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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" After the silver arrow shot into the passageway, it immediately let out a world-shaking explosive sound. Balls of air also immediately surged out of the passageway.

The ten or so disciples of Dongyao Resort and Star Condensation Sect closest to this passage all had horrified expressions on their faces. They immediately prepared to activate their magic treasures and techniques towards this passage.

However, this passage was empty; not a single person could be seen.

Seeing this scene, not to mention the cultivators who were trembling in fear, even Han Wuya, who had just shot out the Meteor Shower Arrow, was dazed for a moment.

"Could it be that this person has another teleportation type magic treasure on him?"

"Crack!" Just as these cultivators were stunned and that thought appeared in their minds, a slight cracking sound came from the ground beneath their feet.

The vast majority of cultivators naturally subconsciously looked down at the ground below with some panic.

But at this very moment, with a "weng" sound, Wei Suo's door shaped flying sword shining with golden and yellow light suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the seemingly devoid of people. At the same time, a Lingzhi shaped Archaic Ferocious Flame also surged out.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The vast majority of the cultivators didn't even have the time to use their offensive magic treasures to block it, before this door shaped flying sword and the Lingzhi shaped black Primordial Fierce Flame arrived in front of them, forming a defensive line made up of all kinds of spiritual light shields and defensive magic tools.


Under this attack, a large hole was forcibly opened in the five to six layer of brilliance. Two cultivators immediately turned into ashes under the fire of the archaic vicious fire, while the three cultivators facing Wei Suo's flying sword were directly sent flying by the flying sword. They didn't even have a chance to breath in the air.

Out of the three people from before, in addition to the five people now, Wei Suo had killed eight people!

"Cloak of invisibility!"

A cultivator wearing a white robe exclaimed in shock. This cultivator with long hair in a braid was none other than the elder of Dongyao Resort, Bai Xuansui.

Just now, when Wei Suo struck, Star Condensation Sect's Great Elder Song Yang had been killed by the Primordial Fierce Flame. However, Bai Xuanji was still alive at this moment.

With the release of the flying sword from the door and the Primordial Fierce Flame, a purple aura shrouded Wei Suo's body, and his figure also appeared.

So it turned out that when so many cultivators were eyeing the passageway, he was standing motionlessly in the middle of it.

Although he was able to escape the detection of so many spiritual senses, it was definitely because, in addition to this Cloak, he also had a concealing technique. However, this method of his could indeed be said to be extremely daring. Because if so many cultivators were to use their full power, he would definitely suffer a great loss.

In the midst of Bai Xuansui's cry of alarm, Wei Suo did not slow down in the slightest. As his body flew backwards, he stretched out his hand and put away the invisible magic clothing around him. At the same time, he raised his hand and threw out a bloodstained green magic robe with an expressionless face.

"Adept Shark Fishing!"

Upon seeing the vestment, Daoist Master Changfeng and Han Wuya's faces immediately lost all color.

The vestment that Wei Suo had thrown out was the vestment worn by Daoist Shark Fishing.

At this moment, with Wei Suo here and Adept Shark's clothes on hand, Adept Shark Fishing could only imagine how powerful he was right now!

From the time that Yellow Sprout, Daoist Master Changfeng and the others entered the Little Night Mountain, it was only a short period of time. Yellow Sprout and Han Weiwei had only exchanged blows for a few moments, but in such a short period of time, a grand cultivator with a cultivation of Aurous Core stage had already been killed!

In addition, some of the powerful magic treasures, including this skeletal magic treasure, weren't by his side at all!


A scream suddenly came out from the side of the tunnel.

Just as one of the Star Condensation Sect cultivators appeared, before he could clearly see what was happening in front of him, he was suddenly surrounded by the mucus ejected from an exceptionally gorgeous butterfly. Following which, the bottom of this Star Condensation Sect cultivator's feet flashed with a bloody light, and he stiffly fell backwards.

Seeing such a scene, one of the cultivators of Dongyao Resort suddenly turned around and ran for his life in another direction.

Once this cultivator fled, the rest of the cultivators also rushed to escape as if they had just awoken from a dream.

"Escape! Kill!" A silver arrow split a fleeing Star Condensation Sect cultivator into pieces.

However, at this moment, these cultivators were completely scared out of their wits and were running even faster.

What made Han Wuya's body sway was that after a short moment, aside from the people on Wei Suo's side, he, Daoist Master Changfeng, and Huang Zhuzi were the only ones left in the cave.

"I'll kill you!"

Daoist Master Long Feng's expression was miserable. With a stern shout, the azure Jindan rose up and many fine light patterns suddenly appeared on its surface. By doing this, it was obvious that he knew he had suffered a crushing defeat. He wanted to blow up his golden core.

If a golden core were to explode in the belly of this mountain, then the small mountain would probably collapse in half.

"Jia, please hold the other two for me. Don't let them get away."

However, the expression on Wei Suo's face did not change at all. At the same time that he uttered those words, ten thousand purple rays of light shot out from between his eyebrows and suppressed Daoist Master Changfeng's aurous core.

At this moment, the fine light engravings on Long Wind's Jindan were all firmly suppressed and unable to expand.

At the same time, Wei Suo's flying sword also flew straight down towards Taoist Master Chang Feng.

"Explode for me!" "Ahhh!"

Long Feng's face was filled with a crazy expression. As the spirit energy in his body surged violently, a green pillar of wind forcefully blocked Wei Suo's door flying sword and the light patterns on his aurous core also flourished. For a moment, he actually had the urge to forcibly break through Wei Suo's golden pill's light suppression posture, but at this moment, a red light suddenly flashed on the soles of his feet.

