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The Battle of Prestige   

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Zhang Xuan's arm trembled, and with a hollow boom, a battle spear radiating golden light materialized in his hand. The 9-meter long spear let out a strong buzzing sound the instant it emerged. Its body was engraved with lines of complex patterns that looked like ancient runes. Its tip was sharp and dazzling. It had strong fighting and murderous spirit as though it had a soul of its own. This spear had integrated itself with the pulse and meridians of its master, so it could sense its master's combat intent and could burst out an unparalleled killing force.

"It's the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear. I have heard about the scariness of this weapon. Sure enough, this spear is extremely lethal. I'm now certain that Dragon Shisan will die under Senior Brother Zhang Xuan's combat spear."

"That's right. The killing force of the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear is unrivalled, especially when it's under the control of Senior Brother Zhang Xuan who is able to perfectly exert the destructive force of the spear. How can a mere Dragon Shisan be able to withstand this?"

"We'll see. The show is about to begin. The conceited Dragon Shisan failed to recognize the horror of a true genius of Immortal Court. I reckon that he's really going to die tragically this time. Zhang Xuan will never let him live. I seldom see Zhang Xuan use his spear. If he summons it, it means he is really infuriated and has to quench the spear's thirst for blood."

The appearance of the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear made the disciples of Yellow Spring Sect excited; their eyes began to blaze. Given Zhang Xuan's strength, he was considered one of the best in the Immortal Court, and on top of that, his spear had a great reputation. Even the geniuses of Immortal Court rarely saw him display his combat spear. Although Dragon Shisan had gained the upper hand in their previous exchange, he would still lose it all this time, including his life.

"Little Chen, that dude seems very powerful. I wonder if Shisan can handle it," said Yang Bufan with slight concern.

"Don't worry. Never underestimate monkey's combat strength. Although Zhang Xuan is a powerful opponent, he will still eventually die in the hands of the monkey, whose Battle Saint Technique is far superior compared to Zhang Xuan's combat spear," Said Jiang Chen with a smile, his face wore the usual confidence he had in Dragon Shisan.

Just as Jiang Chen had said, Dragon Shisan's facial expression didn't change a bit even after seeing the combat spear of Zhang Xuan. That kind of confidence was derived from his true strength.

"Brat, I'm going to let you taste the power of my Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear!"

Zhang Xuan's hair fluttered in the wind as he thrust the spear fiercely at Dragon Shisan.


The combat spear in his grip let out a dragon roar. Its momentum had risen to its peak. There were flickering shadows of dragons on its surface. Although it was merely the condensation of energy, its killing power was still astounding.

Moving like a whirlwind, it rippled out countless spear-afterimages that filled the entire void. Each afterimage seemed like a dancing frenzied dragon, tearing the void to fragments and making it difficult for people to breathe. Such an attack power was just too incredible. They could imagine that their bodies would instantly be ripped to pieces by that stormy afterimages before they could even put up any resistance if they were inside the battlefield.

Dragon Shsian moved, displaying the qi of the Immemorial Battle Spirit with perfection. He spread out his arms and put them together, his body was full of combat intent. This was the essence of the Battle Saint Technique.

"It's a great joy to fight against the Heavens…"

Dragon Shisan murmured with a solemn look, casting out the Battle Saint Technique with soaring dominance. The technique's battle intent swept across, suppressing everything around. Its qi had far exceeded the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear.

The Heavens and the Earth rumbled. A divine seal engraved with mystical symbols was formed between Dragon Shisan's hands. It seemed like an ancient totem that could fight the Heavens with one strike.

*Hong Long……*

The horrifying combat seal clashed against the countless spears-afterimages. This was the climax of the battle, and an unprecedented exchange of blows. Innumerable pairs of eyes were staring unblinkingly at this spectacular scene. Even Venerable Ling Long, who was on the tall platform, couldn't remain calm, her eyes were fixed resolutely at Dragon Shisan's technique. In her opinion, the ancient Battle Saint Technique was far more attractive than the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear.

"He's no doubt an Immemorial Battle Spirit with a horrifying ancient secret art."

Witnessing such a powerful secret art for the first time, the elder of Exquisite Paradise couldn't help but remark.

The afterimages were completely eradicated. The same went to the combat seal of the Battle Symbol Art. One had to admit that Zhang Xuan was indeed very powerful. Being a genius of Immortal Court itself symbolized might and pinnacle.


A blood-red column of light shot out from Dragon Shisan's head. That was the thick blood qi of an Immemorial Battle Spirit. Zhang Xuan's might had fully aroused Dragon Shisan's fighting spirit, who was a fighting fanatic and had been thirsting for a true battle after his advancement. 

"What a powerful secret art…but I don't believe that you can stop my combat spear."

Zhang Xuan was astounded, but he still had tremendous confidence in his combat spear. Once again, he attacked and bellowed: "Spiralling Dragon in the Sky!"

This single technique moved the wind and clouds, and changed the colour of the sky. At this point, Zhang Xuan had fully combined himself with the combat spear. Mighty shadows of dragons emerged on the surface of his body. Unfortunately, these were merely condensed out of energy, totally different from Jiang Chen's.

"How terrifying! This is the scariest strike and ultimate technique of Zhang Xuan. Dragon Shisan has actually forced him to this extent. It will be worth it even if he lose the battle."

"Spiralling Dragon in the Sky is the most overbearing move of the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear. It never left behind any traces, and forces the opponent into submission. I wonder how Dragon Shisan is going to handle this."

"Dragon Shisan has yet to use his Immortal Weapon yet. Could it be that he really intends to only depend on his bare hands and secret art to deal with the Spiralling Dragon?"

Zhang Xuan had displayed his ultimate skill, seeming determined to end Dragon Shisan's life in this strike. He was now crystal clear about Dragon Shisan's combat strength and knew that it was pointless to continue fighting Dragon Shisan. If he wanted to defeat his opponent, he had to unleash his ultimate move - the fusion with the spear, which was the highest state of the Spiralling Dragon Overlord Spear.  

Dragon Shisan, on the other hand, still seemed as indifferent, while his qi was rising and complicated seals were emerging out of his hands; destructive qi surging out.

It was the Exterminating Symbol Art that could exterminate everything. 

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