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"Two groups of big white pigs? A little girl who's only two or three years old? " Han Wuya, Daoist Master Changfeng, and the rest were all stunned when they heard this.

"These people must have been confused by the other party's demon notes or telepathy skills." Monk Jin Zhong looked at these crazy and panicked cultivators and frowned, "Look at my Mi Tuo Mind Cleansing Technique!"

After confidently saying these two sentences, Monk Jin Zhong stretched out his finger, and a golden light appeared, turning into the image of a prideful Buddha.


Following which, the light and shadow of the Buddha turned into a golden cloud of light with a strange Buddhist chant, enveloping the heads of the twelve cultivators.


But what caused Monk Golden Bell to lose face was that the 12 cultivators continued to speak, "There really are two groups of big white pigs …" "There really is a little girl wearing flowery clothes. That little girl is too powerful, and she's using a technique, not a magic treasure. She instantly killed three of our fellow daoists. Fellow Huang also has a high-grade spirit rank defensive magic treasure that he wasn't able to defend against …"

"He shouldn't be distracted by demon notes or telepathy." Daoist Master Shark Fishing also frowned. "It should be some sort of illusory magic array or magic tool."

After pausing for a moment, Daoist Shark Fishing took a glance at the twelve cultivators. "Where did you all end up being attacked by this person?"

"Reporting to Senior, we're near the bottom of the valley. We're only about 600 to 700 feet away from the bottom." A disciple dressed in black from Dongyao Resort said as he composed himself.

"Right." The Shark Master nodded. "Then, when you were descending, did you notice any other restrictive spells?"

"There aren't any strange mana fluctuations. There shouldn't be any other restrictions." This disciple from Dongyao resort said with certainty after carefully thinking back for a moment.

"Fellow Daoists, what do you think?" Daoist Master Shark Fishing turned around and said to Han Wuya and Daoist Master Changfeng with an expressionless face. On arrival

"With so many of us here, if we still waste so much time dealing with one person, then it would really be a joke if word of this got out." The disgraced Master Jin Zhong gave a cold snort, "This child is also a rogue cultivator. Little Ye Mountain can't possibly be an ancient cave dwelling. Even if this person manages here, he won't be able to set up any shocking restrictions. The four of us Aurous Core stage cultivators can just lead our men and kill our way down. In any case, this brat doesn't seem to care about us at all, so there's no need to be afraid of him escaping. "

Spirit Master Changfeng hesitated slightly, then said, "Master's words are very reasonable. Even if this child has restrictions, with our power, we should be able to deal with him. "This mountain is only 2000 to 300 feet. With our divine sense, we can cover the entire valley with it once we descend a bit, determine where he is, and then we'll be able to use magic on him. We shouldn't be afraid of him creating too much mystery below."

"I have no objection. I don't know what sect leader Han and fellow Daoist Yellow Bud think? " Daoist Master Shark Yu expressionlessly turned his head to look at Han Wuya and Yellow Buds, who had been standing beside Han Wuya without making a sound.

"That's it." Yellow Bud smiled.

At first he had seemed uninterested, but now he seemed to have taken a great interest in the Vesper of the valley.

Before they could even see the shadow of their opponent, the group of cultivators, which had lost more than twenty cultivators, suddenly became imposing again.

Aside from the twenty cultivators that stayed in the sky above the small mountain, the rest of the cultivators were divided into four groups.

The strength of these four teams could already be described as extravagant.

Each squad consisted of around thirty cultivators. Aside from the head of each squad, who was an Aurous Core stage cultivator, there were also three to five powerful elders of the fourth and fifth remembrance stages.

Earlier, the cultivators of Dongyao Resort and Star Condensation Sect had all seen the fight between Daoist Master Long Feng and Wei Suo. At that time, Daoist Master Chang Feng, Bai Xuanji, and the others could barely block Wei Suo's all-out attack. Now, with so many other cultivators, without considering the fact that they could easily kill Wei Suo, it shouldn't have been a problem to block Wei Suo's attack. On arrival

In the eyes of all these cultivators, the four teams brought along by these four great Aurous Core stage cultivators were like four large blades. If everything went on, the entire small mountain range would definitely be sliced into several pieces.

"It's here!" "Han Weiwei, tell your Little Silver not to run around. If she runs out of the reach of the Green Emperor's gourd and gets swept away by the Immortal Vanquishing Vine, don't blame me for that." Inside the valley, Wei Suo and the others had already retreated to the entrance of the cave.

Four huge clumps of light formed from different colored lights fell down from the north, south, east, and west.

