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The matters concerning the Samsara Sacrifice must have been kept a secret, so Yue'er herself didn't know either! Chen Xiang felt that since he was acquainted with Yue'er and they were extremely good friends, he definitely could not let Yue'er become a sacrifice once again.

The White Tiger said, "This is because when the Ten Thousand Beast Emperor told us the origin of the divine beast, I asked him about the White Tiger, which is why he told us some of the secrets of the Star Moon Divine Race! At that time, only our Four Divine Beasts were present! "

Yue Er flew over to the Vermillion Bird and hugged her in its arms. The Vermillion Bird gently stroked the back of her head.

The White Tiger continued to speak, "This matter is something that even many Star and crescent beast do not know, and should only be known at the level of an elder of the Star Moon Divine Race. Currently, there should be four elders of the Star Moon Divine Race, and five Clan Chiefs, all of them can obtain a huge promotion from the Samsara Sacrifice!"

Yue'er nodded her head: "All this while, there have been many powerful Star and crescent beast that had wanted to undergo the elder's trial to obtain the elder's qualification, but they had all been stopped! I heard from some of the older Star and crescent beast that our Star Moon Divine Race should have nine elders and a chief. However, ever since Divine Lord died, it has become five, and a Star-Moon Beast King died before! "

The Vermillion Bird said, "It's because after offering you as a sacrifice, they become less proficient and gain more benefits, which is why they stop the other Star and crescent beast from going through the elder's trial. Because once they pass the elder's trial, they will also know the secrets of the Samsara Sacrifice!"

Yue'er angrily said, "Now I understand, why those people that didn't undergo the Elder's Trial could obtain the same kind of authority as the Elders! It is said that the Elders' Trial is extremely difficult, and it is a narrow escape from death. Those old fellows all tried to persuade us like this, and then they conducted a simple assessment of some of the stronger people who wanted to undergo the Elders' Trial, giving the person who passed the test a great deal of authority. "

Feng Yujie was puzzled. "What secrets does Yue'er possess? Why was it that if he made her into a sacrifice, those guys would get a huge boost? The Star Moon Divine Race was naturally nurtured by the Great Way of the Buddha. It had a terrifying innate ability to easily absorb the endless and powerful energy of the stars and moon to cultivate in! And now, there is this so-called Samsara Sacrifice, it is clear that this Samsara Sacrifice is also a power that is naturally born from the Great Way, but it was definitely not born to raise the strength of other clan members. "

The White Tiger nodded. "I was puzzled at first, but then the Emperor told us! "Yue Er has a very strange phenomenon, which is that after she dies, the moon and stars will release a very terrifying and strange power, and at this time, as long as Yue'er's body is burned to ashes, the people at the side will be able to absorb this power, and after a day, they will be completely absorbed, and after absorbing it, their powers will increase greatly."

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie immediately understood!

That was the resurrection power that the stars and moon had given to Yue'er, but after ingeniously using it, at the place where Yue'er died, she could absorb the power that should have belonged to her!

"How many times have these bastards killed me?" Yue Er was extremely angry. The Vermillion Bird quickly comforted her.

The White Tiger said, "The Great Emperor said that even if you don't die, during that time, you will be able to absorb the power of the stars and moon! In other words, after all these years, if you have not been treated as a sacrifice, then your strength is truly terrifying! "

The Vermillion Bird gently caressed Yue Er's back and said, "The Emperor wants you to transform into your human form after that baptism! You have never absorbed the power of the stars and moon, so you should never have taken human form! Of course, if you were to absorb it, you would definitely become very powerful, and wouldn't need to become a sacrifice. "

Chen Xiang said, "I will not let Yue'er become a sacrifice again! I feel like Yue Er's memories weren't completely erased. She went to a place before and even used a lot of power to save a person. Maybe she was able to awaken part of her memories there, but they were all erased after they became offerings. "

The White Tiger nodded. "After we were reborn, it took us a long time to fully awaken our memories!"

The Vermillion Bird let go of Yue'er and flew to Shui Bingyan's side. Seeing Yue'er's sorrowful expression, the Vermillion Bird sighed lightly, "When the time comes for Samsara Sacrifice, they will grab onto Yue'er and kill her. When the power of the stars and moon descends, they will hide Yue'er and absorb the power of the moon and stars! In the past ninety-nine to eighty-one years, Yue'er will revive on her own, and her divine soul and body will be reborn. It is also at this time that they start to tamper with Yue'er's memories regarding divine soul. "

Chen Xiang said: "How did All-beast Divine Lord know about this? Did he tell you not to talk about it when he told you? "

The White Tiger shook its head. "Because at that time, the Emperor told us many things, and not long after, a great war broke out. We all died, and the entire Beast Race suffered great destruction, so we didn't have the time to speak of this matter."

The Vermillion Bird laughed, "Divine Lord Starmoon died in this battle as well. He let you die so many times to become a Divine Lord, but in the end, you still died.

"This bastard, to think that I worshipped him so much before. This is all because of those old fellows injecting memories into me!" I have to get out of this situation, I want to recover the memories that I lost before, I want to know what kind of bad memories they gave me. " Yue Er's voice was filled with anger.

The White Tiger nodded. "Since you already know that you are a sacrifice, then you are prepared! However, it may not be good for you to recover all the memories you have lost, because your memories must contain the pain before your death. "

Yue'er resolutely said, "I'm not afraid. If I can recover my memories, then it will allow me to experience many deaths at once. This is a rare cultivation experience for me, and I must find it. I must know that those bastards have used me to cultivate."

"BingYan, I'm leaving!" Yue Er looked at Shui Bingyan, and said reluctantly: "I have something important to do."

"I know, you must come back!" Shui Bingyan had just been quietly listening to them, and she had also been thinking about many things. It was just that she did not say it out loud.

"Chen Xiang, you have to take good care of my icy face!" Yue'er also didn't know why, but at this moment, when she was reluctant to part with Shui Bingyan, their relationship was indeed very good.

"Leave the matter of taking care of BingYan to me!" I hope that when you come back, you will become a beautiful young lady. " Feng Yujie smiled and rubbed her head.

Yue'er said to the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird, "Thank you very much for telling me these things, otherwise I would have been a sacrifice forever!"

The Emperor was very angry when he talked about you, and he was also very sympathetic towards your plight. However, due to the power of the Starmoon Divine Lord and the fact that the Beast Race had met with a foreign enemy at that time, he did not break the news! And he also thinks that if you weren't used like that, you would also be an expert from our Beast Race, and would be able to better protect our Beast Race. "

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