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Chapter 902 – The Blade Descends, Blue Clothes Soaked

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The plateau instantly fell silent.

From the moment Bie Yanghong attacked, everyone, whether it was the South Stream Temple disciples, Gou Hanshi, or Hu Thirty-Two, stopped, no matter how concerned or nervous they were.

Bie Yanghong had issued a challenge to Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong, which meant that he had recognized that Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong working together could fight a battle with an expert of the Divine Domain.

Since this was a battle of equals, it required respect.

The string had already been severed, and only several inches of it remained on Bie Yanghong's pinkie finger. The little red flower drifted in the air, appearing like a rootless duckweed, somewhat delicate and pitiful.

Logically speaking, with Bie Yanghong's strongest move broken, the crowd should have viewed Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong with more optimism.

But after witnessing Bie Yanghong's punch, who would dare make this judgment?

More importantly, Bie Yanghong had used the supreme strength of the Divine Domain and his abundant experience to successfully break apart Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong.

Now that Chen Changsheng was heavily injured, if he could not use the Unity Sword Art with Xu Yourong, how long could he last?

Everyone nervously watched, wanting to know what would happen next, upon which something completely unexpected occurred.

Somebody launched a sneak attack on Chen Changsheng.

This person was a true expert at the peak of Star Condensation.

The second-ranked Divine General of the Great Zhou, the White Tiger Divine General!

A cold and furious roar resounded through the plateau.

The White Tiger Divine General charged at Chen Changsheng's back, both hands on his spear as he stabbed at Chen Changsheng!

The spear flew through the air, bursting with power and savagery. It seemed intent on piercing straight through Chen Changsheng's body, even nailing him to the floor!

Chen Changsheng was severely wounded and slightly dazed. It was obvious that he had not yet recovered from Bie Yanghong's heaven-shaking fist.

This attack of the White Tiger Divine General was a spear that contained the sum of his entire life of cultivation. If it could pierce through Chen Changsheng's defenses, it would run straight through his Ethereal Palace.

At this moment, even if the Tianhai Divine Empress reincarnated or Wang Zhice suddenly appeared on the scene, he would be beyond saving.

At this moment, who could alter this course of events?

A single blade.

Dropped from the sky.

Giving its answer.

This blade ignored the distance between the heavens and the earth, dropping straight from the sky to the plateau. With a bold demeanor, it slashed at the White Tiger Divine General's head!

Seeing this blade, everyone on the plateau realized who had come and immediately gasped in surprise.

Wang Po of Tianliang!

The Prince of Xiang narrowed his eyes while his hands softly patted his belly fat that was somewhat discomfited by his belt. He did not strike, and he seemed to be thinking of something.

He had met Wang Po several days ago at Chicken Crow Mountain outside Wenshui City, and he had been anticipating his appearance today.

There were many people like the Prince of Xiang, just waiting for Wang Po to appear.

Wuqiong Bi was one of these. At the very beginning, right before she attacked Chen Changsheng, she had furiously yelled at the sky.

Wang Po had finally come.

He really did come!

Wuqiong Bi had been preparing for Wang Po's arrival the entire time.

She didn't know why the White Tiger Divine General would suddenly attack Chen Changsheng, but she did not care.

As long as Chen Changsheng died, she did not care who killed him.

With a shrill howl, she leapt into the air. The horsetail whisk in her hand, suffused with its aura of silent extinction, sought to bind that blade.

At the same time, her sleeve also flew up, as lithe as a dragon as it attempted to entangle the blade.

At this moment, she pushed her cultivation to its peak, putting more than a hundred layers of defense around this blade!

She was well aware that she was no match for Wang Po. At most, she could only block the blade for a few moments.

But these moments were enough!

She was confident that the White Tiger Divine General could undoubtedly kill Chen Changsheng in these moments.

Even if Chen Changsheng was still keeping some treasures in reserve, she was confident that her husband could swiftly defeat Xu Yourong and then kill Chen Changsheng!

The situation on the plateau was changing too quickly, the scenes moving so quickly that they formed a stream of light. Other than those directly involved, no one could clearly tell what was happening, much less interfere.

No one noticed that a very unremarkable man had stealthily moved ten-some zhang closer to the scene of battle.

And no one noticed that in one corner of the plateau, amongst the cultivators from a minor southern sect, a blue-clothed individual wearing a bamboo hat raised their head to glance at the sky.

At that moment, Chen Changsheng was still in the midst of retreating, the White Tiger Divine General was taking his first step, and Xu Yourong had drawn the Tong Bow.

The individual with the bamboo hat was not looking at this soul-shaking battle, but looking at the sky.

There had been nothing in the sky at that time.

Of the thousand-some cultivators on the plateau, the blue-clothed individual was the first to look up at the sky. Even the Prince of Xiang had been a tad tardy.

He stood beneath a tree. In his eyes, the sky had likely been partitioned into countless pieces, but which piece was he looking at?

Presumably the piece of sky that looked like a blade.

He sensed that Wang Po had finally come.

Only people that were very close to him could see that the blue-clothed individual was wearing a copper mask beneath his bamboo hat.

The copper mask looked very mysterious. At some point, a small corner had been lost from it, but it still firmly covered his face, revealing only his eyes.

The blue-clothed visitor gazed up to the sky, his eyes abnormally deep and indifferent.

He had been waiting a very long time.

The blade had finally come.

Thus, he had to begin moving.

He knew that this blade needed only three seconds to break through Wuqiong Bi's defense and cleave the White Tiger Divine General's head.

And in these three seconds, the White Tiger Divine General would not be able to kill Chen Changsheng. Given that Chen Changsheng was the Pope, he assuredly had the means to safeguard his life.

As for Bie Yanghong, even if he managed to force Xu Yourong into retreat in those three seconds, he would only capture Chen Changsheng, not kill him.

And only he had the ability to kill Chen Changsheng in those three seconds.

In his initial plan, the blue-clothed visitor had never thought about personally taking action, as this increased his risk of being exposed. However, he had not expected the Prince of Xiang to be so composed. From start to end, other than using the Blazing Sun Style to shout, he had remained passive. Now that Wang Po was here, there was even less chance that the Prince of Xiang would act.

The greatest surprise of all was that Xu Yourong had disregarded the possibly irreparable harm on her cultivation to break her seclusion, and that the sword style she and Chen Changsheng used was so mystical that it was even able to contend against an expert of the Divine Domain. If not for her, Chen Changsheng would probably have been killed by Wuqiong Bi.

When all these surprises came together, it led to the conclusion that if he did not act, Chen Changsheng had a chance to survive.

Fortunately, the situation was still under his control.

Wang Po was being blocked by Wuqiong Bi, Xu Yourong by Bie Yanghong, and Chen Changsheng was already finding it difficult to block the White Tiger Divine General's explosive blow.

As for Gou Hanshi, the other disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect, the disciples of South Stream Temple, and those priests, they were still a distance away and not worth his consideration.

He was confident that as long as he moved, Chen Changsheng would assuredly die.

Now was the best opportunity.

This opportunity could not be missed.

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