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Chapter 84 - Lightning Strike, Wrath Shock!




“ Mo Fan, you have to pay for our own stupidity. Currently, your father is kneeling down to my foster father in front of everyone. I believe that makes you feel even worse than you personally kowtowing!” As Yu Ang saw this scene, he didn’t have a trace of sympathy. Instead, he laughed once more.

“He’s just returning a gift. My dad is a simple and honest person, he feels that it’s more sincere if he were to return a gift.” Mo Fan turned around, his eyes were coldly gazing at the Yu Ang who was still laughing.

“I see you’re not convinced until you’re faced with the reality. In that case, let me turn you into an ice cube first, and then slowly enjoy this kind of ceremony that will cause you to never raise your head again within Bo City!” Yu Ang swore, as his eyes dripped with disdain.

The Ice stars began to quickly connect with each other within Yu Ang’s eyes. With the Ice Silkworm Armor on his body, Yu Ang wasn’t worried about being interrupted by Mo Fan’s Fire Burst. Even if this guy Mo Fan was faster than him at casting!

On the other side, Mo Fan’s pair of eyes were extremely cold.

If… Mu Zhuoyun had a slight intention of letting go of these matters, then he would’ve given up on the matters today. However, the father and son’s arrogance and irrationality had thoroughly provoked Mo Fan.

He firmly believed that if he didn’t win this duel, then he would see a scene where his father would kowtow until he started bleeding for his foolish son!

However, was he really that foolish?

Today I will let everyone understand what it means for a single spark to start a prairie fire!

“Background is also a form of strength?” Mo Fan couldn’t help but start laughing loudly.

In the next second, his laugh came to a stop. Replacing his laughter was a domineering aura that no one had seen before!

“In that case, my innate talent is also a form of strength!”

Do you really think that I, Mo Fan would lose just like that?

Have a taste of the might of my Lightning!

Purple-colored pupils suddenly appeared. Within the pitch black eyeballs that seemed like the vast universe was a purple Star Radiance, glinting warningly!


The strongest of the elements!

It represented anger, might, and destruction!

This ridiculous social ladder was shattered into pieces by this violent Lightning!

The stars actually had a special connection with the feelings of the owner. The natural attribute of the Lightning embedded its user with the domineering quality that would not cease at any time!

It was not because of the user’s petty background!

It was not because of circumstances outside of the body!

All of the lightning stars has never been obedient before. That was because Mo Fan’s mental state had never been in sync with the Lightning element’s temperment before today.

The Lightning Star Path ignited a raging wrath within his heart as it instantly connected. They also seemed like they wanted to be granted all of the energy of their user.

Star Path emerge!

The magic that congested the mysterious energy between heaven and earth was of the highest quality.


The purple lightning arc was tyrannical as it emerged. It unprecedentedly swirled around Mo Fan’s body, willingly awaiting Mo Fan’s command.

Mo Fan raised his head with lightning within his gaze.

“Lightning Strike!”

“Wrath Shock!”

Within the lightning, Mo Fan raised one of his hands. Following this action, he violently grasped his hand and the traces of Lightning frantically swirling in the air turned into lightning soldiers. They gave out an angry hissing as they chaotically bombarded Yu Ang’s position.


After the numerous traces of the purple Lightning landed, they began to mutually link to themselves and turned into an even stronger lightning as they ferociously attacked Yu Ang, who seemed completely defenseless.

Yu Ang’s Ice Spread spell was still being chanted. In the next second, he was completely wrapped within the dazzling, yet dreadful Lightning force. The shock within his heart could not be described with words.

The attack was incomparably volent. Everytime it shocked his body, it would transmit an acute pain. What was even more dreadful was that these lightning traces could enter the body’s flesh and bones while causing the enormous effects of an electrical shock. Even if the Ice Silkworm Armor was resisting it, it still wouldn’t be able to completely block out the all-pervasive penetrating power of Lightning!

Yu Ang’s body no longer belonged to himself. His body was acutely twitching as he stood there. The arrogance and superior look on his face was no longer there, all that remained was his eyes filled with questions and disbelief!


Why is this?

Lightning, this is clearly Lightning Strike! Why can you, a Primary Fire Magician, cast a Lightning spell?

The Ice Silkworm Armor didn’t exist in front of the might of Lightning Strike. At last, Yu Ang let out a miserable scream, his entire being began to collapse under the assault of the purple Lightning Strike!

This time, it would be impossible for Yu Ang to get up. A third level Lightning Strike was even more powerful than Fire Burst. The Ice Silkworm Armor was capable of restraining Fire spells, but there was no way it could possibly defend against the dreadful ability of a third level Lightning Strike!

The Lightning’s roar was still screeching by the ears, but the entire Manor was completely silent!

Everyone was completely dumbstruck the moment Mo Fan cast Lightning Strike. Although the Lightning Strike didn’t hit them, the bolt from the sky was still within their minds!

What did they just see?

Lightning Strike?

This is freaking Lightning Strike?

You, a Primary Fire Magicians are telling us that you are able to cast Lightning Strike?!

Yu Ang had already collapsed from the attacks. Currently, the people had forgotten about this guy’s existence. Instead, the scene in front of them that was beyond common sense had made them to so shocked that they almost went crazy.

How could they not go crazy? In this world, any Magician at the Primary level could only control the magic of one element. Magicians were only able to obtain their second element when they reached the Intermediate level. You, a third year high school student who hasn’t graduated yet, how can you have acquired two elements?

One is Fire, the other is Lightning-!

“He...he...could it be that he’s an Intermediate Magician? That’s impossible, that’s definitely impossible! In this world, even if your cultivation is fast, there is no way you would be able to cultivate to the Intermediate level within just three years! This is definitely impossible!” Mu Zhuoyun was the first one among the people to shoot out from his chair, he had difficulties believing what he saw in front of him.

In the same way, Principal Zhu, Deng Kai, Yang Zuohe, Zhankong, these Magicians who were at a higher realm, they were all unable to believe the scene they saw in front of them.

Third level Lightning Strike, this was clearly the third level of Lightning Strike!

However, how could a Fire student be able to cast a Lightning spell?!

Was it the result of a special Magical Equipment?

That’s not right, the magnificent purple Star Path that had emerged around Mo Fan’s body had already proven that this power was something he personally used. It’s definitely not possible for him to have been supported by other Magic Equipment!

The only Lightning Magician in this place, Xu Zhaoting was even more dumbstruck.

Holy crap, isn’t that the realm that he himself had been thirsting for? The third level of Lightning Strike, that was the objective that he himself was pursuing for the next few years. Why was it being cast by Mo Fan? You, Mo Fan are clearly a Fire Magician, alright?!

Crumbled, Xu Zhaoting’s heart just crumbled. This something which he, a genuine Lightning user, hadn’t grasped, and was actually achieved by a Fire Magician. I-I don’t wanna live anymore!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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