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Chapter 80 - Level 3 Ice Spread!

He lightly raised his palm, and the ball of flames on his palm rolled down.

As the flames fell down, the scarlet red fires instantly spread beneath his feet as they turned into a gorgeous scarlet carpet.

These flames began to burn around Mo Fan’s surroundings. He already had the body of a Fire user, and thus, even if flames were to burn around his body, they would not affect him too much. Furthermore, there were still layers of ice accumulating under his feet. As the frost encountered Mo Fan’s flames, melting began to occur instantly!

Raising his head as he stood there in the middle of the flames, Mo Fan had a smile on his face, carrying hints of provocation as he looked at Yu Ang.

The Ice Spread that was everywhere had melted into water from the effects of Scorch. Mo Fan didn’t even need to move to accomplish a state where he didn’t need to worry about being frozen into an ice cube.

“Using the Fire Burst, Scorch on his surroundings, thus, removing the effects of being frozen from the Ice Spread. This guy is pretty clever!” Mrs. Tangyue who was seated in the audience had a trace of a smile on her face.

Even if the students from the Magic Schools have been learning Magic, their understanding toward the uses of Magic were still incredibly limited. Just like the Fire Burst spell, practically every fire student who cast Fire Burst would subconsciously use the Fire Burst to directly attack their foe’s body by throwing it.

In fact, the effects of Fire Burst’s Scorch had many usages. For example, let’s say if you cast it on a fixed area, causing it to ignite a continued fire, it would be able to turn into a Fire Wall that could seal roads and cut them off. If you were to do it like Mo Fan, directly allowing the flames to roll beneath his feet, relying on his natural resistance to fire, that would cause a layer of protection in the form of fire. The protection of these flames could at very least shatter the freezing effects of an Ice Mage’s Ice Spread.

“A level 1 Fire Burst broke the level 2 Ice Spread’s freezing effects. This is a little interesting,” Principal Zhu nodded.

During the stage where you were lacking in spells, being able to flexibly use what you had was a very profound skill.

Clearly, on the first exchange, Mo Fan still occupied some advantage.

“My turn.” Mo Fan stood in the center of the flames that were protecting him, his Star Path connected once more inside his pupils.

The speed of connecting the Star Paths were very quick, he casually grasped his hands.

One more Fire Burst emerged on top of Mo Fan’s palm, but the intensity of the flames this time were different. You could tell the Fire Burst that emerged within Mo Fan’s hands was impetuous!

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones!”

The temperature of the raging flames increased, and a dazzling scarlet red Fire Ball was thrown out. It left behind a long flame remnant as it streaked across the line of sight of the spectators before it accurately fell toward Yu Ang.

“It’s the second level of Fire Burst! If you are touched by this, then you will definitely be directly burned into ashes!”

The present number of knowledgeable people was not small in number. After they saw Mo Fan easily cast the second level of Fire Burst, their hearts began to billow.

“Yu Ang’s Ice Spread was broken, now he will be more passive,” Guo Caitang said, slightly worried.

“Don’t worry.” Mu He was the opposite.

Mu Zhuoyun carried his accustomed smile, as though everything was under his control.

Fire Burst: Burning Bones finally fell down. However, the people quickly realized that Yu Ang’s speed had suddenly accelerated, he actually moved four or five meters to the side when the flames approached him. The fast speed caused the people to feel dazzled. The people were astonished, as they had no idea how Yu Ang could suddenly change his location.

As Mo Fan saw the Burning Bones flames had landed on a piece of empty ground, his brow slightly creased.

He was able to see it clearly. This guy Yu Ang’s leather shoes had emitted a dim yellow light, and after that, Yu Ang acted like he had gained the Earth Ripple spell, his body shifted a few paces away.

Shit, it was a piece of Magical Equipment!

Magical Boots, an Earth Magic Equipment with the Earth Ripple spell!

Having the earth element’s Earth Ripple spell appearing out of nowhere caused the plan in Mo Fan’s heart to go awry.

Fortunately, this imprint spell within the Magic Equipment needed a Magic Stone every time you used it, and then you needed to recharge it to continue using it. Or else, Mo Fan didn’t need to fight in this duel anymore. The flying speed of the Fire Burst was fast, but it still wouldn’t be faster than the opponent’s monstrous Earth Ripple movement.

“If you think your little flames could cause me to be useless in front of you, then you are too naive. This farce that has been preserved for two years should end. I will let you live, or else I won’t be able to see you kowtow in front of my adoptive father in front of the gaze of all these people!” Yu Ang laughed like a maniac.

Yu Ang raised his two hands and in a split second, the entire field looked as though it was completely engulfed by a snowstorm. An driving snow descended from the sky, the cold pierced the bones and froze every object into an ice cube.

The violent snow descended, the temperature rapidly fell. It fell so much that even the flames were unable to continue burning.

This kind of cold, it was almost as though it froze the air!

“Ice Spread, Blizzard!”

Yu Ang was like a Snow Beast as he arrogantly stood in the middle of this incomparably concentrated snow.

The entire duel arena was boundless, the cold snow was grim and ruthless, it was like a disaster had descended in winter. It didn’t allow a way for any of the living things here to survive.

The people sitting on the two sides of seats fell into a world of ice and snow. They subconsciously began to hug their own chests as their teeth began to shiver.

“Holy crap, the last time I met Yu Ang, he had only grasped  Ice Spread: Coagulate. After not seeing him for a whole year, he has actually cultivated his Ice Spread to the realm of third level. Ice Spread: Blizzard is basically an ice disaster falling, extinguishing the flames! No matter where that kid called Mo Fan hides in this duel arena, he will still be frozen into an ice cube in just a matter of seconds!” Feishi was unable to hold himself down no more as he yelled out.

Feishi clearly remembered that when they were dealing with the One-eyed Magic Wolf, Yu Ang and Guo Caitang’s cultivation were about the same. Up until now, Guo Caitang still hadn’t grasped the third level of Ice Spread, yet Yu Ang had actually reached this realm. Just what kind of degree of cultivation speed was this?!

“It’s over, it’s over. Can’t you see that Mo Fan’s protective fire has been extinguished? After the snow has completely fallen, we will be able to see a human shaped ice sculpture,” Li Wenjie exclaimed.

Principal Zhu, Deng Kai, Yang Zuohe etc were all feeling the same. The present guests were gasping one by one.

18 years old, this was Yu Ang’s 18 years old Coming-of-age Ceremony. Many old Magicians who had reached 40-50 years old would brag about their second level of Ice Spread spell, yet, he had reached 18 years old and had already grasped a realm many Ice Magicians were unable to cross in their whole life. They really had no idea on what to say.

“Today should be like this.”

“Mo Fan also has a Magical Equipment…” Instructor Luo Yuanbo noted.

Zhankong shook his head, “A Bone Scythe Shield is useless against a spell like Ice Spread.”

The Bone Scythe Shield was actually a really good defensive Magical Equipment, but so what if its defensive ability was stronger than Ice element? Either way, the copper-clad iron bone would still be turned into an ice sculpture beneath the Ice Spread.

Mo Fan’s Magic Equipment was basically completely useless in this duel.

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