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"Accept your fate." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, he waved his blade and with a swoosh, the Immortal King that had been poisoned to the bone marrow, was slashed all over.

The body of Demon Immortal Suppression was still very strong. If it was anyone else, they would have already been smashed into pieces.

"You …"

Chen Xiang sensed the Qi approaching him and quickly gathered his strength. He released a ball of multi-coloured heavenly fire and struck the Demon Lord's body, burning his soul away.

"Hurry up and leave." Bai Ziqian's injuries weren't too serious yet, so she pulled Chen Xiang and escaped once more. Even if Chen Xiang didn't appear, she could still escape.

Just as they thought to themselves, the four elders suddenly appeared beside the unextinguished seven-colored heavenly fire. As they looked at the seven-colored light radiating from the heavenly fire, their expressions became extremely grim.

"I haven't seen this type of flame in a long time. Someone who can release this flame definitely isn't a fiendish demon. I didn't expect the witch to have such a powerful person by her side. Another Immortal King has died. It seems it's time to report to the Dao Shrine." An old man said solemnly.

"Who the hell is it? There are only a few people that can release the seven-colored heavenly fire, so it's necessary to have the Head Palace Master find those few guys and ask. Now, two Immortal Kings have died."

The Death Immortal King was a very serious matter for a super power. Although the Heaven Realm was vast and had a large number of people, but there were very few Immortal Kings. When the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was chasing after Bai Ziqian, two of them had already died.

Now that they had lost track of Bai Ziqian, they felt uneasy when they saw an expert who knew how to use Rainbow Heaven Flames beside Bai Ziqian.

Bai Ziqian brought Chen Xiang and flew far away in one breath, but they had not left the immortal palace yet, so it would be difficult for the Demon Lord to find them.

"Is it serious?" Chen Xiang asked in concern.

"It's fine. It'll be fine soon." Bai Ziqian had just seen the Rainbow Heaven Flame that Chen Xiang had released, and that had also surprised her, because people who knew how to use this kind of flame were as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns in Heaven Realm. Chen Xiang had only just ascended, she had not expected Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao to cultivate to be so strong.

Deep in the night, Chen Xiang and Bai Ziqian were in the forest, and Bai Ziqian's complexion had improved a lot. To be able to kill a Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Immortal King, she felt extremely satisfied.

If Chen Xiang had not suddenly appeared and stabbed the Immortal King with his blade, injecting a large amount of Magical corruption gas, it would not have been that easy to obtain victory.

"The battle for the throne is about to begin, I need to leave as soon as possible. If the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace spreads the news, I'm afraid all seven princes will search for me." Bai Ziqian said.

"En, Sister Ziqian take care, I want to look for you in the future, I will do something big, you will leave a signal at the entrance of the immortal palace to contact you." Chen Xiang said.

"You have to be careful too. Take good care of You You." Bai Ziqian looked at Chen Xiang gently and patted his shoulder: "Take care."

Bai Ziqian left for the night. He returned to the only place in the immortal palace that had people everywhere. If Huang Jintian wanted to kill the Emperor Dragon, he wanted to know if it was a success.

In the sky, Chen Xiang had finally returned, and on the streets here, a portrait of Bai Ziqian would appear at intervals. There were still colors on it, completely imprinting her charming and seductive face down, making people somewhat captivated by her portrait.

Mo Tian, the former daughter of the Bai Clan's Demon Emperor, Bai Ziqian, was known as the Devil Scorpion Princess, and was proficient in using poison. Now, she had already used one of the Super Old poison s, the Magical corruption gas, to kill three Immortal Kings …

Chen Xiang tore a bounty and placed it into her ring. He asked in shock, "Sister You You You, your father is actually a Demon Emperor."

"Others sealed it for him. He had never admitted it before. Didn't you see that it was the former Demon Emperor?" Bai Youyou's voice was ice-cold. It was clear that she did not have any feelings for the Demon Emperor's father.

"sister Meiyao said that he died once in the Great War between Three Realms." Only now did Chen Xiang remember that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao had probably experienced the Great War between Three Realms once, which was a hundred thousand years ago.

"But there's also the rumor that he survived. Ever since he died, the Bai Clan in the Devil Realm has declined, and my elder sister was pressed down by the Demon Suppressing Tablet in the Great Devil Mountains for a hundred thousand years. As for me …" Bai Youyou sighed softly.

Chen Xiang saw the secret signal left behind by Huang Jintian, but he didn't hear any news of a royal dragon being killed in the main palace.

"Did my master fail? Hehe, let me look down on him for a bit. He lost such a good opportunity and still has the face to come and find me." Chen Xiang was secretly delighted, following the signal, he arrived at a hotel.

Huang Jintian disguised himself as a robust old man, and stood at the door.

"This hotel has a backyard, it's almost time for the next one." Huang Jintian whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang thought that Huang Jintian would stay here to pay, but he didn't expect that he would wait for him here to pay the bill.

"Two small rooms will do. This hotel is so luxurious and expensive." Although Chen Xiang still had a lot of Spiritual crystal s, he would not use them carelessly.

"Cut the crap, are you asking for a beating?" Huang Jintian glared at him.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to rent a courtyard house. In the villa behind the hotel, there were over a thousand Spiritual crystal.

"Master, did you not succeed? What are you doing here if not?" Chen Xiang originally thought that if Huang Jintian made a move, he would definitely succeed, but he was disappointed.

"Stinky brat, how do you know I didn't succeed? You actually underestimated me, Master." Huang Jintian knocked his head heavily.

"I've asked around, but there hasn't been any news from the main palace. Two little royals secretly leaving the Dragon King's side. That's a good opportunity, and you've just missed it." Chen Xiang scratched his head and said resentfully.

"Little bastard, I have no choice but to beat you up. You underestimate me so much, but I've gone through so much trouble to capture those two little Yellow Dragons alive in exchange for your contempt." Huang Jintian had already rolled up his sleeves.

"Capture him alive." Chen Xiang shouted in shock, Huang Jintian's fist had already landed on his body, in a blink of an eye, Chen Xiang was struck by the two fists for a few hundred times, causing him to be in extreme pain.

"Aiyo, Master, I was wrong."

He also wanted to tell Huang Jintian about his battle achievements. He had killed an Immortal King from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but there was nothing to show off about that.

Long Xueyi and the other two girls were even more surprised. Long Xueyi thought that it was already considered good that Huang Jintian had managed to get a small piece of the dragon meat, but he had actually managed to catch them alive.

"Hehe, it's good that you know this. Although you have done many things that even I admire, but don't be too proud. I am a master no matter what I say. If I were to seriously play, the things I've done would definitely not be worse than yours." Huang Jintian withdrew his fist and laughed complacently. Then, he said sinisterly, "When I kidnapped these two little Emperor Dragons, I even used the Emperor's Feather Qi that only the Imperial Avian Race had.

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