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"I wonder if Xiao Ling has followed them over. If He Feng found out that Xiao Ling was following Big Sis Long, there might be some trouble." Chen Xiang touched his chin as he walked towards Myriad Dan Building.

The Myriad Dan Building was now even more lively, and there were even more Alchemist s. Chen Xiang walked around and was not able to find Li Tianjun, so he left a little disappointed, but just as he walked out of the main gate of Myriad Dan Building, he saw an old acquaintance.

Du Hai, Du Hai is a third grade Dan Immortal. At this time, he was following a few old men, chatting and laughing as he walked into the Myriad Dan Building.

This made Chen Xiang think of Du Yanyao. Du Yanyao was also a female Alchemist, but she did not follow him.

"I wonder if that lass Xiangyue and Qianqian will come." Chen Xiang did not go and recognize Du Hai. His identity could not be revealed easily, otherwise the effects would be great, and he might not be able to participate in the tournament. Furthermore, he would be surrounded and killed by a large group of powerful forces.

Chen Xiang came to a shop that was opened here by the Divine Saber Immortal Palace, which specializes in selling magical equipment and immortal equipment. The Divine Saber Immortal Palace was a refining power, so the things that were refined there were pretty good.

He had come here to pick out the pill furnaces, because he had heard that the pill furnaces used in the competition were all brought personally by himself, so he could not use the Yanlong furnace anymore, because there were too many people in Heaven Realm that could be found easily.

"Buying a lower grade immortal pill furnace is enough, the main thing is that it can withstand heat and is sturdy." Su Meiyao warned him, she also did not recommend Chen Xiang to use the Yanlong furnace s to compete, it was the Holy level Dragon Equipment Pill Furnace.

"I can't afford it, it's too expensive." Chen Xiang had seen quite a few, all of them had to have at least ten million Spiritual crystal.

"This little brother, from the looks of it, you seem to be a bit short on money. What kind of pill furnace do you need? What rank?" The shopkeeper saw that Chen Xiang was frowning and shook his head with a sigh, so he asked while laughing.

"I want a low grade immortal pill furnace, but it's too expensive, I only have 6 million Spiritual crystal." Chen Xiang said honestly. The thousand Spiritual crystal that he had previously won had been used up after just a few teleports.

"This is indeed a bit difficult. If you don't mind using old ones, there's one that's more suitable. It has a proper origin, so it won't bring you any trouble." The shopkeeper thought for a moment and took out a gray pill furnace that was about half the height of a person and had a appearance similar to a water jar.

The appearance was very rough, with the appearance of a water tank. It was round and fat, and if one did not look carefully at the entrance to the fire below, one would see that it was clearly a water tank.

Chen Xiang opened the lid, looked inside and knocked it. He was quite satisfied with the materials, they were also low grade immortal equipment and the high grade materials were abundant, the array formations carved inside were all very good, just that their appearances were a little hard to accept.

"The person who created this pill furnace should have a rich experience in refining. However, why did he create such a shape?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"Good eye, this really is the work of a master, it's only six million Spiritual crystal, how about it?" The shopkeeper said with a smile.

Su Meiyao said: "Other than its poor appearance, everything else is pretty good, let's push down the price."

Chen Xiang had the same thought, he said: "4 million Spiritual crystal, this pill furnace looks quite new, but I can see that it has been sold for more than 10 people's hands, and their appearance is not beautiful, if you keep it, it would be difficult for it to be sold."

The shopkeeper looked around, and lowered his voice: "Young man, this pill furnace is from the Devil-killing Summit …. I won't lie to you, there is a small immortal formation that only the people of Devil-killing Summit can draw, it's called the Seven Stars Sky Fire Formation. When refining pills, it absorbs the power of the stars, strengthening the flame. "

"It is indeed the Devil-killing Summit's Small Immortal Array. Only a small portion of people in the Devil-killing Summit would know about it. I don't understand it at all." Su Meiyao was also surprised.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "You were saying earlier that it was a proper place, what kind of place is the Devil-killing Summit? If the enemies of the Devil-killing Summit were to find out that I am using this pill furnace, then I would be in deep trouble.

"Don't worry, we will give you a proof that the Divine Saber Immortal Palace sold it, it has nothing to do with you." The storekeeper hastily smiled apologetically.

"About 4 million Spiritual crystal. I really don't have enough money on me. Besides, you should be able to tell that I'm going to participate in the competition. At that time, I might need some Spiritual crystal to help me circulate my wealth." Chen Xiang said.

"Four million five hundred thousand Spiritual crystal, each to take a step back." The manager sighed.

"Forget it, I'll buy it. The proof I got has to be reasonable. Otherwise, if I want to buy this pill furnace, it would be equivalent to buying a lethal weapon." Chen Xiang warned the shopkeeper repeatedly.

After Chen Xiang came out of the shop, his face was filled with smiles because he felt that the pill furnace was not bad. Although it couldn't compare to his Yanlong furnace, it wouldn't be too bad if he used it to compete in competitions. This pill furnace also had a good name, called the Seven Stars Treasure Furnace, which was slightly stronger than the Yanlong furnace.

"Go to the registration place and see what kind of powerful Alchemist are there." Chen Xiang came to a palace not too far away from the palace. This was the Myriad Dan Immortal Palace, every floor was as large as a plaza and as tall as fifty floors, and a portion of the floors below were for spectators. This Immortal Palace was usually used for large scale competitions and auctions.

Chen Xiang walked in, looked around, and noticed that there were some Qi coming out from some of the VIP rooms, he knew that when the time came, those strong warriors would hide inside the private rooms to watch the competition.

The competition grounds in the middle was extremely huge, and there were seats placed everywhere, surrounded by many floors. There were a lot of people who could do it, and Chen Xiang guessed that they would definitely have to charge a lot of entrance fees when the time came.

"of Divine Wind and Immortal Country of Bai Hai are actually fighting. who came to participate in the competition are threatening to not put Myriad Dan Immortal Country in their eyes, and are even saying that when the time comes, there will be a contest between them."

Once Chen Xiang entered, he heard these words, and immediately looked towards the direction of the voice, where a few old men were chatting.

"Immortal Country Bai Hai should be the White Sea Imperial Land. I wonder how Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound, the two little maid, are, I miss them a lot." She was once the famous Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, but she had been beaten up by him, and she was even his female slave.

"Myriad Dan Immortal Country has offended too many people. They say that this competition has the greatest relationship with their Myriad Dan Immortal Country and Sacred Dan Realm, and does not even put others in their eyes. Thus, the other powers are not satisfied." Another old man said.

Chen Xiang walked over and asked: "Seniors, the final reward has been announced yet."

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