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Chapter 1567 - Didn't Do Anything

In the northwest part of this planet, there was a mountain range with plenty of spiritual energy. The mountain range was surrounded by a dense jungle. It seemed endless at a glance, and the leaves prevented any sunlight from shining through, causing the area below to be wet year-round.

Deep within this jungle stood a long mountain. It was tall, but it was surrounded by fog. This fog made the mountain look blurry.

A ray of formation light suddenly came from the mountain and pierced through the fog.

This light lasted for several breaths before gradually weakening.

There was a cave inside that mountain. This cave was dim and gave off a gloomy feeling.

There was a transfer array inside the cave, and the light came from the array. As the light weakened, three people walked out. It was the madman and company.

The madman blinked as he looked at the cave and murmured, "This king is confused. Damn it, where is this place?"

Xu Liguo suppressed the excitement in his heart and quickly walked out from the transfer array. He let out dry cough and showed a flattering smile. "King, this is the place. You wait here, I'll go see if that little girl is ready."

When the madman heard the words "little girl," he was no longer confused and his eyes lit up. He clapped his hands and roared, "Haha, good. This king wants to see if it is as good as you say. If this king is satisfied, this king will reward you."

Liu Jinbiao came out of the formation and waved his sleeves to cause a stone chair to fly over. After the madman sat down, he revealed a flattering smile as well and began massaging the madman's shoulders.

Liu Jinbiao massaged with a lot of effort, his grasp of his strength was very good. This made the madman very comfortable, and the madman closed his eyes to enjoy it.

A moment later, Liu Jinbiao stopped and stood next to the madman. He then put on a respectful expression, knelt down with his arms extended out, and silently lowered his head.

The madman waited for a moment and opened his eyes with a puzzled expression. He looked at Liu Jinbiao and stretched his head. "Finished? That fast?"

Liu Jinbiao didn't move, he kept his pose and said, "King, please give me a reward!"

The madman was startled for a moment and murmured, "Just a little massage and you want a reward? I won't give you anything. This king's blood is very precious. Back then, that who, who, who…"

Before he finished speaking, Liu Jinbiao raised his head and looked at the madman with a serious expression. He said, "King, please give me a reward!"

The madman became angry. He got up and roared, "Not giving, not giving, I'm not going to give anything!"

Facing the madman's roar, Liu Jinbiao's expression remained normal. He said, "Ever since King came here, everything you've eaten, used, and played with were paid by me, and I used a lot of spirit stones…"

"This king won't give you anything!" Although the madman was still roaring, his voice was clearly a lot lower.

"In addition, the silver used in the mortal city was obtained by me… I clearly remember all the money used." Liu Jinbiao's voice was calm.

"Eh, not much was spent… It was all you guys talking me into spending…" The madman's voice became smaller and smaller.

"King has been here for a total of 13 days, and I've spent 730,000 spirit stones and 9,850,000 silver. King, do you want me to list it out in detail?" Liu Jinbiao remained calm and gave a detailed report.

The madman's eyes widened. His memory was a bit hazy. During these more than 10 days, he felt like he hadn't spent much. It was just that every time he encountered something fun or delicious, he would let Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao get it for him.

At this moment, when he heard Liu Jinbiao list all the expenses, he began to sweat.

"Of course, Master has ordered us to take care of King, so this is normal. King is also not a stingy person, you just don't have any spirit stones right now. Perhaps all of King's treasures are with that Little Red or something." Liu Jinbiao changed the topic.

"That's right, go find Little Red, haha, go find Little Red for it. How can the this king be stingy? This king is not stingy at all… It's better you go find Little Red, Little Red has all of this king's possessions." The madman subconsciously wiped away the sweat and nodded.

"King is a generous person, you won't make me spend all this for nothing. As for the spirit stones and silver, although they were my savings for over 1,000 years, consider it my gift to the king. There is no need to look for Little Red." Liu Jinbiao shook his head and let out a sigh. He no longer spoke but walked to the side. He stared at the stone wall ahead as if he was very sad.

When the madman saw Liu Jinbiao like this, he rubbed his nose, feeling his heart ache a bit. He scratched his head before he bit the tip of his finger and squeezed out a drop of his blood to hand to Liu Jinbiao.

The madman's heart ached, but he pretended to be magnanimous and said, "You're a good person, you're a good person, like Xu Liguo. This king is not stingy, this king won't mistreat you!"

