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The moment Chen Xiang jumped up, the ground suddenly bulged and a large group of Night Devil s appeared. Originally, there were many bonfires, but they were all extinguished by the Night Devil s that appeared from the ground.

Chen Xiang felt that he had bumped into many, and there were even countless Night Devil s biting at him or using their hands to tear him apart, but they were unable to break through the thick water barrier that was being infused with the power of the Demon Suppressing Orb.

There was no longer any light. It was now pitch black and the ground was filled with miserable screams. The strong stench of blood and the murderous aura from Night Devil caused everyone to feel disgusted and terrified.

In the darkness, there were occasionally some rays of light that emitted out. Chen Xiang could sense that there was a very strong aura coming from the direction of the great powers, and those big shots had also joined the battle.

"So many." Chen Xiang felt as if he was floating in an ocean formed by the Night Devil. Even if he did not use the energy in his body, he could still float in the air.

"If this continues, I won't be able to hold on much longer. This group of things is too terrifying." Chen Xiang felt that his profoundwu cover hood was weakening bit by bit, because all of these Night Devil s were in the mid to late stages of the Immortal Realm. They were frantically attacking him and had very strong powers.

"Of the people who came here to join in on the fun, you are the only one left now. The rest of them don't even have bones left, and there are three Immortal Monarch s amongst them." Long Xueyi said.

"What?" Chen Xiang was shocked. He had only just stepped into the Night Devil Hell and he already encountered such a terrifying attack.

Even three Immortal Monarch s wouldn't be able to hold off this group of hungry Night Devil s for long.

"Motherf * cker." Chen Xiang was enraged, his hands suddenly released profoundwu cover hood, releasing a few balls of Heaven Fire.

The Heaven Flames of the Heaven and Earth were released using the Devil-suppressing holy power, it had a huge destructive power on these Little Night Devil, and these Little Night Devil were all squeezed together. In a short moment, the Heaven Flames spread out, burning a large portion of the Little Night Devil.

Little Night Devil was swept by the Heaven Flames of the Heaven and Earth, they released many sharp shouts, they wanted to escape in all directions, but they were helpless as they were surrounded by extremely Night Devil s.

These Little Night Devil were really stupid, they were all used to it. Now, they didn't even need to fly, and just piled them all up here.

After Chen Xiang released the Heaven Flames, he felt much more relaxed. At least he wouldn't be squeezed together by the countless Little Night Devil.

"This kind of number of Little Night Devil should be directly commanded by a Night Devil King. Normally, a Night Devil King would have at least a hundred Night Devil King s, and these hundred Night Devil King s would bring at least ten million of them." Bai Youyou said.

At least ten million Little Night Devil s, just thinking about it made Chen Xiang shudder.

"If you were yourself, you probably wouldn't attract the attention of these Little Night Devil." Su Meiyao said: "You will follow this large group of people, so you will be easily discovered. Once you find the route on the map, don't follow them."

The Heaven Flame that Chen Xiang released was very difficult to extinguish, once it was ignited a little, it would quickly spread throughout his entire body.

"There's actually such a powerful being in that group of humans. This kind of flame is actually on par with mine." Phoenix Princess had a serious face as he looked at the raging flames outside the barrier.

The place where this large group of people were, was protected by a gigantic barrier, and the Little Night Devil s were all covered outside of the barrier. The Heaven Flames that Chen Xiang had released had already spread to this place, and the people inside all killed the Little Night Devil s through the barrier.

"Father, what kind of flame is that? I can't tell." She waved her hand and released two fiery red rays of light. After passing through the barrier, they struck the Little Night Devil s' bodies, but their burning speed was not as fast as Chen Xiang's.

"The Heaven Flame with the power to suppress demons, this kind of Heaven Flame is better than the Five elements heavenly fire." The Phoenix King said.

"This person is not from my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. There aren't many in my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace that can use Sky Fire at this level. It could be that he is a rogue cultivator who has learned our technique." An old man from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace said.

"Everyone, be careful, this is a surprise attack from the Night Devil King, they are currently planning to wear us down, towards this kind of small thing, we do not need to take action, and only have the power to deal with the Night Devil King and the Night Devil King." The one who spoke was the Dragon Emperor, he seemed to understand quite a bit about this place.

"Damn it, if that group of fellows weren't here, I would have easily taken care of them with either the Holy Devil-suppressing seal or the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword." Chen Xiang said. Although he had burned a lot of Little Night Devil, these Little Night Devil were like locusts, hard to kill.

"With Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, there won't be many people who will know about this. Even if they do, it doesn't matter." Su Meiyao said.

The Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was something that Chen Xiang had obtained from a huge profoundbing. That profoundbing was originally discovered by the Fire Divine Palace, and shipped to a volcano to be melted, only then did the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument appear.

Chen Xiang had once used this Devil-suppressing monument to destroy a Holy-ranked Artifact and a Super Array Plate.

When the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument appeared, cold air overflowed everywhere. Previously, Chen Xiang was still using flames, but in the blink of an eye, he had used such a strong power of frost, which was very surprising.

Chen Xiang controlled the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument to float in the air, and those Little Night Devil s didn't dare to approach it. This Divine Stele, which had once suppressed the heavens and earth, contained a very, very powerful and terrifying cold energy.

The Heaven-suppressed immortal monument floated into the air and with a loud shout, it fell down ferociously. At the same time, it extracted a large amount of immortal qi from the thick mist. Chen Xiang's divine power and Innate Qi were also extracted in large amounts.

Phew, when the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument pressed down, it created an extremely cold pressure, causing a gust of ice astral wind to blow away all the Little Night Devil around Chen Xiang. Those Little Night Devil who were blown away were also frozen up at the same time, smashing into each other and turning into pieces of shattered ice.

The Heaven-suppressed immortal monument had fallen onto the ground and everything around them was covered in ice. When Chen Xiang sat on the gigantic Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, the Little Night Devil did not come any closer because they hated the cold energy released by the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument.

Chen Xiang was currently very close to those several hundred thousand people. Because of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, the surrounding Little Night Devil had disappeared as well.

The hundreds of thousands of people could see through the Qi barrier that there was a young man sitting on top of a Heaven-suppressed immortal monument that was emitting a holy and white light.

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