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Chapter 1207: Little Western Kingdom

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Everything began to slowly settle down after the recent excitement. It had surprised many people that the Mu Estate did not raise any actions to expand its influence after the extensive fanfare for its establishment.

It was as if they only intended to defend the Northern Territory. This was, however, a relief to many who had been quite worried. They had no idea that the top forces of the Mu Estate, including Mu Chen and Mandela, had already left and were on their way to the Little Western Kingdom.

Tianyang City, Central Area, Tianluo Continent.

In the city center, a gigantic transfer spiritual array stood. It was the one that was capable of completing the furthest transfer in the entire Tianluo Continent. If one were to travel to somewhere far from Tianluo, this was the place that they must pass first in order to do so.

Outside of the array, countless rays were overlapping each other. The array’s colors filled the entire place with liveliness. The spiritual power reflected the colors onto the entire sky.

Six figures stood outside of the array. The lead person stood tall, his handsome young face focused at the transfer array.

“This is a true spiritual array! With this level of complexity, it is on par with some Grandmasters’!” This young man was Mu Chen. He had departed from the North territory several days ago in order to come here.

“Legend has it that this transfer spiritual array was built by a high level spiritual array master. It is also said that it costs at least a million sovereign spiritual liquid,” Mandela exclaimed, while standing by Mu Chen’s side.

The further the distance a transfer array could send a person, the higher the cost of its building materials. This dramatically increased the challenge of creating one. Moreover, hiring a high level spiritual array master also costed a pretty penny!

Mu Chen sighed. With such an incredibly high cost, it was no wonder that there wasn’t even a single one in the entire North territory.

‘Haha, Since master is so gifted at spiritual arrays, I imagine that we could also have one of this level back in the North Territory,” Liu Tiandao said, a big smile on his face. After a time of adjustment, they seemed to have accepted Mu Chen’s new identity now, as the word Master came out of their lips quite naturally.

Mu Chen couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he heard this, so he joked, “I’d be happy to build one of these transfer spiritual arrays in our North Territory anytime, provided that old Liu here would be so generous as to provide us two million sovereign spiritual liquid!”

Liu Tiandao smiled bitterly. Unless he sold his own soul, there was no way the Xuan Tian Hall could fork that kind of dough out! The others laughed and looked at Liu Tiandao, who was smiling helplessly.

Mu Chen took a good look at his crew. There were not many people who came on this journey to the Little Western Kingdom.

Besides him and Mandela, there were only the four Lower Earthly Sovereigns, Liu Tiandao, Master of Netherworld Palace, Demon Emperor and the Serpentine Old Man. As for the Holy Ancestor of the Holy Mountain, they left him behind to be in charge of the Mu Estate, as he had a cautious and reliable nature.

Not even Nine Nether had accompanied them this time. However, Mu Chen’s crew was still quite impressive, as it consisted of one Complete Earthly Sovereign and five Lower Earthly Sovereigns. They could do anything they wanted within the Tianluo Continent!

“We will leave from here. On the way, we will have to pass through many continents of various sizes. This is why we will need at least twenty days to reach the Little Western Kingdom of the Western Kingdom Continent.” Mandela spoke softly to Mu Chen.

“That timing is pretty tight.” Mu Chen counted the time left on his fingers and sighed. “Prepare to get on the road.”

All of them nodded after hearing Mu Chen. Hesitating no more, they transformed into streamers and shot into the gigantic transfer spiritual array. Mu Chen flipped his sleeves and followed them.

As Mandela sent the coordinates to the space disc, the transfer array exploded with a blinding spiritual light. The space twisted, then instantly became a spatial swirl, engulfing Mu Chen and his crew within it. They were already gone when the spiritual light went away.

The Western Kingdom Continent was located at the very west of the Great Thousand World. It was an ancient continent, which was probably not comparable in size with the supercontinent of the Tianluo Continent, but the amount of invincible masters that appeared here actually surpassed the latter.

Everyone said that, within the Great Thousand World, the Western Kingdom Continent bore the shining marks of the past and the present. The past referred to the ancient periods.

The Luo God of The Great Thousand World was the great beauty who appeared in the Little Western Kingdom of the Western Continent. The fame of her beauty was well known around the world, and even the Extraterritorial Race had tales about her. In those days, countless proud Heavenly Sovereigns fell at her feet in awe.

The present Western Kingdom was a superpower, as it housed the Western Kingdom Temple of War. The owner of the Western Kingdom Temple of War was the War Emperor, and he was a true Heavenly Sovereign! Moreover, he was undefeatable!

Because of the War Emperor, the Temple of the Western Kingdom was also listed among the superpowers of the Great Thousand World. Not only did it rule over the entire Western Kingdom Continent, but it also had dominion over many other surrounding continents.

Needless to say, the War Emperor of the Western Kingdom was undoubtedly a leader within the Great Thousand Worlds. However, most of the time, the Western Kingdom War Temple remained in a neutral state, not bothering itself with the conquests between the forces within its realm. It was just like a giant who does not care how the ants at its feet fight among themselves.

Regardless, it was the Heavenly Sovereigns who were the true invincible masters in this Great Thousand World. As long as this War Emperor was around, he would rule.

As the Tianluo Continent and the Western Kingdom Continent were very far apart, the idea of completing such a transfer in less than a month sent shivers down even an Earthly Sovereign’s spine. As he knew all of these things, and due to the shortness of time, Mu Chen did not take time to rest on his journey. Hence, he had been on the road at full-speed ever since they had left, barely taking any stops along the way.

It was fortunate that his crew members were all Earthly Sovereigns. Otherwise, the speed at which they were travelling would have utterly exhausted them. Even the people with great strength, like Liu Tiandao, were barely keeping up and were complaining already.

Ignoring their complaints, Mu Chen pushed ahead. He knew that he must reach the Luo God Clan before the Luo God ceremony began. He would not accept anything happening to Luo Li!

Moving at such a devilish pace, they were able to reach the Western Kingdom Continent in just over twenty days. The Western Catacomb Continent was the continent that was closest to the Western Kingdom Continent, and as Mu Chen and his group appeared in its grandest city, another transfer spiritual array appeared before them.

Mu Chen looked at the transfer array, his exhausted face unable to hide his overwhelming excitement. He could finally reach the Little Western Kingdom right after stepping through this spiritual array!

“All of you must be exhausted!” Mu Chen turned around and spoke to his crew, expressing his gratitude to them by bowing slightly. They smiled bitterly and shook their heads, clearly having no strength left for words.

Mu Chen did not say much else, then threw some sovereign liquid as he stepped right into the transfer spiritual array. He welcomed the waves of space around him that gradually transformed into a swirl, then slowly enveloped him.

Mu Chen’s eyes shut slightly, his hands starting to tremble a little. This was all caused by his excitement.


Mu Chen took a deep breath. It was as if he had instantly gone back to that day that Luo Li had left. He was tightly hugging her, his heart trembling all the more.

He had waited too long for this moment, ever since that sad day…

Luo Li, I am coming for you. Have you been well?

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