Liu Jinbiao suppressed the excitement in his heart. He accepted the blood without any expression and softly said this thanks.

When he acted like this, the madman felt like he owed Liu Jinbiao something. He squeezed out seven or eight more drops of blood and gave them all to Liu Jinbiao.

Liu Jinbiao's body trembled and his excitement could no longer be hidden. He quickly put them away and bowed at the madman.

Just at this moment, Xu Liguo came out of the cave. He smiled and said, "King, that little girl is ready. How about we go now?"

After the madman heard this, he forgot his heartache. He excitedly got up and nodded.

Xu Liguo let out a mischievous smile. He looked at the madman like he was looking at a moving treasure. He and Liu Jinbiao led the madman into the depths of the cave.

There was a room inside the cave, and there was a curtain blocking the door. One could see a blurry outline; there seemed to be someone sitting inside.

After arriving outside the door, Xu Liguo revealed a mischievous smile and whispered, "King, that little girl is waiting for you inside, quickly go. Us two little ones will guard outside." 

The madman put on a smug expression and let out a few roars. Just as he was about to enter the room, he turned around to face Xu Liguo and asked with a solemn expression, "Is it really as fun as you say?"

Xu Liguo patted his chest and nodded. "This little one never lies, King will know when you try it."

The madman's eyes became excited and he stepped into the room. At a glance, he saw a young man wearing black sitting not far away. He was very handsome.

"Haha, little girl, tell this king your name. This king will reward you!"

The young man frowned and coldly said, "This poor daoist is Fan Huazi."

Outside the room, Xu Liguo rubbed his hands and looked very excited. He smiled at Liu Jinbiao. "Old Liu, your scam is very good. Just the dozen transfer arrays from before got us a lot of blood. Rest assured, according to our agreement, we will split it 7:3!"

Liu Jinbiao smiled and shook his head. "This is not a scam. This old man has never cheated any madman. They were all people with higher cultivation levels, and they were extremely cunning. Dealing with them required me to set up a scam, and there could be no flaws.

"As for this madman, his mind is simple. The complex scams from before are useless against him, it would be like playing a harp to a cow. This time this old man used the simplest one. Although the flaw is right there, it is effective."

Xu Liguo laughed and nodded. "We have to seize the time. After this, we still have a few places to go, so we need to end this quickly. We have to do a good job, or else, after that fiend comes back…" Xu Liguo shivered. In fact, he was very afraid. He calculated the time that had passed and crushed a jade.

The moment the jade was crushed, the transfer array inside the cave lit up once more. More than 10 cultivators appeared, and they all looked fierce. The leader was a woman and her expression was cold. They charged into the depths of the cave.

After meeting up with Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao, both sides smiled. Xu Liguo walked next to the door and let out a miserable scream.

"King, not good, Fa Huazi's dao partner came!" As he spoke, he coughed out a mouthful of essence energy. He look dispirited and fell to the side.

Liu Jinbiao hit his chest with his right hand and coughed out blood.

The female cultivator let out a snort. With more than 10 cultivators behind her, she tore the curtain.

Inside the curtain, the madman swas sitting opposite of Fan Huazi. He stared blankly at the large group of cultivators and was startled.

"You… What are you going to do? This king… This king…" The madman's eyes were filled with fear. He still didn't know why this was happening.

"Shut up! You guys dare to do this kind of thing?" The woman stared coldly at the madman. The other cultivators all stared at him fiercely and filled the room.

The madman became anxious and quickly began to explain, "Ah? We didn't do anything. I… I only asked him his name… I…" 

The young man in black sitting across from the madman revealed a sense of shame. He got up and silently walked to the side.

"Don't try to twist words! Fill these ten pots with your blood or else I'll kill them first!" The female cultivator's eyes were filled with disgust. She waved her sleeves and 10 jade pots appeared before the madman. Then Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao were brought in. Xu Liguo had swords stabbed into his body and he let out a weak yet miserable scream.

"King, don't worry about me, escape!"

Liu Jinbiao was also covered covered in blood, but when he heard Xu Liguo's words, he secretly cursed and immediately let out a miserable scream.

"King, we were involved because of you. King is righteous, you have to save us…"

None knew that as they were doing this, a figure with a cold gaze wearing white had appeared behind them.

"Xu Liguo, Liu Jinbiao, you two got guts! Very good, very good!!"

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