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Chapter 760 – A Massive Black Mountain

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Several mountainous black silhouettes reached the highest point of the snowy peak.

Once they crossed this place, they would be in the human world, although both maps and military intelligence indicated that this place should be deserted.

The demon expert leading the group had only one hand, and raised it at this time to indicate that the group should halt.

The cold wind howled, rustling the demon's iron clothes, throwing his black hair into disarray, and revealing his demon horns, which seemed both real and unreal.

His eyes were a dark green and extremely cruel. His tall and sturdy body exuded a powerful Qi. Anyone who saw him would feel a boundless fear.

The second-ranked Demon General, Hai Di.

In Xuelao City or the snowy plains, amongst demons or humans, all were used to addressing him as Lord Hai Di, out of respect or fear.

As the personage in the Demon Army second only to the Demon Commander, he had killed countless human soldiers and cultivators, his vicious reputation spreading far and wide.

Several years ago, he had been one of the participants in the demons' attempt to ambush and kill Su Li on the snowy plains.

At that time, Su Li had cut off Hai Di's arm with a single slash while he had left a deep wound on Su Li's arm.

One could imagine just how monstrously powerful this demon must be, to be able to injure Su Li.

Hai Di looked down upon the courtyard nestled in the snowy mountains, an extremely rare tinge of apprehension appearing on his face.

There were very few matters in the world that could shock him.

That courtyard was very far away from this highest peak, perhaps a thousand-some zhang. In the eyes of the demon experts on the peak, this courtyard was like a miniature landscape in a pot. The starlight fell upon this landscape, upon the young man standing on the bridge over the lake who was as small as a grain of sand. For anyone but Hai Di, it would simply be impossible to clearly make out the appearance of the young man.

He had been able to see, so he was very shocked.

It was at this moment that the young man raised his head to the peak.

Separated by a thousand zhang of mountains, they silently stared at each other for a long time.

"I did not expect for it to be Your Holiness," Hai Di expressionlessly said.

He naturally spoke in Demon language, his voice deep and filled with a strange charm.

"Leave as quickly as possible. Something will happen here soon, and I might not be able to protect you when that time comes."

After saying, Chen Changsheng felt a ripple from the hidden Divine Staff.

This informed him that the demons had already arrived, and the ones who had come were probably terrifying experts that he could not deal with.

His gaze moved upward, reaching the highest part of the mountains, but he could not see clearly what was up there.

No matter how great his eyesight, it was impossible to see through the infinite darkness there.

But he knew who was there.

An Hua, the general, and all the rest of their group were very shocked, because he had not said that he wouldn't consider protecting them, but that he couldn't protect them…

Just who was this foe soon to arrive that not even the Pope could protect them from?

A fierce gale suddenly stirred over the spring-like stillness of the lake. The frigid wind off the mountains tore away at the atmosphere of the four seasons and rushed to and fro across the lake, its howls grating on the ear.

The howling of the wind also contained a few other noises.

Excepting An Hua, everyone could hear that this was Demon language. The general even heard the words 'Your Holiness' in them.

They all turned grim, realizing that the foes coming were demons, and presumably demon experts!

No one fled. One by one, the soldiers began to pull out their blades and array themselves behind Chen Changsheng.

The general had An Hua watch over the young array master on the stretcher while he himself entered the pavilion and knocked Doctor Yang unconscious.

With a battle against demon experts about to begin, he would not allow any sort of unsafe factors to appear in his camp.

Zhusha glanced at the general, rather appreciative.

Chen Changsheng stared at the distant peak and sighed, "I also didn't expect that I would meet you again tonight."

A bit more than a year ago, his last appearance for the eyes of the people was in a pitched battle between the humans and demons. At that time, he had brought Zhusha and sneaked into the army headquarters. On one side, he treated the injured as a doctor, while on the other side, he silently killed demons. One day, however, the human army was truly in far too dangerous a situation, forcing him to reveal his true identity. The simultaneous attack of his one thousand swords forcefully reversed the situation, yet…it also attracted that monstrous demon expert.

Hai Di descended from the sky and heavily wounded him in a single blow.

Zhusha took the risk of leaving her spiritual soul wandering and homeless to evade Hai Di's perception and bring Chen Changsheng underground to escape the battlefield. Yet neither of them expected that in the sprawling mountains, they would be ambushed several times by human experts.

Later on, they naturally came to know that these human experts came from the Imperial Court. To be more precise, they came from the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets that was subordinate to the Imperial Court.

He truly had been in a perilous situation, and if not for Liu Qing silently appearing like a ghost, he would already be dead.

This was a set of rather bitter memories that had somewhat discouraged Chen Changsheng, so he had chosen this remote residence in the uninhabited mountains to live.

And the source of all this was Hai Di.

Tonight, he encountered Hai Di once more. Did that mean that his bitter encounter would repeat itself?

On the frigid peak, Hai Di looked down on the distant, pearl-like lake, his face emotionless and callous to the extreme.

I have received the Military Advisor's order to come and take your life."

Black Robe wanted to kill the master of the Cinnabar Pill.

If he were to know that the master of the Cinnabar Pill was Chen Changsheng, he would naturally want to kill him even more.

In these deserted peaks with no true expert to protect the young Pope, if he were to miss out on this opportunity, then the Moon God would abandon Xuelao City.

For some inexplicable reason, Hai Di was not worried that Chen Changsheng would escape. He was in no rush to charge down the peak, instead standing on the peak and speaking with him.

What happened next explained it. He didn't need to charge down the mountain, and he was sure that it was too late for Chen Changsheng to leave.

Hai Di leaped from the peak.

A streak of fire flashed in the night sky and was quickly extinguished.

The winds howled and the stars dimmed, and even the darkness seemed to have been torn away.

Not too long ago, Ning Shiwei had sent a boulder flying, shattering the bridge on the lake.

Hai Di, on the other hand, had turned himself into a stone, no, into a great mountain.

Compared to his momentum, Ning Shiwei's boulder was so weak that it was rather laughable.

With the shrill sound of air being compressed, a mountainous shadow covered the lake.

An unimaginably terrifying impact struck the lake.


With a heavy and terrifying clap of thunder, the lake water was instantly converted into steam. Mist rose up to obscure half of the mountain range.

The courtyard was completely destroyed, transformed into rubble. The wooden bridge was like a snake that had ruptured inch by inch, its corpse lying on the mud of the lakebed.

Those troops from the Mount Song Army headquarters were either dead, injured, or unconscious.

A green leaf had unfurled itself in front of An Hua, protecting her and the array master on the stretcher.

That deputy general was still alive. Collapsed amongst the rubble of the pavilion, he coughed blood. Seeing the still-devastating turbulent Qi in the darkness, he showed despair on his face.

The clear clangs of swords finally rang out.

Countless sword intents came from all directions, carrying the might of a storm as they slashed at the mountainous black figure.

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