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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 54 Part 3

Tong Yao put on her headphones, still muttering. The noise and laughter quieted down.
Tong Yao hadn’t gotten over the humiliation from earlier. However, the color on her
burning red face had faded into light pink…...A little while later, the match began.
When they entered the banning phase, her teammates stopped chatting and grew
serious, discussing game strategy------

Old Cat: “Get Ekko. Let me get Ekko. Ekko is quite strong lately.”

Old K: “Don’t. I don’t feel comfortable using a champion which you’ve only played a
few times during ranked games.”

Lu Sicheng: “Ban Rek’Sai, ban Evelynn. Don’t let Kun take them.”

Little Fatty: “Let’s ban one for mid too. Ban Viktor.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Old Cat: “Then I’ll pick Ekko.”

Old K: “What do I get, Ming god?”

Ming god: “Graves is still out there, do you want it? I think Graves will do.”

Old K: “Alright.”

Lu Sicheng: “With Graves, then I can get a champion that’s good for the late game.”

Little Fatty: “Get Jhin, get Jhin. It’s good for a team fight.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Where’s our Mid? Offline?”

Little Fatty: “As quiet as a mouse right now.”

Ming god: “Yeah, right, what do you want to get, Mid? They took Ezreal, I think
Syndra should be good…...Tong Yao, can you handle her?”

Tong Yao: “Can. Take.”

Little Fatty: “Little sister, you know what, even without saying a word or just being brief,
if you’re destined to be on the montage, you’ll still be on it. Do you believe me?”

Tong Yao: “...................................”

Tong Yao didn’t believe him.

Thus, during the first match, 45 minutes from beginning to the end, Tong Yao said no
more than ten sentences. Each time, she uttered less than ten words. Little Fatty and
Old K all expressed their concern that Tong Yao had turned into another Lu Sicheng.
Lu Sicheng, however, disagreed: “I’m not a mute.”

Since she wasn’t talking much during the match, as well as the threat from her captain
before the game, Tong Yao was intensely focused on playing and in the end carried the
game for her team. In the very beginning, she and Old K ambushed the enemy jungler
and got first blood. And in the following 15 minutes, it was almost like a show starring
Syndra; killing Huawei’s Mid three times single-handedly------

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