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Chapter 762 – A Legendary Monolith

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

'Gu lun mu' was a phrase in Demon language that meant to be careful1. 

Hai Di naturally knew that Chen Changsheng knew the Yeshi Step, and last year, he had personally felt Chen Changsheng's swordplay and knew that this young Pope had truly far surpassed his cultivating peers on the path of the sword. However, he in no way believed that Chen Changsheng could defeat the capable subordinates he had brought with him.

But when Chen Changsheng vanished and a storm of swords enveloped the valley, he felt a fierce wariness.

It was only now that he realized that the swords Chen Changsheng had used earlier had been for the purpose of concealing his true level.

In the short span of a year, Chen Changsheng's cultivation had not changed, but he had advanced once more on the path of the sword, reaching a nigh unimaginable level.

From this, he could imagine that the black-clothed girl blocking his broken monolith had been planned in advance.

This sort of plan embodied the pair's formidable confidence and resolve.

They were confident that the black-clothed girl with the Green Leaf would be able to resist the terrifying Hai Di for a period of time.

They were confident that in this period of time, Chen Changsheng would be able to kill off all the remaining enemies!

The snowy valley was covered in swords, but the true appearance of the swords could not be seen, only their sword intents.

The wind and rain were all swords, the swords concealing themselves within the storm. When they occasionally revealed their true appearances, they had assuredly gotten close to the bodies of those demon experts.

Kakakaka. The sound of metal grinding against metal and being cut rang out without any sort of cadence or tempo.

All along the massive bodies of those demon experts, countless sword wounds made by incomparably sharp swords continuously appeared without any rhyme or reason.

Those sword wounds were the marks left behind as the swords, flashing like lightning, hacked at the bodies of the demon experts. It was a dazzling and hair-raising sight.

The bodies of demons were innately tenacious. Even the most ordinary of demons would possess a body tougher than a human who had gone through a perfect Purification. The experts that had accompanied Hai Di tonight on his assassination mission were select experts of the Demon Army, so the toughness of their bodies was even more difficult to imagine, especially assisted by the faint, black Demon Qi surrounding them. So even though all the swords in this storm were renowned swords, they were not able to instantly break through.

But the demon experts were also incapable of any sort of counterattack, because they were currently unable to pin down Chen Changsheng's position.

The swords were concealed in the storm, and Chen Changsheng was behind it. In order to find him, they first had to disperse these swords.

This situation did not persist for too long, because the storm swiftly increased in intensity, and the number of swords flying about the snowy valley instantly multiplied.

Water boring through stone required an absurdly long period of time, but what Chen Changsheng aimed to do was condense those countless years into an extremely short period of time.

With a crack, that stone under the roof, covered in moss and having a small hole, finally burst open with a seam and then helplessly parted, finally split open.

With a crack, a seam appeared on a demon expert's body, followed by countless more seams.

The sword glows in the storm suddenly brightened, illuminating the gloomy valley. Several hundred streams of green blood spurted out of these demon experts' bodies. It looked just like a painter of Xuelao City madly sprinkling paint over a dark canvas, imbuing it with an endlessly strange and monstrous feeling.

Roars of pain echoed through the valley.

The towering figures of two demon experts keeled over like collapsing mountains.

If this situation persisted, if Chen Changsheng were given another period of time, he would be able to heavily injure all the demon experts in the snowy valley. He could then return to the little Black Dragon and join hands, attacking Hai Di from the front and behind. Even if they were still no match for Hai Di, they would probably be able to find a chance to escape.

As an important personage of the Demon Army second only to the Demon Commander, Hai Di had crisscrossed the snowy plains of the demon domain for many years. Just how could he not see through their plan?

A murderous whistle burst from Hai Di's lips. At the same time, a white ray of light shot out from his lips and melted into the demonic intent.

This milky white ray of light was abnormally clean, free of the slightest impurity, even seeming somewhat sacred.

A few years ago in Xunyang City, Chen Changsheng had seen this sort of light. Although he didn't have time to turn around at this moment, he already knew what it was: moonlight. The bright moon in the northernmost reaches of the continent possessed a radiance no lesser than that of the stars, its energy even wilder and fiercer!

Popopop. Countless clear popping sounds arose from the ruins of the courtyard.

It was like tens of thousands of candles exploding or countless firecrackers welcoming the new year.

Countless crystalline beads of ice simultaneously exploded and slowly drifted down from the night, sprinkling over the Black Dragon's body and the remains of the bridge.

The broken monolith in Hai Di's hand smashed through the mist of ice and continued to press down upon the Black Dragon.

An edge of a green leaf slightly curled, revealing a tear. This tear was as fine as a thread, but also a ghastly sight.

An annoyed and furious expression appeared in the little Black Dragon's eyes.

Her clothes was already torn all over, and even the corners of her eyes were beginning to tear.

Dragon blood, imbued with an indescribable Qi, seeped out of the corners of her eyes and immediately froze into two streams of blood-colored frost.

If Chen Changsheng did not quickly return, she might become yet another dragon to die under this broken monolith.

The torrential rain pouring over the snowy valley instantly stopped, but the wind did not. Chen Changsheng's body transformed into a stream of light as he rushed back.

Those several demon experts heard Lord Hai Di's whistle and knew what Chen Changsheng intended to do, but how could they let him do as he pleased?

The violent winds suddenly shattered into countless strands of cool breeze and several grunts that obscured several low droning sounds.

The right hands of a few demon experts became flowers of blood in the darkness.

Without hesitation, they had chosen to use a secret demon blood technique!

Chen Changsheng similarly did not hesitate. He made no attempts to stop or avoid, borrowing the strength of the wind and punches to quicken his pace.

Several dull thuds could be heard in the darkness, and then they dissipated with no echo.

Chen Changsheng had already returned to the broken bridge and now stood before the Black Dragon.

Several holes had been torn through his front lapel, revealing the skin beneath, with the deep impressions of several fists atop it.

The broken monolith was descending.

A bright light shone over the shattered bridge.

It was like lightning.

Yet it was also heavy.

It was like an iron chain placed across a river.

It was also extremely tough.

It was more like two unmovable dikes lining a river.

Only stupid people like Chen Changsheng or Wang Po could learn this sort of Stupid Sword.

Only by being so stupid could one defend so foolishly, making this technique the greatest defensive technique in the world.

Even someone as monstrous as Hai Di, even with his mightiest blow, even with this legendary monolith that no one knew of, could not break through this technique.

Chen Changsheng's sword blocked this broken monolith.

But his sword could not block its strength.

This majestic and primordial strength struck his body.

His right hand holding the sword heavily struck his own chest, and the horrifying sounds of bones breaking could be heard.

He flew backwards, hitting the Black Dragon, causing blood to spill out of her lips.

Like a stone, they flew through the air, penetrating through the ice and darkness, annihilating the pavilion, and crashing on the other side of the lake.4

(TN: The author notes at the bottom of this chapter that though the reader vote he held for the Black Dragon's name had the name 'Zhusha' win, he really wants to use 'Zhizhi', as he doesn't like the feeling of 'Zhusha', but he will think about it. He starts referring to the Black Dragon as 'Zhizhi' in the next chapter.)


1. The source of the phrase 'Gu lun mu' is a call-signal used in the Chinese revolutionary opera 'Raid on the White Tiger Regiment', the response to which is 'Ou ba'↩

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