will deal with you when I become strong to the extent of being a god's devil lute."

All of their attention was focused on the god's devil ancient case.

Long Fei's heart sank. From the moment Lie You had walked out of the hall to the moment the guards had summoned him, he had a bad feeling.

"Yin Mo once told me that if he didn't come out, we should escape!"

"I'm afraid..."

Xie Qin immediately said in disdain: "Brat, now that you're not god's devil successor, your little life is not safe, don't worry big sis will definitely protect you, I will definitely bring you to evil sound sect, and let my junior sister apprentice have a taste of this fresh meat of yours."

Black Deacon also sneered, "Coward."

"Something that doesn't exist!"

… ….

No one listened to him.

Long Fei hesitated for a moment and followed after.

He also wanted to know what exactly the god's devil ancient case were.

Was it really as the rumors said?

Magic Buddhist Relics? The four treasures of god's devil blade, god's devil lute, and god's devil blood?

He knew there was danger.

However …

"Wealth comes from danger."

No matter what, he had to go and take a look.

As the nine of them walked into the Sea Demon Palace, the Demon Cavalry Warrior s in the plaza uniformly surrounded them, blocking off the entrance to the main hall.

The moment Long Fei entered the great hall, his heart sank.

The entire hall was filled with an incomparably thick killing intent.

Yin Mo was even more so on the verge of death …

— —

Chapter III

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