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"Three days later, we will definitely remove the barrier. Huang Jintian, you know a lot about us, so you probably don't want to fight with us right now. Devil Realm and I are hoping for us Human Realm to kill each other!" The person who spoke was an old man, but his old voice sounded very powerful, making people feel as if it was very pleasing to their ears.

"If you dare touch my Super Martial School's people, you will be responsible for the consequences!" After Huang Jintian finished speaking, he took Gu Dongchen and left, while the four mysterious white-robed men that followed behind him had unknowingly disappeared.

Hua Xiangyue, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue all entered the Duskgold Pellet Shop. Chen Xiang guessed that the four mysterious white gowned men who had disappeared were probably there to protect Liu Meng'er and the others. They were the people Huang Jintian brought here, they were very mysterious.

"Those four fellows are very strange, very powerful! Your master is really mysterious! " Long Xueyi was very curious, even she didn't dare to fly around recklessly at this moment.

Bai Youyou said coldly: "Right now, you better not go see Hua Xiangyue and the others. They will definitely be watched! Within these three days, you must do your best to kill the people from the ancient powers and let them know that it was Benefactor Li who did it! "

The mysterious evil woman continued to speak with killing intent: "These people are all not good people, for the sake of obtaining the Heaven Earth Killing Method, they would do anything to you, of course they don't know your true identity right now! Just teach them a lesson and let them remember it! In order to obtain the Heaven Earth Killing Method, a large price must be paid. "

"Brother Shen, hide yourself. I'll go see my Duan Clan's old man!" Duan Sanchang left in a hurry.

Chen Xiang became a middle-aged man with an indifferent appearance, walking on the streets vigilantly. Even if Bai Youyou didn't say anything, he still planned to kill some of the ancient powers and cause a commotion.

"Ji Meixian this woman is following me. She's too annoying!" Chen Xiang could feel that Ji Meixian was not far away.

If Ji Meixian found out that he was using Magical corruption gas to assassinate those strong warriors, he would be threatened by Ji Meixian.

"Many hostile forces of the White Sea Imperial Land have come to Dan City. I want to leave with our elder. Do you want to leave with me?" Ji Meixian whispered to Chen Xiang.

Naturally, the experts of the White Sea Imperial Land would not shrink back, but it was different for the younger generation. At this moment, Dan City was controlled by some ancient powers and it looked very calm, but there was a hidden killing intent everywhere.

"No need!" Chen Xiang refused, he did not believe in Ji Meixian.

"Then do your best, don't die!" Ji Meixian coldly warned him once more, then left. She was not very worried about Chen Xiang. The kid who had turned the New World upside down was still hanging on the street, and it was hard to find another one.

Ji Meixian would never give up Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had her weakness, she could not bear the consequences.

"She left, and the people from White Sea Imperial Land stepped into the Ancient Transmission array." Long Xueyi said.

The current Transmission array s were all from those ancient Transmission array s. Teleporting not only required Spar s, but also other materials, so teleporting once was very expensive. One person alone needed a billion Spar.

This was definitely not something an ordinary person could afford, moreover, there were some people guarding the Transmission array.

Deep into the night, Pill City was still brightly lit with lanterns. Many people were searching for the "Li Renshan" in the void.

In the dark night, he turned into a flying bug that he could often see at night. According to Long Xueyi's secret technique, he was able to find those hidden experts.

"This old fellow just passed the eighth tribulation. Judging from the Innate Qi on his body, his cultivation is not bad. He should be a member of an ancient power." Su Meiyao made a judgement that if he wanted to kill people from powerful clans, he had to kill them.

"Alright, let's see how many of them I can kill tonight. I'll nail their heads to the city wall at daybreak." Chen Xiang had turned into a child and stood on the roof. Long Xueyi then used the Heaven tour method which was split into ten different parts of his mind to check his surroundings in case a strong Ranker was hiding.

He took out the Death-haunting arrow and activated a suitable amount of Magical corruption gas, condensing them into a crossbow arrow. As long as the Magical corruption gas touched his skin, it could quietly enter his body.

The most terrifying thing about Magical corruption gas was not only its strong poison, but it was also colorless, tasteless, and without any aura. It was hard to sense it, and one would only notice it the moment it entered the body.

If he found out that he couldn't immediately use his power to defend against the strange and powerful poison, he would die from the poison and become a pile of rotten meat.

Chen Xiang aimed at the old man's nose and released an arrow. Under the control of his mystical technique, he did not even make a sound and shot it into the old man's nose.

The old man quickly realised that he had used all of his Innate Qi to resist the poison. After he roared, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind him.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was summoned by him, hiding a threatening aura and multicolored light. With a large slash, it landed on the old man's neck and cut off his head. After obtaining his head, Chen Xiang quickly burned his corpse, bringing a large amount of soil and soil into the ring. Then, he would use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to disperse the remaining souls, lest the other party use a secret technique to summon their souls!

Just as Chen Xiang left, a few elders came over, their faces all ugly.

"They didn't leave any clues. Could it be that those assassin families have appeared?" An old man looked around with a serious face and a frown.

"We have to be careful, this kind of killer is very scary!" Another old man said, "It's best if we don't split up!"

"That was close. Fortunately, I set up a sound-proofing barrier to block the sound and prevent his divine sense from escaping." Long Xueyi still had some lingering fear in his heart. "Looks like next time, I have to be careful and arrange everything properly before I can make my move!"

"Got it, since they want to steal my Heaven Earth Killing Method, let them know what kind of price they want to pay!" Chen Xiang became gloomy and continued to search for his next target!

He had even set fire to many of Feng Clan's and White Sea Imperial Land's stores, killing all of their elders. More importantly, he had also left behind his own tracks, which meant that he, Chen Xiang, had done it!

In one night, Chen Xiang killed over a hundred experts, all of them instantly killed, burned to death, and cut off their heads.

The heads of more than a hundred experts were placed in the middle of a square, forming a large "Li" character. This made many people feel fear and trepidation!

These experts were all characters that could overturn rivers and seas with a raise of a hand, yet they were all killed in a single night.

Of course, there was another shocking piece of news, Huang Jintian's little disciple had also come and took the opportunity to burn down his enemies, the businesses of the White Sea Imperial Land and the White Sea Imperial Land.

Chen Xiang was not afraid of exposing himself. No matter what identity he had, he would be targeted by these people sooner or later.

One look was enough to tell that it was done by Li Tianjun's successor. A young man who dared to carry a Diamond fruit with him, a precious medicinal ingredient like the Nine Deadly Flower, to make a huge bet, how could he possibly be an ordinary person?

Other people were looking for him, but he was secretly killing the experts of these hidden forces. One kill, one kill, he even put the heads in the square!

Pill City was in chaos, and many people wanted to escape from this place that was filled with killing intent. This was originally a city for saving lives, because there were many precious pills for sale here!

At this point, Dan Alliance and the rest of the Dan King had no choice but to step forward.

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