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Chapter 901 – The Little Red Flower Leaves the String

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the snowstorm on the Bridge of Helplessness, Xu Yourong's South Sea Sword Cry and Chen Changsheng's Descent of Heavenly Music were opponents, but today they were companions.

And these two sword techniques had both originated from South Stream Temple, so they were innately intimate.

The sword cry and sword hum rose together, lingering and changing, becoming increasingly emotional and high-pitched until they peaked and then ceased to be heard.

That it could not be heard did not mean that no sound was being made. The pair's swords were just vibrating at such a high frequency that normal people could no longer hear them.

People could not hear, but the flower could.

The assault of these noiseless waves of sound caused the little red flower to suddenly halt. Then, like it was being buffeted by the wind, it began to sway.

The petals began to blur as they oscillated at high speeds while the glistening beads of water were shaken into even finer drops and sent flying in every direction.

The water drops seemed soft and pliable, but they actually contained Bie Yanghong's vigorous true Qi. Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong's awe-inspiring sword intent was quickly neutered, the might of these water drops no less than swift arrows.

The plateau resounded with shrill whistles and light pops. The hard plateau ground and rocks were quickly covered in a dense patchwork of tiny holes.

The crowd was speechless at this sight, their faces pale from shock, all of them imagining their wretched state if they had been the ones in that battle.

The little red flower floated in the air, still delicate, but the departure of the water drops had made it seem more wilted. However, it was still far from dispersing.

And whether it was a sword cry or a sword hum, they would eventually stop.

At that moment, what would Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong rely on to resist Bie Yanghong's powerful attack?

Chen Changsheng knew that he could not allow this situation to continue. With a nudge from his spiritual sense, a stone shot out of his sleeve and towards the flower.

It was not a Heavenly Tome Monolith in the form of a stone pearl, but an object closely related to the Heavenly Tome Monoliths: a white Heavenstone.

This white Heavenstone was extremely round and smooth, its brim inlaid with an array formed of black gold, creating an object of stunning beauty. It was a treasure of the Orthodoxy: the Falling Star Stone!

With Chen Changsheng's current cultivation, he was far from being able to display the true power of the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, so he chose to use the Falling Star Stone.

In his understanding, the Falling Star Stone was ideal for dealing with the red flower.

A timeworn power from an ancient era manifested on the plateau as the Falling Star Stone appeared.

Cold wind began to pour towards the Falling Star Stone while the gravel on the ground that had just stopped rolling about began to roll once more.

Even the surrounding laws of the world began to twist, just like the red flower had done not long ago.

An almost bottomless black hole appeared in the air and began to widen.

The Falling Star Stone floated, exuding a faint light, appearing just like a star.

As expected, the little red flower ceased pressing forward. It paused on the perimeter, seemingly opposing the Falling Star Stone.

If Chen Changsheng wanted to leave, he only needed to wait a few moments and then use the spatial path torn open by the Falling Star Stone to appear several hundred li away.

But he did not intend to leave. At the same time, Bie Yanghong would not give him this chance.

A fist flew through the air.

The string on its pinkie was taut as if it was forged from metal.

The little red flower was carried forward.

The string passed through the black vortex formed by the Falling Star Stone.

With a light clap, the string snapped.

This string had been tied to Bie Yanghong's pinkie finger for many, many years. It had not even broken during the coup of the Mausoleum of Books, so it was assuredly no ordinary object.

At this moment, it finally snapped, unable to resist the fissuring of space.

But the black vortex formed by the Falling Star Stone was also snapped into two by that strange string, after which it quickly began to fade.

Bie Yanghong's fist was now in front of the red flower. It blew through the remains of the black vortex and thundered towards Chen Changsheng!

What sort of fist was this? It had such terrifying might that it was even able to shatter the spatial barrier created by a treasure of the Orthodoxy!

A Phoenix cry rose up and the shadow of a green tree appeared in midair.

Her white temple uniform swaying, Xu Yourong gripped her bow and transformed it into the Tong Palace.

But Bie Yanghong's fist was too fast. Before the Tong Palace could finish forming, it was blown to pieces!

A stream of blood trickled from the corner of Xu Yourong's lips, a sign that she had been injured.

Bie Yanghong's expression did not change, his fist continuing forward!

Seeing that fist getting closer and closer, Chen Changsheng recalled that night in the Mausoleum of Books.

On that night, Bie Yanghong was heavily injured by the Tianhai Divine Empress's fist.

It was only now that he realized that the heavily injured Bie Yanghong had comprehended something. He no longer placed his mind on external things, instead learning to congeal the heavens and earth on his body!

Bie Yanghong's fist had some similarities to the fist of the Tianhai Divine Empress!

Compared to that night, he was at a higher level, in both cultivation and fighting power!

He had already been an incredibly powerful expert of the Divine Domain, but now he was even stronger. How could he possibly be dealt with?

Bie Yanghong had spoken correctly. Although both Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong had shocking levels of talent, this was still their first time using this combination sword style, so they could not use it perfectly.

At this moment, whether it was the combination sword style, the treasure of the Orthodoxy, or Xu Yourong, none of them could help Chen Changsheng.

He could now only use his own strength to receive Bie Yanghong's punch.

How could he do it?

Chen Changsheng used his own punch.

A moment ago, he had brought his sword back, causing it to hum with the Descent of Heavenly Music.

This moment, he held his sword horizontally, forming the Stupid Sword.

He then clenched his left hand and punched at Bie Yanghong's fist.

His fist whistled through the air, the five stone pearls on his wrist incessantly shuddering as if carrying some immense weight.

A sound so massive that it was hard to describe boomed out from the plateau to several dozen li away.

The fishermen on the fishing boats on the Tong River, who still had not had the time to stand, instantly paled and continuously kowtowed, praying that the thunder would remain far away.

The movement on the plateau was naturally greater.

The collision of two massive energies caused the ground to sink almost a foot. A half-dome of Qi appeared and then almost immediately burst apart, unleashing countless waves of Qi.

The wind howled and the nearby cultivators were all caught up in the ripples of Qi, no matter how quickly they had moved, and were sent crashing into the ground.

In the waves of Qi, one could see a swiftly retreating figure. After several hundred zhang, it crashed into the center of the plateau.

A deep furrow had appeared on the plateau, looking like it had been ploughed out.

Chen Changsheng stood at the end of this furrow, his face pale and expression a little dazed. He had apparently suffered incredibly severe injuries.

As the dust was beginning to settle, Bie Yanghong drew back his fist. Just as he was preparing to lunge forward, he suddenly stopped. A wave of his right hand jolted back an arrow that had seemingly come out of the blue.

Xu Yourong, dressed in her white temple uniform, held the Tong Bow ready, her black hair buffeted by the wind. Ten-some Wu Arrows hovered in the air, ready to attack at any moment.

This was the first time many people had seen Xu Yourong like this.

Only a small number of people knew that this was Xu Yourong's strongest move.

If Bie Yanghong continued to pursue Chen Changsheng, he would have to expose his back to a thundering shower of Wu Arrows.

Even though he was an expert of the Divine Domain, he had to consider whether this was worthwhile.

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