"The four great Aurous Core stage cultivators brought along a group of cultivators. Their defense isn't low, and just these few tens of Immortal Vanquishing Vines might not be enough. When the time comes, we will all be able to unleash our strongest attacks."

Wei Suo's spiritual sense was more than twice that of an ordinary cultivator of the Aurous Core Stage. Moreover, the valley was also set up by Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao, so even though Adept Shark and the rest could not determine his position, he could clearly sense the incoming cultivators.

This situation could be said to be where one was in the light while the other was in the dark.

… ….

The power of four Aurous Core stage cultivators was extremely shocking.

Long Feng, who had suffered once, acted as if he was facing a great enemy. Above his head, there was a long, pure green banner emitting a green brilliance. In front of him, a small mountain was formed. In addition, a white light barrier was wrapped around his body, as well as a dragon and a tiger formed from astral winds.

Dragon One Tiger's entire body was azure in color. As he moved back and forth in the mist, his aura was so awe-inspiring that Adept Changfeng truly felt like an Immortal.

Monk Golden Bell took out a golden bowl magic tool, forming a golden barrier of light around his hands. A golden light also radiated from his hands, forming a golden Buddha in front of him.

This golden Miracle was covered with runes, completely different from the one he used previously. It should be a powerful offensive technique.

This ancient talisman seemed to have been made from crystals, but the light it emitted actually formed a blue whale over ten Zhang long. It was as though all the people around it were in the belly of this blue whale. At the same time, his hand was holding onto a green and black bamboo basket like magic treasure. Thick streams of water elemental energy were emitted from this bamboo basket-like magic treasure. This magic treasure was clearly a formidable water-type magic treasure.

Yellow Bud was holding a Yellow Jade Lotus, activating a yellow light barrier. However, Han Wuya, who was standing beside Yellow Bud, had a strange white magic mirror in addition to the high-grade Dao rank Meteor Shattering Bow.

This white magic mirror was round and had a handle. It looked like a dressing mirror for an ordinary female cultivator, but the whole mirror was as white as porcelain. The spiritual energy and spiritual light it emitted actually formed a white feather-like shape around the small mirror. Just this level of spirit light and spirit energy was enough to cause any cultivator here to instantly feel that this small mirror was definitely a very powerful magic treasure.

The group of cultivators behind the four Aurous Core stage cultivators numbered over ten. They were still unceasingly attacking the surroundings with all sorts of magic techniques and magic items. Streams of light and masses of light shot out, causing the fog within a radius of 50 to 60 meters around each ball of light to be extremely thin.

It was completely silent. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

"There's been no sound for so long. Didn't this guy run away?" Seeing the four masses of light pressing down like this, one of the cultivators couldn't help but mutter.

"Yes, I've already run away." Just as this cultivator finished his sentence, a very vulgar voice came from the bottom of the valley.

A golden light immediately shot out from Monk Golden Bell towards the direction of the sound. It was the golden Buddha that suddenly turned into a golden magical seal, suppressing it.

With an explosive "Crack" sound, a faint golden and black light flashed in the thick fog below, and then Wei Suo's voice came again, "Fat monk, with just your two moves, I'm afraid you're still lacking a bit?"

"Is that so?" The face on the golden bell darkened, but it was not angry. It was obvious that no cultivator that could cultivate to the Aurous Core stage was a simple character. After sneering, Master Jin Zhong continued, "Later on, I will let you know what sort of consequences you will attract if you speak too quickly."

"Someone who looks like a pig head, I'm just teasing you. Do you really think you're a person? For people like you, I can kill you with just a finger. "He's still gloating." The moment Monk Jin Zhong finished his sentence, Wei Suo immediately said this sentence in disdain.

"Good!" Good! "Alright!"

Monk Golden Bell was so angry that he began to laugh, "I really want to see how you can kill me without even moving a finger."

"Just watch." Wei Suo's voice sounded out indifferently.


At this moment, the eyebrows of Adept Shark, Huang Youzi and the others all fiercely jumped. Immediately, the surrounding white fog suddenly began to churn violently.


"What is this?"

Several cultivators cried out in shock. At the very back of the ball of light where Daoist Master Chang Feng was, a purple and red shadow as thick as a bucket broke through one of the cultivators' defensive light barriers. With a swish, that cultivator was swept up.

It was as if the fuse had been ignited.

Long, purple and red shadows that were as thick as buckets continuously surged out of the thick fog. They were like countless terrifying pythons that were wildly dancing in the air.

"Pah!" Pow! "Pah! …"

The vast majority of the cultivators only had time to clearly see the gigantic shadows and the huge vines before the shields of light began to constantly shatter.

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