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Chapter 900 – What Should Have Severed All Connects Them

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Through the Fated Star Plate, Xu Yourong had already calculated that something was wrong, and after listening to Chen Changsheng's recount, she quickly realized what exactly was going on. She naturally believed Chen Changsheng's words, but just when she was prepared to say something, she suddenly noticed the fatigue on Bie Yanghong's face and the streaks of white in his hair, causing her to stop.

The pain of losing one's child was truly one of the most unbearable matters in the world.

Bie Yanghong walked up to Wuqiong Bi and gently patted her on the shoulder. "Rest a while."

Wuqiong Bi had failed to kill Chen Changsheng, and was even incapable of defeating him and Xu Yourong, causing her to be furious and unwilling, her mood at its most irritable. When she heard these words, she felt both wronged and anguished, weeping as she yelled, "You're coming forth at last!"

Her words were not false. Given Bie Yanghong's strength, if he had struck with all his might at the very start, even that metal blade might not have been able to stop the two of them from killing Chen Changsheng, let alone Xu Yourong and the girls of South Stream Temple.

Now, he finally came forth.

In the former Storms of the Eight Directions, Bie Yanghong had been one of the strongest in terms of fighting prowess. Even the Tianhai Divine Empress had greatly admired him.

With a true expert of the continent attacking, how could Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong continue to resist?

"If I gave you two another day, no, perhaps only a few rounds, the two of you would have completely harmonized your sword, leaving no more gaps. Not I or anyone else would have been able to deal with you two, so I must deeply apologize—I cannot give you two this chance."

Bie Yanghong looked at Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong and said, "I will strive to part you two with one technique, and then defeat you."

By the time these words left his mouth, he was already attacking Chen Changsheng.

A small red flower was tied to the pinkie of his right hand.

The entire continent knew that this red flower was Bie Yanghong's strongest weapon and also the quintessence of his entire cultivation.

At the foot of the Mausoleum of Books, the Tianhai Divine Empress's fist had stunned the Storms, just one of her punches killing Guan Xingke. It was through the little red flower that Bie Yanghong had barely managed to receive the other punch.

When Bie Yanghong attacked, the little red flower would very naturally float up and in front of his finger, maintaining a distance of about half a foot.

The red flower reached Chen Changsheng even sooner than Bie Yanghong's hand.

Chen Changsheng could already see the sparkling beads of water on its petals.

Without even time to think, he thrust the Stainless Sword forward. As it pierced silently through the air, it left behind a bright trail of light on the plateau.

This time, he used the Intellectual Sword. He sought a strange trajectory to avoid the red flower, his ultimate goal being Bie Yanghong's brow.

At the same time, Xu Yourong's temple sword slashed through the air, silent and lightless. It trembled in the wind, appearing surprisingly delicate.

She used the Little Study Sword. It was said that many years ago, some senior of South Stream Temple residing in a detached study on the upper reaches of the Flower Stream created this sword style after observing the winter plums silently bloom on some winter day. This sword style sought victory through cunning. It appeared fragile, but it was actually extremely tough.

The Intellectual Sword and the Little Study Sword had no relation to each other and their sword intents shared no common traits, but just like before, the moment when Chen Changsheng's and Xu Yourong's techniques simultaneously appeared on the plateau, they underwent a mystical transformation. They perfectly fused into one, leaving behind not a single flaw.

Bie Yanghong had observed the pair's exchanges with Wuqiong Bi and understood that this was a combination sword style based on South Stream Temple's Unity Sword Art. However, he still could not completely understand how this combination sword style could allow two completely opposite sword techniques and sword intents to fuse together and also suddenly increase their power.

Only now, when facing this bright sword glow and delicate sword, when he was in the thick of it, could he faintly grasp at its principles.

This profound and indescribable feeling was not a sword style or sword technique, but more like a straightforward method that was utterly different from the art of the sword.

This method was one of incomparable power and ingenuity. It was like a torrential rain over the sea, and also like an eagle looking down upon a lava-covered land. It was ruthless to the extreme and bursting with danger. The moment it was used, it seemed able to sever all things in the world, cut off all connections.

But Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong were seemingly using this method in reverse!

The torrential rain descended over the lava, the moist and hot mist gradually transforming into calm and clear water. The mouth of the mountain solidified and filled, becoming a blue lake, and countless green plants sprouted on its shores, brimming with vigor!

In their hands, a method that should have severed all connections in the world became a method that could connect everything in the world!

Bie Yanghong could not think of any Daoist method in Holy Maiden Peak, the Li Palace, or the Ten Thousand Years Pavilion that was like this method, nor could he recall any records on such a thing.

In the current world, other than Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong themselves, only Wang Po, and Wang Zhice if he suddenly reappeared in society, would know of this method.

But since Bie Yanghong wanted to break Xu Yourong and Chen Changsheng's sword style, he did not need to understand, only break it.

Even if he did not have a complete grasp of it at the moment, he could use his far superior cultivation and vast reserves of true essence to crush this sword style.

The seemingly delicate red flower reached the sky of sword silhouettes.

Suddenly, the flower apparently became extremely heavy, its progress becoming much slower.

Even space itself seemed to twist at the red flower's weight. Sand and stones roiled while winds howled.

The sword silhouettes momentarily slowed, their sword energy still as majestic as a great mountain, but no longer perfect. The unbroken mountain range became two green mountains divided by a canyon. A gap had been opened between them, a path.

This gap persisted for only an instant. Any other cultivator would have found it impossible to use, even if they could see it.

But Bie Yanghong was a grand expert of supreme cultivation, and besides, this gap in the sword energy had been his handiwork.

The slow red flower suddenly exploded forward. Shining with a dark red light, it struck Chen Changsheng's face.

If Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong continued their sword technique, even if they made their sword energy unmovable once more, it was no longer possible to keep out the little red flower.

Chen Changsheng unflinchingly abandoned the Intellectual Sword and almost instantly brought his sword back in front of his eyes.

He did not use the Stupid Sword, but made his sword resonate as it cleaved through the air.

The hum of his sword was so clear and bright that it seemed to have an edge as it resounded through the plateau.

It was that same technique he used against Xu Yourong on the capital's Bridge of Helplessness: the Descent of Heavenly Music!

In the same moment Chen Changsheng drew back his sword, Xu Yourong acted in concert, dispersing the Little Study Sword and thrusting the temple sword towards the sky.

She did not have the time to bring her sword back to its sheath, so she treated the world as her sheath. This action of hers was returning the sword.

Her action of returning the sword seemed to be divided into countless pictures that were then recombined.

The true essence attached to her sword collided and grinded against the air, causing the sword to hum.

When these hums were brought together, they became a long and timeworn sword cry.

This was the first attack she had used on the capital's Bridge of Helplessness: the South Sea Sword Cry!

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