Another hole had appeared on the foot that the Heart Devouring Bug had pierced once!

It turned out that at this moment, the flying sword was coming down from above. Even though Daoist Master Changfeng was doing his best to resist the flying sword, he had unknowingly been pushed to a position close to the ground.

A new hole appeared on the soles of his feet and Daoist Master Chang Feng's body suddenly stiffened.

Wei Suo waved his hand and several thin rays of green light shot out from his hand, piercing into Daoist Master Chang Feng's body.

Daoist Master Long Feng's miserable shrieks suddenly stopped as he fell from the sky. Wei Suo, on the other hand, expressionlessly stretched out his hand and took away the Jindan that had lost all of its brilliance. Then, he kept it in his storage bag.

"Wei Suo, even if I become a ghost, I won't let you off!"

At this moment, Han Wuya suddenly let out an exceptionally ferocious shout, facing the attacks of Ji Ya, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao. He had actually directly stopped the activation of the two magic treasures in his hands. He took out a ball of blazing silver starlight and ruthlessly bombarded the two magic treasures in his hands.

"Crack!" With an explosive sound, the Fallen Star God Bow was snapped into two pieces from the middle, and the pure-white porcelain Heaven's Ascension Mirror was also shattered into several pieces.

Immediately, his body turned into dust under the oncoming beams of light!

Wei Suo's eyes narrowed slightly.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" These two items are also high-grade Dao treasures! " At the same time, the green-robed old man's heartbroken cry sounded in his ears.

The Sect Leader of the Star Condensation Sect, Han Wuya, had unexpectedly burned jade and stone together when he saw that he was unable to escape. He would rather die than allow Wei Suo and the others to obtain these two powerful% Magic Treasures.

"This fellow is really tenacious!"

After muttering to themselves, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao shook their heads as they turned to look at Yellow Buds.

Yellow Bud's face was ashen.

"No one, let me deal with him." Seeing that the gazes of Deng Guangliang and the others were focused on Yellow Bud, Han Weiwei, who was currently in the middle of a fierce battle with Yellow Bud, let out a delicate cry.

"Ugh!" Hearing Han Weiwei's words, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao immediately turned to look at Wei Suo and Ji Ya with an inquiring look.

Wei Suo nodded his head. With a flash of yellow light, the Heart Devouring Bug that had just pierced the soles of Daoist Master Changfeng's feet appeared. The Guardian King, Cai Die, also flew over, forcing towards Huang Hua.

Seeing Wei Suo nod his head, both Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian obediently stood up as spectators.

"Look at my magic treasure!"

"Ice Drake Spell!"

A series of delicate shouts continuously sounded out in the cave. Han Weiwei became more and more excited as she fought, while Yellow Sprout's face became more and more pale.

Right now, Yellow Buds wanted to escape, but he couldn't.

The speed of that white and tender young girl demon beast was not inferior to his at all. He moved a few times, but the exit was blocked by this strange demon beast. A pillar of silver light shot towards him.

Furthermore, he had to defend against both the golden magic treasures of Abyssal Bone Lord and Han Weiwei at the same time, as well as an ice-type magic technique with Han Weiwei's cultivation level that wasn't very powerful.

Originally that was fine, but now there suddenly appeared a butterfly that was obviously a celestial Gu and a heart devouring bug that was shockingly high in rank.

The demon beasts moved to the left, and the two demon beasts moved to the left. The demon beasts that looked like little girls moved to the right, and the two demon beasts also moved to the right. With such a posture, it was obvious that no matter how hard Yellow Bud tried, it couldn't get out of here alive after killing that little girl demon beast.

If some cultivator came in and saw the scene of the battle between Yellow Bud and Han Weiwei, he would definitely be shocked speechless.

A cultivator at the first level of the Aurous Core Stage was actually defeated by a cultivator at the first level of remembrance before he could even fight back.

Furthermore, around this first level Perception Realm cultivator, there was a huge pile of strange items. It was truly a wonder of the world.

"I am a first level Jindan Stage cultivator and possess a magic treasure like the Unstoppable River of Flames. To think that I would be defeated by a female cultivator of the first level of remembrance. I wouldn't even be able to escape."

A surge of indescribable rage filled the heart of Yellow Sprout.

However, at this time, the two onlookers, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao Yan, were still in a daze as they started to discuss with each other, "Is this guy really an Aurous Core stage cultivator?" I don't think so. If it were me, I would probably be able to beat him. "

"That's right, so stupid. Without this magic treasure, I'm afraid I would have been killed by Han Weiwei."

"However, no matter how useless it is, it can still be used as fertilizer for the Immortal Destroying Vine."

"How boring. This is all I can do, and I don't even have any tricks up my sleeve. I'm going to fall asleep if I keep watching."


"Shut up!" At this moment, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiaoqiao were in the middle of their lively discussion. The yellow bud, whose complexion had already turned the color of a pig's liver, let out an earth-shaking roar.

"?" Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian were stunned for a moment, as they had no idea why Yellow Sprout would suddenly shout so loudly in such an innocent manner.

"I can't believe that a dignified Jindan Stage cultivator like me, who condensed a Jindan at the age of 45, who obtained such a rare treasure as the Unending River, actually fell to such a stage. He was being played like a monkey! Furthermore, they were looked down upon by these two idiots. They treated these two idiots as monkeys to play with! How infuriating... It's pissing me off! " Seeing the expressions on Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian's faces, and Han Weiwei's lovable and lovable look, Yellow Bud's face instantly turned purple as he spit out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground!

Yellow Buds, this great Aurous Core stage cultivator, was actually angered to death.

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