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Chapter 761 – How Does One Conquer Demons?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Countless sword glows suddenly shone within the dense mist.

Chen Changsheng gazed at the mist around him, his left knee slightly bent, his right hand gripping the hilt at his waist as if ready to unsheathe his dagger at any moment.

In reality, countless swords had emerged from his body, slashing at his surroundings. Incredibly sharp sword intent covered the world, slicing the already-ruined courtyard, the rocks on the lakebed, and the forest immersed in snow into countless pieces, but it was unable to hack through the surrounding mist. For some reason, this mist became abnormally deep and black like the night. It was dense and real like the thickest of mud.

The sharpest and most powerful sword intent falling against this black and thick mist could only whirl, struggle, and vanish like a dry leaf falling into the muddy water.

This black mist was no longer purely made of water. It had already been dyed by the purest demonic intent.

With a zeng, Chen Changsheng pulled out his dagger.

The bright and stainless dagger cared not for that horrifying and dark demonic intent, finally cutting a hole in the mist.

The black mist roiled, especially where the Stainless Sword had cut a hole, where it seemed like countless streams of filthy water were spurting out.

A hand thrust out of the sputtering darkness, gripping a weapon that looked like a rock. Upon careful examination, one could see that it looked very much like a broken monolith.

Compared to this weapon like a broken monolith, the hand holding it was even more frightening.

Even the fracturing space or Chen Changsheng's formidable sword intents were incapable of making this hand give the slightest tremble.

The black mist grew even more restless, sputtering under the pressure, and the mountainous figure of a demon finally appeared before Chen Changsheng's eyes.

The howling winds blew about this powerful demon's beard and hair, yet they were incapable of shaking his horns or his body.

The broken monolith descended from the heavens.

Chen Changsheng felt like he was seeing some massive black mountain collapsing and crashing down on him.

An indescribably violent Qi shot straight towards a spot one inch to the right of the center of his eyebrows, not veering in the slightest.

A most overbearing power aimed itself at this most subtle of points, a representative of Hai Di's nigh unstoppable strength.

Chen Changsheng had had this sort of almost stifling experience a bit more than a year ago on the snowy battlefield.

Even if he had one thousand sword intents and ten thousand techniques, he could not make up for that uncrossable gap between the two.

There was nothing new about this encounter. All was like last year. His eyes were bright and clear, without the slightest fear. His wrist turned, his dagger rising level with his brow.

He was still preparing to use the third sword that Su Li passed on to him.

The Stupid Sword.

He knew that this technique could block Hai Di, but he also knew that he would suffer severe injuries.

He had already received proof of his result on the battlefield, but this was still the method he chose.

On the surface, this choice truly did seem rather stupid, just like the name of this technique.

But besides this technique, he had no other method of blocking Hai Di's full-strength blow.

Yes, he could not avoid it, could not retreat. He had to block Hai Di's blow, just like he had on the battlefield.

Back then, several hundred ordinary soldiers had been standing behind him, and now those ordinary people, injured and unable to escape, were behind him.

But tonight, he was not fighting alone.

After he suffered heavy injuries in that battle last year, that girl had never let him leave her sight again.

A dark ray of light suddenly appeared in the black mists, the remnants left behind as she lunged through the air.

Just when Chen Changsheng brought the dagger level with his eyes, the black-clothed girl appeared in front of him and raised her hands to break through the mist and meet that broken monolith.

Compared to Hai Di's mountainous body, she seemed very tiny.

In the face of the black stone like a broken monolith, her pure white hands seemed very pathetic, frail things that would be rendered into countless splinters in the next moment.

But she still raised her hands to meet it, her posture rather strange. It didn't seem like she was fighting, but offering flowers.

And then a flower pot truly did appear in her hands.

But there were no flowers in this pot, only a green leaf, and there were only two leaves left, making it seem rather desolate.

The broken monolith clashed in the air with the Green Leaf.

There was no sound. Compared to the howls of air as the surrounding mist was crushed, the silence over the bridge was rather strange.

This was because those two powers were too monstrously strong, shattering everything around, the frequency of their vibrations surpassing the senses of ordinary beings.

The last bits of water in the mud were squeezed out by these two powers and then vaporized.

They were soon quickly frozen by the cold emitted from the girl's face.

The mist gradually thinned. Whether it was the moisture or demonic intent, all was condensed into water, and then before there was time to become rain, it was frozen into beads of ice.

Countless crystalline beads of ice reflected the starlight falling from the night sky, gleaming like so many Night Pearls and illuminating the scene with incomparable beauty.

So beautiful that it did not seem a part of the human world.

Just like that place under New North Bridge, shrouded in endless night.

As she stood before this rain of icy beads, the black-clothed girl's figure was still small.

But now, there was no weakness about her, only absolute power.

A laugh, its meaning difficult to understand, burst from Hai Di's lips.

The mist suddenly thickened once more, a horrifying wave of Demon Qi raging toward her like a deluge.

Deep cracks appeared all over the now-abnormally-dry lake bed. Her black dress madly danced as countless holes appeared in it. Her black hair also danced, several broken ends dropping down. The chains tied to her ankles also writhed about like snakes in a fire suffering immeasurable pain.

It was evident that in her current state, where she had still not completely broken through the seal, she was still no match for this powerful demon, even with a treasure of the Li Palace supporting her.

But there was no fear on her icy face, no intent to escape.

She raised her head, like a most powerful little girl.

And also a haughty dragon.

All this happened in a very brief span of time.

Chen Changsheng did not sheathe his sword, but he was also too late to help her.

As boulders tumbled and thunderous booms split the air, several figures like large towers arrived outside the snowy valley.

They were all demon experts that had accompanied Hai Di.

Chen Changsheng suddenly vanished.

Several dozen faint footprints suddenly appeared on the dry and cracked lakebed.

If one were to turn up to the profuse stars in the night sky at this moment, perhaps they would be able to tell that some hidden connection existed between the position of these footprints and the stars in the sky.

This was the Yeshi Step that he had comprehended several years ago from the Daoist Canon. Over these past few years of research, especially after digesting the words on the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, it was no longer as it was in the past.

In a few seconds, he had left the broken bridge, heading towards the perimeter of the valley. He carried countless gusts of wind and sheets of rain with him, completely enveloping those demon experts.

The wind and rain were all swords.

There were swords everywhere.

"Gu lun mu!"

Hai Di suddenly called, his voice carrying an unconcealable surprise.

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