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Chapter 83 - The Duel Hasn’t Finished!




“Mu Zhuoyun, the two youngsters of Bo City have displayed their incomparable remarkability, so let’s end it here. You being one of the characters in the lead of Bo City should be able to dismiss the youngster’s delirious utterance as a laugh,” Principal Zhu still opened to his mouth to say at last.

The present guests actually all knew of the events surrounding Mo Fan and Mu Zhuoyun, and they also know that if Mo Fan were to lose this duel, he’d have to kowtow in apology until Mu Zhuoyun was satisfied.

Mo Fan’s display had caused a sensation among the people. A genius who was able to cultivate to the third level of Fire Burst by themselves definitely deserved the praise of everyone.

At this time, Mu Ningxue also put her two pupils onto Mu Zhuoyun’s face; she also hoped her father would drop it.

If it wasn’t for Yu Ang having the advantage in Magic Equipment during this duel, then he would basically have lost against Mo Fan, who had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Mu Ningxue thought that this victory didn’t have any meaning.

“Just forget it? How could that be!?” Mu Zhuoyun coldly snorted.

If any small thing dared to run up to his face and point at him while cursing him, then how could he, Mu Zhuoyun, continue to meddle in Bo City? A win is a win, what was promised before should be fulfilled!

“Mo Jiaxing, what are you happy for? Don’t you know that your son is going to kowtow to everyone?” an old gardener asked from the slanted seats.

“What kowtow?” Mo Jiaxing asked with a blank face. Mo Jiaxing was happy because he never thought that his own son would actually cause the important characters of the City to feel moved.

“Shit, don’t you know that your son and Master Mu Zhuoyun had a bet? If Yu Ang loses, then he, Mu Zhuoyun will personally apologize to the two of you for the matters that happened in the past. Whereas if your son loses, he will have to kowtow to Master Mu Zhuoyun until he is satisfied! Our family’s child would only think to himself a few words about Mu Zhuoyun, yet, your son had cursed at him several times to his face! For an important character like him, even if he were to tolerate it, he would still be a little angry. Today, he doesn’t plan on letting Mo Fan go!” the gardener told him.

Mo Jiaxing had no idea about having a bet, he really was a thoroughly confused father.

As Mo Jiaxing heard of this, he was stunned. He really did not know of this matter!

He was very clear on his own son’s stubbornness and pride. Having him kowtow and apologize in this kind of occasion in front of his classmates, teachers, neighbors, and Mu Ningxue?

What kind of children were there nowadays? There were some who would even jump off a roof just because they got slapped. If he were to kowtow at this kind of occasion, then he wouldn’t be able to raise his head again!

Mo Jiaxing hurriedly stood up as he ran toward the host’s seat in the middle.

“Master Mu, Master Mu…” Mo Jiaxing yelled toward Mu Zhuoyun.

“Oh, it’s Mo Jiaxing?” Mu Zhuoyun squinted his eyes, he still recognized this old chauffeur.

“Seeing how it’s been so many years, let’s not make it difficult for a child. Think about, today, in front of these many people, and many of them are his classmates, teachers, friends…” Mo Jiaxing hurriedly pleaded.

“Don’t, don’t. Don’t talk to me about how many years it’s been. You talk about it as though I didn’t give wages to you, that time I had already been lenient toward your feelings. This time, no matter what you say, I will definitely not let him go!” Mu Zhuoyun’s attitude was firm.

Mo Jiaxing immediately began to panic. He really did not think there was such a thing involving apologizing and kowtowing.

With the generations nowadays, and being in their prime, what kind of attack would his self esteem receive if he were to kowtow and apologize in front of this many people?

“Then… then I’ll take his place. Let me take his place. Child was not taught, Father takes the responsibility. I’ll take his place to kowtow and apologize to you. When you’re satisfied, that’s when I’ll get up!” Mo Jiaxing said with panic on his face.

Words were just words. This old chauffeur really knelt down in front of the numerous people, his pair of wrinkly eyes looked up to regard the still-sitting Mu Zhuoyun.

Everyone’s gazes immediately focused on Mo Jiaxing’s body.

As Mo Jiaxing felt these gazes on him, he also felt a great humiliation.

However, if they thought about it, if they were to let Mo Fan, who had cultivated his magic to far beyond the same level as his peers, to do this kind of stuff, then the humiliation would definitely be magnified numerous times.

He had already received the approval of the important characters of Bo City, and he nearly defeated the Yu Ang whom the Mu Family had carefully nurtured. In these three years, he must’ve been practising really hard… He was a very clever young man. The reason as to why he had gone and made such a bet with Mu Zhuoyun was because he wanted to give his total failure of a Father the face he had lost when he was driven away like a dog.

This child was way stronger than himself. In the future, he would definitely become an extremely excellent Magician. If he were to let his son kowtow to someone, then it would be a traumatic experience that he would carry on for life. He himself was just an old chauffeur, an old man with no future prospects. This kind of where you’d lose your face for life thing didn’t hurt him at all.

Watching Mu Zhuoyun, Mo Jiaxing saw that Mu Zhuoyun clearly would not cool his temper. He clenched his teeth as he kowtowed.

On the dueling arena, Mo Fan suddenly saw this scene. His heart felt like it was hit by an arrow, receiving a pain he had never felt before.

The tall and aloof people will be that way from the start to the end.

The lowly people will forever be lowly people.

Are people really equal in this society?

If it really was equal, then there wouldn’t exist such a thing as being driven away because he and Mu Ningxue was close.

If it really was equal, then their own house wouldn’t have been taken. For him, that house that blocked the wind and sheltered them from rain was just one of the drops in the ocean for Mu He!

If it really were equal, then there wouldn’t be all that Magic Equipment bought using money in a Magic Duel that was witnessed by all these people. It was like a colossal mountain that would make a grassroot like him feel like it was incredibly difficult to cross!

In the old days, social rankings were really clear, they would force people to distinctly understand where they belonged in this society. In the current age, the scariest thing lay in the fact that although you were at same level as them, what you would be unaware of is that no one will tell you before you exit school that once you entered society, it would be like a bolt from the blue, rumbling down. It would catch you unprepared, and you’ll be in so much pain that you’d rather die.

The kneeling people? The sitting people?

Although you stand most of the time, but there’s no difference between that and kneeling!

“Father, stand up!” Mo Fan faced toward the place where Mo Jiaxing and Mu Zhuoyun were.

Mo Jiaxing turned his head around, but his knees didn’t have the courage to stand up. Mo Jiaxing was too scared of Mu Zhuoyun wanting Mo Fan to personally come and apologize.

Mu Zhuoyun remained sitting there, looking indifferent.

Mo Fan glanced at his own father, who once again had made a great sacrifice for him, and then at the Mu Zhuoyun who didn’t have any interest in letting the matter go.

“Father, don’t return the gift back to Mu Zhuoyun this early, the duel isn’t over yet.” Mo Fan looked at Mo Jiaxing, his eyes filled with icy rage.

“Return the gift?” Mo Jiaxing had no idea on what his own son was saying.

Mu Zhuoyun didn’t know what this guy was saying either.

Return the gift? Are you saying that I, Mu Zhuoyun, also need to kneel down and apologize to you!?

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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