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### Chapter 65 - other half of the dragon salyer

The Nangong Imperial Clan.

The imperial temple.

Other than being a tribute to the ancestors of the Nangong Imperial Clan, this place was also the main head of the Imperial Dragon Veins.

Below the great temple was a huge training room.

In the secret room, a giant dragon made of gold bared its fangs and brandished its claws, looking extremely ferocious, as if it could charge out at any time.

Under the dragon's head.

Half of the broken blade was still there.

The broken blade exuded an arrogant and domineering power. Even the ferocious dragon seemed to be somewhat fearful.

The remaining half of the dragon salyer!

Nangong Huo knelt on the ground and said softly, "Grand Ancestor, the other half of the dragon salyer has already been found by the Long Family."

Not far away.

A hundred year old man was sitting cross-legged. Upon hearing the word 'dragon salyer', he suddenly opened his eyes, and his figure rushed over like a ghost.

He instantly appeared in front of Nangong Huo, and asked with an excited expression: "Has he appeared?"

As they spoke, the aura of the war master spread out from his body, causing Nangong Huo to be unable to endure it any longer. His figure started to tremble, and he said: "It appeared, and was found by the Long family's younger generation, Long Fei."

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"He's finally here. I knew he would appear." With a mad laugh, the ancestor's figure blurred, appearing in front of the half of the dragon salyer. His right hand moved.

"Weng …"

The other half of the dragon salyer released an arrogant and overbearing blade aura. The blade aura was like a bloody light as it crazily unleashed.

"I have been waiting for so many years for the dragon salyer to hide a shocking secret that not many great ancestors have comprehended after thousands of years. As long as we can find the remaining half, we will know." "This secret could very well be the Dragon God's secret. It might very well be the greatest secret of the Ascendant stage."

Taizu was starting to go insane.

He was extremely excited.

The Great Ancestor landed beside Nangong Huo and said: "Back then, the Dragon Slayer God held the dragon salyer and fought a great battle with the Evil Demon Sovereign for three days and three nights, and just by relying on this dragon salyer, he killed the Evil Demon Sovereign. The dragon salyer is too strong, and it has already threatened the position of our Nan Gong Family. Never would we have thought that the Dragon Slayer God would use all of its Dragon God blood essence as the primer to shatter the dragon salyer. threw one into the depths of the Fire Glass Mountain Range, but we only managed to get half of it.

Towards these secrets, Nangong Huo's heart was greatly shocked.

He only knew that the Dragon Slayer God was killed by the inescapable snare tactical method technique, but he never thought that the dragon salyer could actually have such a strong power.

The inescapable snare tactical method Art was the foundation of the Nangong Family and was an Ancient Vicious Formation.

The Dragon Slayer God was actually able to fight for seven days and seven nights. One could imagine how powerful this dragon salyer was.


After that battle, the inescapable snare tactical method had been lost. For thousands of years, they had been trying to recover, but not even half of their energy had been recovered.

Nangong Huo calmed down and said: "Great Ancestor, what do you want me to do?"

The dragon salyer was a supreme artifact.

It could threaten the foundation of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

This thing was either under his control or he wanted it to disappear forever.

The ancestor's eyes narrowed.

Nangong Huo continued: "Yesterday, Lunatic Long had already come out from seclusion, his cultivation had already broken through the war master ream, it will probably be difficult for us to deal with the Long family."

"war master ream?"

"Long Sanfeng?"

The expression in the ancestor's eyes flickered, and he said: "His Dragon Blood Activation is only at 75%, breaking through the war master ream is probably …."

Nangong Huo was startled, then said: "Great Ancestor, you said that he forcefully released the pressure of the war master?"

"According to my understanding of the Long family, if one wants to break through the war master ream, their Dragon Blood Activation must reach 80%. Lunatic Long doesn't have this kind of potential at all. There are exceptions too, and we cannot be completely sure. " The ancestor didn't dare to be sure either.

The Long family was too strong.

The dragon blood also contained too many uncertainties.

Over the past ten thousand years.

There were too many experts in the Long family, and there were also some special cases.

To the Long family, he had always been the person that the Nangong Imperial Clan feared the most.

Nangong Huo was slightly taken aback, then said: "Then..."

Tai Zu was silent for a few seconds, then said: "Didn't Nangong Lei get married to the Long family? He should be more interested to know whether Lunatic Long is really a war master ream or not than me, right? "

"In the past, his ancestors were also a participant."

"If not for our Nangong Clan, there would not be a Prince Nangong family in this world."

Nangong Lei was not from the Nan Gong Royal Family.

It was also a family that was given the surname of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Following that …

Tai Zu slightly said: "Pass my order to Nangong Lie, didn't he break through the war master ream last year? Let's let him try out the cultivation level of Lunatic Long. "

Nangong Huo immediately replied: "Understood."


"You said that the dragon salyer is currently in the hands of a younger generation member of the Long family?" Taizu asked.

Nangong Huo answered, "It's in the hands of the current Young Master of the Long family, Long Fei. It's the brat whose blood essence of the Dragon God has been drawn out."

"Young master Long?"

The grand elder's eyes became sinister as his lips curled into a sneer. "There's no need to act against him. Isn't there a banquet for him at the end of the year?"

Nangong Huo immediately understood Tai Zu's meaning, and said: "I got it!"

"dragon salyer, I have to have it!" The Great Ancestor secretly clenched his fists as he looked at the half of the dragon salyer, revealing a ghastly coldness. "What exactly are you hiding?"

… ….

For a few days.

Long Fei kept on using his skills.

Especially the dragon salyer technique.

Without the addition of luck, his saber Qi had already risen to the 155th level, each level more violent than the last.

And then there was the fatal blow on his right fist.

Long Fei was also crazily cultivating, just that... It took him three minutes to circulate his strength. This was a bit of a pain in the ass.


"proficiency + 1"


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for cultivating the divine technique 'Toading Skill' Level Increase. The current rank is Level 3!"

"Huff …"

"Toading Skill has finally reached the third level."

Long Fei was secretly excited, and at the same time, he checked his own attributes.

Player: Long Fei

Level: war spirit level 2

Experience Points: 180090/600000

true breath: 4300 (full)

Skills: Toading Skill (Level 3), dragon salyer technique (Level 2), Mountain-hit Fist (Level 1), Alchemy technique (Level 6), Talisman technique (Level 4) …

Ultimate Skill: magic power of right hand (One hit kill all martial artists below war chief level 6, condense for three minutes.)

Energy Values: 100 points

lucky value: 10 points.

Points: 1600

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… ….

A series of attributes appeared at the interface in Long Fei's mind.

"Damn it!"

"I need to find a place to level up."

"Also, skills are too hard to train. The level four Toading Skill s require 50,000 points. I have to keep training myself until I become a toad." Long Fei muttered.

The system's downside.

Without experience, it was impossible to level up. If one wanted to level up, they had to kill monsters. If they were to rely on refining top-grade pills to gain just a little bit of experience, who knew how long it would take to level up.

Long Fei muttered in his heart, "Should I make another trip to Fire Glass Mountain Range?"

At this moment.

The figure suddenly appeared behind Long Fei, "Intense battle qi!"

She was a killer.

Her ability to sense battle qi was far stronger than ordinary people. This was her special ability.

At this moment.


A huge sound exploded in the sky above Long Sanfeng's courtyard.

"Hahaha …"

"Lunatic Long, I heard that you broke through the war master ream, you came out to play."

Nangong Lie is here!

"This is bad!"

Long Fei secretly shouted and quickly rushed to his grandfather's residence.

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