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"SSS level mission, search for the god's devil token. There is no time limit, 10 million points. 10 thousand spirit stones will be rewarded, in addition to the Heavenly Demon Sect's special reward."

… ….

This quest information was available a long time ago.

It was also the mission that hadn't been completed in the Land of South Heaven for dozens of years. It was also the quest with the most rewards.

Looking at the mission information, Long Fei was a little surprised, "god's devil token? The god's devil token on me? "

"I didn't expect the Demonic Sect to exist in this world."

At first, Long Fei thought that it was the system's doing, but he didn't expect that the Sky Demon Sect really existed.

"The rewards are really generous."

"Just ten thousand spirit stones is enough to make people salivate, not to mention the special reward from the Heavenly Demon Sect." Long Fei secretly said in his heart. Looking at the god's devil token within the Space Ring, he said with a smile. "This mission should not be completed by anyone."

He would never hand over the god's devil token.

He also needed god's devil token's cultivation technique, how could he hand it over?

Long Fei walked around the Adventurer's Hall and roughly understood the process of accepting the quest.

Outside the hall.

From far away, they could see that wang shiyun was surrounded by people.

Long Fei was startled, "I didn't expect her to have some ability, to actually be able to recruit people."

"Xu Yu, what are you trying to do?"

"What are you doing?"

"You, you guys …"

The sound of wang shiyun being forced to cry came out.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "No!"


He quickly rushed forward.

Wasn't it just when Long Fei left, that Xu Yu brought a group of people over to her side. They were all ridiculing her, ridiculing her and looking down on her.

Xu Yu stared at wang shiyun and sneered: "Where's your little girl, why haven't I seen that country bumpkin?"

wang shiyun picked up the flag pole on the ground, his eyes cold, and said: "Xu Yu, scram."

Xu Yu laughed complacently: "Scram? wang shiyun, you wretched woman, don't think that just because you are the daughter of the City Lord that you are so amazing.

"Shameless b * tch! You're looking for a man behind my back! If he's here today, I'll definitely kill him!"

The words had just come out.

Long Fei walked out, "Who's calling me grandpa?"

Xu Yu's face instantly changed, his body couldn't help but tremble, and he said to the middle-aged man beside him: "Fifth Uncle, that's him."

Long Fei looked at the broken flagpole, then looked at the tears flowing from the corner of his eyes.

He raised his eyes.

Without further ado, without waiting for Xu Yu's reaction, he immediately slapped him twice.

"Pa, pa!"

"Laozi has given you face, right?" Long Fei glared at him angrily.

Two slaps landed.

Xu Yu was suddenly slapped until she was lying on the ground, seeing stars, and her swollen face quickly turned back into the shape of a pig's head. She covered her face with her hands and said: "Fifth Uncle, he hit me, kill him."

Xu Wu Shan's eyes turned sinister as he stared at Long Fei, and said: "Brat, you're very arrogant, daring to behave so atrociously here, don't you see where you are?"

As soon as he finished.

A large group of big sized men rushed out, with a dozen of them surrounding Long Fei and Long Fei.

Xu Wushan sneered, "Xu's mercenary corps's business, those unrelated to you all scram."

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The spectators quickly retreated, all of them with an expression as if they were watching a good show.

"Hahaha …"

"That kid is going to suffer."

"You dare to hit the Crown Prince of the Xu family? Aren't you asking for trouble?"

"He must be the one chasing after the City Lord's daughter, but …" If he does not take a piss, who in the tian yun city would dare to go against the Xu family? "

"The tempo of courting death."

… ….

The Xu family was the overlord of tian yun city.

An overlord who could cover the sky with one hand!

Xu Yu laughed complacently, and said: "Trash, continue being so arrogant for this daddy. Damn it, if you dare hit this daddy, this daddy will cripple you today."

He felt proud of himself.

Last night, if it wasn't because his father had something important to do, he wouldn't be allowed to go out. Otherwise, he would have long since brought the Xu family members to kill Xiang Longfei at the inn.

He had brought people to the mercenary guild early in the morning to wait. He had predicted that wang shiyun would come here to recruit members.

This was different from last night.

Last night, he only had two bodyguards by his side, and now he only had thirty of them, and they were even Fifth Uncle of the war elder.

No matter how strong Long Fei was, he was stronger than Fifth Uncle of the war elder?

Xu Yu laughed disdainfully: "Stealing women from me, who do you think you are?"


"I'll give you a chance to live. Kneel down and admit your mistake. If I'm happy, I might spare your dog life."

He loved to step on people.


Before he stomped on someone, he liked it the most when they kneeled down in front of everyone.

I'm not tired of it.

Xu Yu looked at wang shiyun and laughed coldly: "Shiyun, look at him. He's about to kneel down in front of me and beg for mercy right now, hahaha …"

He started to laugh maniacally.

In this situation, he was definitely going to win.

He wanted to trample on Long Fei to the point where he had no chance of resisting.


He didn't really understand Long Fei. If he knew about him, he definitely wouldn't have brought these people over, or it could be said that … He wouldn't come at all!

Looking at Xu Yu, she laughed crazily.

Long Fei said coldly, "Do you really like people kneeling down that much?"

Xu Yu laughed: "It's your honor to kneel down to me, you trash, do you understand?"

The moment he spoke.

Long Fei slightly moved his feet.

Xu Jianshan immediately became vigilant and his body shivered. His hands covered his face and he hid behind Xu Jianshan as he scolded, "You dog, come if you dare."


Long Fei was enraged, and the Wind Shadow fanatic was released.

His figure disappeared.

In that instant.

Long Fei stood in front of Xu Yu, revealing a sinister and cold smile, and said: "Kneel!"

His body sank.

Both of his fists moved, directly striking Xu Yu's kneecap s.



Xu Yu unsteadily stood and heavily knelt on the ground. Long Fei stood up, walked forward a step, and hooked his rear foot.


He kicked the back of Xu Yu's head.

His forehead heavily kowtowed. "Bang!"

The floor was cracked from the impact, and blood spurted out from his forehead.

After doing all this.

Long Fei leisurely walked back to wang shiyun's side, and said with a faint smile: "Kneel down and kowtow, you're so obedient!"

It took less than three seconds to do all this.

Too fast.

It was so fast that it was dazzling.

Even Xu Jianshan, who was at the peak of the war elder realm, was unable to react in time.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …" [].

Xu Yu was unable to stand back up, and could only kneel on the ground. His face was pale, and the pain he felt was as if he was crying like a ghost, "Fifth Uncle, my leg, my leg …"

"Kill him, kill him for me!"

It was also at this time.

Two rows of guards rushed out, shouting: "Let's see who dares!"

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