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The north wind whistled and snow flew everywhere.

The eastern gate was deathly silent.

Hong Tianjun was too fast, Liu Luoxi could not stop him at all.

Hong Tianjun stood in front of Xiao Bai, coldly stared at him, and asked sinisterly: "Tell me again, who's the trash?"

"You!" Xiao Bai didn't hesitate at all.


Hong Tianjun also did not stop there, his foot heavily stepping on Xiao Bai's head, he laughed madly: "One more time, who is the trash?"

"You!" Xiao Bai's eyes did not even bat an eye as he said: "Just you wait, your big brother will kill you one day, one day."


Hong Tianjun stomped his foot down heavily again, and laughed: "Who's the trash?"


Xiao Bai's mouth was dripping with blood, but he was still as tough as before.

Hong Tianjun chopped down his leg again, he had lost his patience and asked coldly: "Let me ask you one last time, who is the trash?"

"This is the last time."

"It is also your last chance to live. As long as you say that Long Fei is trash, you can live."

Without waiting for Hong Tianjun to finish speaking, Xiao Bai immediately roared at him: "You are trash, you are trash, you are f * cking trash, understand? You are a piece of trash. "

"Just you wait, there will be a day when the old bastard kicks you, hahaha..."

"Kill me, f * cking kill me if you dare, hahaha …"

Xiao Bai was also going crazy.

Bing Huo said solemnly: "Big Brother Xiao Bai."

Hong Tianjun's expression became more and more sinister, his teeth chattered as he said, "Die!"

Liu Luoxi shouted: "Hong Tianjun, if you dare kill him, I will die for you!"

Xiao Tiantian and Ye Ziyan also quickly ran over and pleaded once more, "senior fellow apprentice Jue Tian, don't kill him, I beg of you."

Others can plead.

However …

Only one person could not, and that was Liu Luoxi.

Now that she dared to threaten him with her death, Hong Tianjun turned his head to look at Liu Luoxi who was holding the sword against his neck, and laughed sinisterly.


His figure seemed to have been split into two as he instantly seized Liu Luoxi's sword. At the same time, he slapped his palm on her body, causing Liu Luoxi to instantly become weak and powerless.

At the same time.

Also in an instant, Hong Tianjun returned to Xiao Bai's side and sinisterly said, "Die!"

"Those who touch my brother, die!"

A furious roar exploded.

A man slowly walked out dragging a dragon salyer that was shining with a bloody red light.

Long Fei!

Hong Tianjun's gaze trembled, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted, and disdainfully sneered: "Trash, you're finally here."

"Is he your brother?"

"If even a dog is your brother, then you are also a dog, hahaha..."

"You have to die too!"

Hong Tianjun's expression changed, he stared at Long Fei, a cold aura being released from his feet, the aura becoming like a blade, slashing down heavily.

In the moment of one thousand catties.

Long Fei's heart sank, "Wushuang!"

"Weng …"

Double Stats were unleashed.


Her figure disappeared and she instantly appeared beside Hong Tianjun. The bloody aura of the dragon salyer dispersed and she slashed out, "Dragon God Shocking!"




… ….

A series of sonic booms resounded in the sky.

The explosive sound of dragon salyer s wreaking havoc in the space.

Hong Tianjun frowned. If he continued to kill Xiao Bai, he himself would also be injured. In front of Liu Luoxi … He must not have the slightest wound.


He jumped backwards and flew straight into the air, quietly floating in mid-air. He sneered slightly and said: "supreme artifact."

Long Fei did not look at him, he supported Xiao Bai up, and quickly swallowed a few Healing Pills into his mouth.

It was the same with fire and ice.

Xiao Bai looked at Long Fei and said anxiously: "Master, leave quickly, with his cultivation … Cultivation base... I'm afraid that you have already reached the war emperor realm. "

"Too strong."

"Master, you have to leave."

war emperor realm!

Xiao Tiantian also shouted loudly: "Long Fei, quickly leave this place, leave quickly!"

As he spoke …

Xiao Tiantian's tears started to gush out of her eyes, because she was incomparably worried, and said: "He will kill you, I'm begging you, hurry up and leave."

Ye Ziyan supported Liu Luoxi, her eyes glistening with tears as she said: "He will really kill you. Long Fei, you should leave quickly."

Liu Luoxi was weak, she did not even have the strength to commit suicide, and spoke with difficulty: "Long Fei, leave quickly."

At this moment.

Yan Huang ancestor's voice sounded, "Brat, you're not his opponent, it's best for you to leave."

Everyone told him to leave.

Even the Yan Huang ancestor wanted him to leave.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei roared.

He felt good.

This feeling made him extremely unhappy.

Liu Luoxi said loudly: "Long Fei, leave for me."

Long Fei took a step forward, causing the idea to forcefully retract Xiao Bai and Bing Huo back into the war pet space, and then stared at Hong Tianjun who was in midair, who was filled with contempt.

His body moved.

The idea roared in his heart, "Wind Shadow Step, fourth stage, open!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up to Wind Shadow Step. Current Level: 4."

"moonlit step!"


He took a step forward, and instantly landed in midair, his body also floating in the air. He stared at Hong Tianjun, and said: "Those who touch my woman, die!"

"Those who touch my brother, die!"

Without waiting for Hong Tianjun to speak, Long Fei's idea sank, and directly exploded his power to the maximum.

The peerless attribute was burning.

"dragon salyer technique!"

"Open the skin!"


His figure disappeared and Long Fei slashed down. With a flash of blood red, he directly slashed towards Hong Tianjun's head.

Hong Tianjun's eyes moved slightly as he said with a cold smile, "A trash is a trash. Even the supreme artifact in your hands wouldn't be able to unleash a thousandth of their power."

As soon as he finished.

His body moved, and without waiting for Long Fei's dragon salyer to fall, he flicked his finger.

His fingers had become a sword.

Sword Qi soared to the sky, one attack struck Long Fei's chest.

"Finger Sword!"


"Puchi …"

Long Fei's chest was pierced through by a Sword Qi, blood spurted out from his back, and his body became heavy as well, falling down from the sky.

One move!

One move!

He directly dropped Long Fei's dragon salyer technique.


Long Fei smashed onto the ground, with a heavy slap of his right hand, his body sprung, "moonlit step!"


Once again rushing into the air, the dragon salyer fought yet again, its blade aura soaring to the sky.


Hong Tianjun laughed disdainfully, then said with a sneer, "You're too weak. Is it even worth trying to steal my woman?"

Another finger sword attack came.

This time, it was his left chest that was penetrated. Blood spurted out like an arrow.

Long Fei fell down once more.


The difference in realms was too great.

He was only a war chief realm and Hong Tianjun was already a war emperor realm. According to the levels in the game, there was a difference of almost thirty levels.

With such a huge gap, how could he be his opponent?

However …

Long Fei was unconvinced, but unhappy.

Even though his whole body was dripping with blood, the moment he got up, he still charged forward regardless of anything else.

Hong Tianjun sneered, "You're courting death!"

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