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Huang Jintian picked up a piece of roast meat and placed it in front of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang received it with his hands and stuffed the whole piece into his mouth, then placed it beside the table.

"What did you find out?" Chen Xiang asked while chewing on the barbecue meat.

"Good news and bad news." Huang Jintian laughed, "Let me tell you the bad news first, that the Heavenly Realm is opened by the combined forces of several great powers, and those fellows are all at least in the Fifth Cycle of the Immortal-becoming realm, among them are Imperial Dragon Clan, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, Fire Divine Palace, Thunder Tao Double Venerables, Ice Dragon Race, Ice Dragon Race, Xie Family, Heaven Sword City, Divine Sword Palace, Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, Hundreds of Flowers Palace, Hundreds of Flowers Palace …."

"Amongst them, Hundreds of Flowers Palace is the strongest, she was the one who put in the most effort, and although Phoenix King didn't put in much effort, the entrance to the Heavenly Region was discovered by the Imperial Feather Race himself, and he even gave authority to the Flower Emperor. This way, the Flower Emperor would be willing to take Phoenix Princess as his disciple."

Chen Xiang interrupted him and asked: "Is this bad news for me?"

Huang Jintian said: "Of course it's bad news. Because the Flower Emperor has the right to speak, she restricted the fellow who calls himself Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor from entering. Of course, even if you weren't called Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor, she wouldn't allow you to enter."

Chen Xiang sighed: "Then tell me the good news, and let me be happy for a bit."

Huang Jintian laughed, "This is good news to me, because I was fortunate enough to get the invitation. This is all thanks to your big senior brother, who has a good relationship with Divine Sword Palace."

"That's not good news." Chen Xiang snorted, "The Ice Dragon lineage has helped as well. In that case, I can get Big Sis Long to bring me in."

Huang Jintian shook his head: "No, because there is a very strict limit on the number of people. When you enter the Heavenly Region's gate, those who bring along Storage magic treasure that can pretend to be humans will be detected, and there are only five spots in the Ice Dragon Clan. It should be settled by now."

Chen Xiang's face was gloomy, because he could not go, but he could still see it, because he did not use any strength, so it was normal that he could not go.

"I didn't expect that because of the Heaven Realm, there would be many contradictory powers in the Nine Heavens." I didn't think that because of the Heaven Realm, there would be many contradictory powers in the Nine Heavens. Huang Jintian laughed.

"How about I tell everyone about you eating the Golden Roc meat before, that way the Imperial Feather Race won't let you in." Chen Xiang said sinisterly when he saw Huang Jintian smug in front of him.

"If you dare, I will expose all of your background." Huang Jintian said calmly.

"Alright, Master, you should go over there and remember my portion. Help me bring back some good stuff." Chen Xiang said: "I wonder what type of domain the Sky Region is?"

"I heard that it's a heavenly land filled with holy power. Perhaps the stones inside all contain holy power, which is why so many big shots of great powers agreed to open it." Huang Jintian said, this made Chen Xiang want to go in even more.

Isn't it just a small fight between you and Flower Emperor? Go and apologize to her, and she will let you in. Since she knows your identity and has not exposed you, she shouldn't view you as her mortal enemy. Huang Jintian laughed: "It's just a temporary apology. Coming back from the Heaven Realm is also a good man.

Chen Xiang snorted: "I can do it to anyone, but I can't do it to this woman. If I want to give in, I have to get her to give in and serve me for the rest of my life. Although my days will be good, but who am I to do such a thing?"

"Hmph, I don't believe that I won't be able to get in there. Tell me the location of the entrance to the Heavenly Domain."

Huang Jintian had already prepared a map long ago, he smiled and handed it over to Chen Xiang: "Study it carefully, I will go and meet up with that guy Wei Quan, I feel that you won't be able to get in, because the Flower Emperor's sealing technique is very powerful, I have already thought of many methods, and it's hard to solve them."

Huang Jintian left in a hurry, causing Chen Xiang to feel extremely unhappy. He opened the map and looked at it carefully.

Seeing the mountains on the map, Chen Xiang was immediately attracted by them. He did not continue looking at the positions of the gates to the Heaven Realm because he felt that the mountains were very familiar.

"The locations of these mountains are very similar to the formation on the divine book." Long Xueyi said.

"That's right." Chen Xiang immediately took out the divine book that recorded the many powerful divine formations, and flipped to one of the pages. On the bottom right corner of the page, there was a circle, and inside the circle, there were many densely packed Spirit grain and points.

Although this circle only took up a small space on this page, Chen Xiang believed that this was a very powerful array.

He quickly drew a circle on the map, and the distance between the circle and the dot was exactly the same.

"The Gate of Heavenly Realm is at the boundary of the circle. It should be a space loophole that was forcefully opened. There might be a real door here. As long as I open that door, I can enter it in broad daylight. No one can say anything about me." Chen Xiang was excited, the only clues left now was the small circle.

He had to study that small circle thoroughly before he could understand the meaning behind it and find the true entrance to the Heaven Realm.

"Let's go check it out." Long Xueyi was excited too. If the Heavenly Region was filled with things of the sacred energy, it would be of great help to her.

Just as Chen Xiang walked downstairs, he saw Little Lizhi walking into the entrance of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"You're looking for me." Chen Xiang giggled and asked: "Did you understand that you want to marry me?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Little Lizhi, who was just nodding his head, immediately turned around and was about to leave.

"Wait, I was joking." Chen Xiang called out to her: "What's the matter?"

Little Lizhi sent a sound transmission to him, "Asgard Mistress has asked me to tell you this: if you want to enter that Heaven Realm, you only need to change your name of Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor.

"Really, she was so kind to me." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Then hurry up and announce it! It's time to enter the Qing-Yun Realm!" Little Lizhi said.

"Go back and tell her that I don't want her charity. Isn't it just a Heavenly Domain? My Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor doesn't care." Chen Xiang waved at her. "You can go now.

"You idiot." Little Lizhi cursed, and quickly left.

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart: "Just you wait, see how I walk in openly, you guys all take the side door."

The place where the gate to the Heavenly Region was located was actually in the Heaven Realm. That place normally seemed to be safe but it was sparse and had no value.

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