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Chen Tianfei took a step forward, and ruthlessly slapped the shopkeeper's face.

He was in charge of everything.

Without waiting for him to stop, Chen Tianfei used his leg to kick him, causing him to fall onto the ground. He stomped on the face of the manager, spitting on the shopkeeper's face.

The shopkeeper was beaten into a daze and his brain short-circuited. He shouted, "Brat, do you know who I am? "To dare to lay your hands on me, I'll see who you are..."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Chen Tianfei's two hundred and fifty catty body fiercely pressed down.


The shopkeeper was so full of shit that he had broken a few bones and his face was incomparably pale.

It was also at this time.

Chen Tianfei took out a golden note from his chest, threw it on the manager's face, and said disdainfully: "Is that enough?"

"Gold banknotes?"

The lowest denomination was a hundred thousand taels.

The shopkeeper's eyes lit up, and he agreed, "Enough is enough, enough is enough."

One hundred thousand gold notes was enough to buy ten of these shops.

The shopkeeper was overjoyed in his heart as he laughed in his heart: "What a fool, hahaha..." "He's completely brainless."

"Is that enough?"

"I haven't."

Chen Tianfei looked at the shop assistant who had started eyeing him covetously, hooked his fingers, and said: "Hit him ruthlessly, who hit him the most ruthlessly, one thousand gold liangs."

The shop assistants' eyes quivered, and as if they had been injected with chicken blood, they began to crazily punch and kick the shopkeeper.

holy-armor king kong?

This was simply a popinjay, Vajra.


"You dare to be arrogant with me, I'll be afraid even if I were to be arrogant." Chen Tianfei walked to Long Fei's side and giggled: "Benefactor, everything is settled."

Before he could finish his words.

He saw a beautiful woman sitting at a table not far away from him. He immediately ran up and stepped on the stool. He made a sad expression and said, "Beauty, I can …"

"Ahh …"


The woman let out a scream and ran out.

Chen Tianfei tilted his head and looked at the other woman who was not far away, "Beautiful girl, eat whatever you want. Let's talk about life after we finish eating …"

The woman trembled as she continuously retreated, fleeing from the hotel as she shouted, "Pervert!"


Everyone in the store was scared out of their wits.

The shopkeeper was also beaten half to death as he crawled out.

Chen Tianfei looked at the empty restaurant and disdainfully said, "Just nice, no one will disturb us for our meal."

"Hurry up."

"My benefactor is starving. If there's anything good to eat, bring it all to me. Less than a hundred dishes, I'll take the life of the chef." Chen Tianfei said in a very displeased tone.

Looking at the fleeing ladies, he sighed in his heart, "How come no one can find me handsome?"

"Sigh …"

"Only god emperor academy's Fragrance Court has good taste."

An average person really wouldn't be able to discover a two hundred and fifty catties' worth of handsome meat.

There was only one type of person that could be found, a blind person!

Long Fei smiled slightly as he looked at Chen Tianfei, and said: "Sometimes I really need this kind of playboy young master, at least he's missing a lot of flies."

Xiao Ying said in disdain: "Using money to smash people, hmph."

After a while, a large wave of dishes were served, and the four of them started to eat.

Chen Tianfei said: "All of you stay guard at the door, whoever dares to disturb this young master's meal, beat them to death for me, if anything happens, I will take responsibility."

How could a man who could buy a hotel so easily have a simple identity?

The four waiters immediately guarded the door, chasing away all the guests who had entered.


"If not for you saving me today, there would be one less handsome man in this world. For handsome men, for the beauties of this world, let me toast you." Chen Tianfei finished it in one gulp.

Xiao Ying said with disdain: "Stop talking, I'm about to vomit."

Chen Tianfei giggled, and said: "Little beauty, are you pregnant with my child?"


Xiao Ying was so angry that smoke rose from his head, he clenched his fists tightly.

Chen Tianfei immediately added: "It's just a joke, don't be so serious. It's normal for a pretty girl like you to like handsome men like me."

Xiao Ying said: "Shameless, your skin is thicker than tree bark!"


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One of the employees was directly kicked in, smashing a table into pieces.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Three consecutive sounds.

The three waiters were all kicked unconscious.

Chen Tianfei was enraged, "Fuck you, who dared to behave atrociously here after eating the heart of a bear leopard?"

It was also at this time.

More than ten uniformed disciples surrounded the door. A middle-aged man slowly walked in with a disdainful sneer on his face. He said, "Marquis Chen Xiaolian, it's me."

Chen Tianfei's gaze tightened and his expression abruptly changed. The domineering aura of a popinjay wasn't even halfway left on his body as he said to Long Fei in a low voice: "I've met a tough opponent."

Chen Tianfei said, "So it's Butler Murong, what are you doing here instead of staying in the Murong Prince's Mansion?"

Murong Ye.

A steward of the Murong Prince's estate.

He was also one of the instructors of the Murong Mansion.

Very powerful.

Long Fei looked at Man Tuoluo and the expression in his eyes wavered.

Murong Ye laughed coldly: "Of course it's for you. Be more honest, hand over the three-rate fairy vein."

"three-rate fairy vein?"

"What three-rate fairy vein, I don't even know what you're talking about." Chen Tianfei pretended not to know.

Murong Ye said coldly: "Trying to act dumb with me?"


Murong Ye's body moved, and instantly landed beside Chen Tianfei. The iron claw on his right hand was glowing with a cold light, as he pressed it directly against Chen Tianfei's lower jaw.

three-rate fairy vein.

It was priceless and extremely precious.

Even the nobles and nobles of the god emperor city couldn't easily take it out.

The three-rate fairy vein was the lifesaving immortal root of the Chen family, and was obtained by Chen Tianfei when he risked his life. It was even more difficult than killing him.

Chen Tianfei said: "Murong Ye, if you have the guts, kill me. You want to use the three-rate fairy vein?"

"In your dreams!"

Murong Ye's forehead turned sinister, and said: "Kill you? Hehe... Where do I find three-rate fairy vein after killing you, then it should be a Fire Cloud Fairy Root, right? "

"You want to use it to save your grandfather's life?"

"Heh heh …"

"Do you think you can save him?"

Chen Tianfei's expression tightened, and shouted. "Murong Ye, how did you know?"

Murong Ye laughed, "We know a lot of things. Do you think you can find the Fire Cloud Cave with just your strength? If it wasn't for your fused armor and immortal foundation, would we even need you? "

"F * ck!"

"You use laozi as a gun?" Chen Tianfei thought that it was strange that he would get the Immortal Foundation Treasure Map for no reason. He never expected that all of this would be a scheme.

Murong Ye said: "Hand it over."

"Even if you don't hand it over, we still have a way. This is your best chance!" Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

Chen Tianfei roared, "Kill me if you dare!"

Murong Ye's eyes flashed with killing intent, and said coldly: "You think I do not dare?"

It was also at this time.

Long Fei raised his wine cup, glanced at Murong Ye from the corner of his eyes, and said with contempt: "If you have the guts, try it!"

Chapter V.

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