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The dagger was extremely sharp, so after it was slammed down, the tip of its blade stabbed right through the heavy metal door.

"Aiya!" Zhao Yu shouted and exerted all of his strength to push away the man in the jacket's arm.

However, not only was the man extremely strong, he was swift in action too. He saw that his attempted stab hadn't hit Zhao Yu, so he immediately lifted his knee to kick Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu quickly blocked the kick by pushing his palm down against the man's knee. However, the man was too strong, so his knee still hit Zhao Yu's stomach. Zhao Yu groaned in pain and immediately used his shoulder to knock the man forward. However, the man had already pulled out the dagger that was stuck on the van door.

The man in the jacket immediately dashed towards Zhao Yu with the dagger. He slashed, swung, stabbed and slammed the dagger, revealing his impressive knife skills. If it hadn't been for Zhao Yu's quick responses, the man would have most likely killed him!

Oh sh*t!

Zhao Yu realized that he had really come across a difficult opponent! The man's fighting style was different than any other SWAT members, like Zhao Qing, and he was also different from many fighting experts, like Lei Bin. Moreover, the man in the jacket's every attack was unpredictable, sharp and quick!

This person is most likely a professional killer! If I wasn't a veteran of many battles, I would have already been killed by his dagger!

As Zhao Yu didn't have any weapon on him now, he was on the defensive the entire battle. As he was afraid of the sharp dagger, he didn't dare to make too big of a movement, just in case his opponent found any opportunity to launch a surprise attack against him.

During the fight, Zhao Yu merely focused on dodging and biding his time, trying to survive. However, as time went on, he got a deep cut on his left arm.

This placed the man in the jacket at a great advantage, which boosted his confidence and made his attacks grow even more ferocious! At this moment, Zhao Yu saw clearly that he was no match for this opponent at all. As such, every mistake could cost him his life!

What should I do?

At first, Zhao Yu thought of going to the driver's seat of the cargo van to drive away with the car. However, he had already stuffed the exhaust pipe, so the van was obviously out of commission.

What do I do?

Zhao Yu sighed. He had no choice but to pull out an old trick! He immediately used an Invisible Loudspeaker, just as he had become entangled with the man in the jacket during the fight!


He then aimed the loudspeaker at the man's ears and gave an earth-shattering roar directly into it! The loud roar made the man in the jacket shake, suddenly causing him to lose his hearing entirely!

"Motherf*cker…" the man shouted, reeling in shock.

Zhao Yu seized the chance to finally kick him, sending him sprawling on the ground. Then, he continued to take advantage of the situation and landed another kick to the man's crotch!

Although the man in the jacket was shocked, his reaction time was extremely swift. He leaned sideways and dodged the brunt of Zhao Yu's attack, then deftly rolled to the side.

The man in the jacket then got up from the ground, his ears still rumbling. As he was still a bit stunned, his moves were obviously much slower. Zhao Yu found this the perfect time to spin-kick at the man's chest!


The man in the jacket was sent flying through the air, then slammed against the cargo van. The impact sent the dagger in his hand falling to the ground.

As Zhao Yu saw that the man no longer had his weapon, he quickly dashed forward, intending to kick him in the crotch. However, Zhao Yu underestimated the professional killer's talent once again, as he didn't dodge Zhao Yu, but grabbed his ankle instead! He then pulled Zhao Yu's ankle forward, causing Zhao Yu to immediately fall flat on the ground.

However, after Zhao Yu fell, he kicked the man's calf, causing him to stumble. When Zhao Yu got up, the man in the jacket ran towards him and the two of them rolled on the floor, scuffling.


The man in the jacket then punched Zhao Yu in the face! Zhao Yu turned around and punched back, leaving the man quite bloody! The two of them continuously rolled around, throwing punches at each other. Zhao Yu even managed to get a bite or two in, causing the man to wail in pain!

Suddenly, as they fought, the alley brightened. It turns out that, when Zhao Yu had shouted through the loudspeaker earlier, he had woken up many residents. People were now turning on their lights and opening their doors to see what was happening.

"It's so late at night! Why… What the heck… Someone's fighting!"

"Yeah, quick! Come and see! There's someone fighting over here…"

"Who is it? Let me see…"

Suddenly, many doors were open and shouts were heard all around the neighborhood. Hearing the people's voices, the man in the jacket was obviously terrified. It seemed that he was definitely hiding something secretive that he didn't want anyone to find out about.

So, when he saw that there was a growing crowd, he got distracted, thus exposing a weak point, allowing Zhao Yu to swing away. After this, all the man wanted to do was flee and drive away.

Not knowing that the exhaust pipe was blocked, the man in the jacket managed to start the engine of the cargo van, intending to use it to escape.

It looked like the man in the jacket was going to flee soon, so Zhao Yu immediately dashed over. Once he got to the van, Zhao Yu held onto the window and aimed his butt at the driver. He then shot out an Invisible Odor Bomb!

The man in the jacket immediately pushed Zhao Yu off the window. After a few seconds, he got a huge whiff of an awfully foul smell! The smell was so bad, it irritated his eyes and made him cough.

"Ah… Cough cough… Cough cough…"

As he was distracted by a coughing fit, the man accidentally drove the cargo van right into a wall. The van screeched to a halt, its passenger side door completely blocked by the wall and unable to be opened.

"Cough cough… Cough cough…" The man in the jacket was coughing fiercely and attempting to exit from the driver's seat.


Suddenly, the man in the jacket was hit by a brick that Zhao Yu had thrown, which caused him to fall back into his seat, groaning in pain.


Zhao Yu hurried to grab another brick. He then held his nose and waited. If the man in the jacket dared to exit the car, he would immediately throw the brick at him! However, the odor bomb's smell was really irritating his nose and eyes, forcing Zhao Yu to take a few steps back.

"Po… Police officer… What are you doing?" There was suddenly a person that ran over from the alley. That person was Ma Laodan, who then asked, "Didn't you go to the toilet? Why are you holding a brick?"

Zhao Yu turned around and sent him a death glare, warning him to shut up. But, before he could actually tell him to hush, the cargo van suddenly exploded!


After a loud explosion was heard, the entire cargo van turned into a blazing fireball! The strong blast blew Zhao Yu away several feet...

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