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Chapter 85 - Innate Dual Elements!




Mo Fan’s classmates, Zhoumin, Zhao Kunsan, Mu Bai, Zhang Xiaohou, and Wang Sanpang, were all frantically rubbing their eyes. It must be because they’d been studying Magic for so long that they became delirious. Not good, they must return back to school to write ten thousand scrolls to calm themselves. Having illusions before the high school exams was not a good sign!

The entire place was silent for a very, very long time!

As Lightning Strike came out, it was as though the concepts everyone knew had crumbled in this moment, and they were unable to say anything for a long time.

“Who… who can… who can tell me, this… just what is going on!” The man with the surname Zhou also jumped out of his chair as his gaze swept past the important characters of Bo City who were completely stunned by the display of Lightning Strike.

Is there really no one who can come out and explain, or is it that I really am blind?

“Intermediate Magician, he is an Intermediate Magician. He has awakened a second element, that must be it!” Xue Musheng used words that he himself could not believe.

“No!” At this moment, the one with the highest status, Principal Zhu spoke out.

The people watched Principal Zhu attentively. They believe that the unbelievable and blinding scene in front of them could only be explained by someone with virtue and prestige like Principal Zhu.

“He is still a Primary Magician.” Principal Zhu said firmly.

“Then how could possibly possess the Lightning element…”

Principal Zhu took a deep breath, at this moment, one could tell how stirred up this teacher of Bo City was. He was so stirred up that the muscles on his face were quivering, so moved that he even needed a while to speak.

“Innate dual elements... he… Mo Fan is an innate… Innate dual element!” Finally, Principal Zhu spoke out his definite conclusion from shock.

That’s right, it must be an innate dual element!

This student’s cultivation definitely had not reached the Intermediate level. The only explanation as to why he was able to cast Lightning Strike was him being an Innate Dual Element!

He awakened Fire, and also awakened Lightning!

This student who was nurtured within Tian Lan Magic High was the world’s incomparably matchless, rarely seen Innate Dual Element!

“Innate Dual Element! Heavens, this world really has an existence like an Innate Dual Element?”

“I...I don’t know what to say.”

“Xue… Xue Musheng, Mo Fan… isn’t he your student? Weren’t you in charge of the Awakening day?” the Disciplinary teacher Chen Weiliang said to Xue Musheng at his side while being completely shocked.

“I was, but… But I clearly remember he only had a Fire element.” Xue Musheng tried really hard to recall that day, but unfortunately, he really could not recall the situation back then.

This mind-blowing matter caused people to forget that this was a Magic Duel between the youths. The sensation caused by the Innate Dual Element caused people to forget that the main character today was supposed to be Yu Ang, who came of age! Tonight, there would be no one as dazzling as Mo Fan with an Innate Dual Element, who had achieved the brilliant feat of amazing the whole world!

“This kid...our army will definitely have him, whoever dares to steal mine, I will raid their home!!” The head of the Army, Zhankong, had jumped out of his chair a while ago.

He, the great Zhankong, feared no one in Bo City. Whoever dared to jump out today and steal this kid Mo Fan with an Innate Dual Element, then he, Zhankong will eliminate said person.

Holy crap. He was dropped in Bo City in the south by the higher-ups, and he thought it was just that. Who would’ve known that this little place would have an youth that possessed an Innate Dual Element that rebels against the heavens! When Mo Fan only had a single Fire element, Zhankong had already wanted him, and wanted to pull him into the Magic Army. Who would guess that this kid had concealed such a heaven-alarming talent! He wanted this kid Mo Fan, Zhankong would take him even if he had to lose his entire fortune!

That man with the surname Zhou wanted to stand up and say something. In the end, Zhankong’s words made his entire being abruptly stop.

Shit, not like this! Our Zhou Family also wants him!

The man with the surname Zhou was now regretting the fact that he didn’t jump out earlier to forcefully pull this kid away. Now, after the appearance of the Innate Dual Element, the powers of Bo City were completely broken due to this homeless kid!

“Boss Zhankong, although there are many things which are in your control within Bo City, that does not mean that as long as you want it, you can take it. I am going to report to the higher-ups. Our enormous Magic Association has never let go of an exceptional genius. Furthermore, what other organization is more specialized in nurturing Magicians than our Magic Association?” Yang Zuohe directly jumped out.

Small families and small ancestral families would still have to give face to the Army. However, the great Magic Association did not need to do so.


In this world they had never heard of a power that would dare to contest the Magic Association!

“Heh? This kind of student our school actually is very much willing to expend a large quantity of money to nurture. So the two no longer need to worry about that, hmm,” Principal Zhu said.

Damn them, these two guys Zhankong and Yang Zuohe wanted to snatch away Mo Fan in front of his face before he even graduates. I, old Zhu have good relations with people. However, that doesn’t mean I will concede this kind of student to others. If you have some ability, then come and contest our Magic School… Don’t forget, many of your Battlemages actually come from our Magic School, so give me all you’ve got, Zhankong!

Mu Zhuoyun stood there like a fool. He looked at all the guests who were shocked by Mo Fan, and then looked at all these powers contesting each other about Mo Fan in front of his face. At last, he looked at the duel arena, at the Magician who was controlling the dual elements of Lightning and Fire.

Mu Ningxue from his family also had a rarely seen talent in Magic. However, if we’re talking about appeal, then the Innate Dual Elements were a few points ahead. After all, Mu Ningxue’s innate Ice affinity Spirit was definitely above peers of her age. However, those rich and powerful Ancestral Families were able to gather treasures to obtain Ice affinity Spirits, whereas the talent of an innate Dual Element was something you definitely could not find a second of even if you were to turn on the lights to search for one across the world!

It could be said that even Mu Zhuoyun would want this kid!

“Hurry up and get up, Old brother Jiaxing, get up. I only wanted to give your son a little lesson, how could I possibly have him do it,” Mu Zhuoyun hurriedly supported Mo Jiaxing in front of him.

Mu Zhuoyun’s attitude had taken a 180 degree change.

After Mo Jiaxing got up with support, he looked around his surroundings with disbelief.

Perhaps a driver wouldn’t know what an innate Dual Element actually represented, but from seeing the change of expressions of these important characters from before and currently, he was able to understand just how incredible his own son was.

No, being incredible wasn’t enough to describe it. His son perhaps was enough to cause a sensation throughout the entirety of Bo City!

This was very good! Selling off his only family property to let him enter Tian Lan Magic High was not in vain! If he hesitated for even a little, he could’ve killed off an incredible Magician. Look at all these important characters of Bo City, look at the expressions on their faces, look at them when they’re fighting! Heavens, I, Mo Jiaxing, who doesn’t have any morals or ability, is capable of giving birth to such an incredible son!

Mo Jiaxing wiped at his tears of joy as he stood up.

A busy life and a petty salary, along with a poor environment had pressured his back that had always been crooked. Normally, he would drive for these rich, powerful people and nod his head and bow, which was no different from kneeling… He now understood why his own son had told him to stand up. It was because from now on, the two of them would no longer have to grovel before anyone!

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