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Chapter 79 - Magic Duel!

“Crap, this old guy Mu Zhuoyun is really going all out, are you able to count how much Magic Equipments and how many Magic Tools are on his body?” As Deng Kai saw this, he almost jumped out of his chair.

Principal Zhu repeatedly shook his head.

The reason why the numerous students from school were unable to beat the disciples of an Ancestral Family was not just because their cultivation was slightly lacking, but their equipment was definitely not as good.

At this Coming-of-Age Ceremony, who knew how many Magic Tools and how much Magic Equipment old man Mu Zhuoyun had given to Yu Ang.

What about Mo Fan?

Other than the Bone Scythe Shield he received from Zhankong, it appeared that he has nothing else.

How do you even fight this?!

Seeing this scene, Principal Zhu and many other people from the school were slightly dejected.

“Deng Kai, since this duel was approved by you, then you can be the referee for it this time.” Mu Zhuoyun gave a slight smile, he was waiting to see a good play around the cat dominating the rat.

Deng Kai really did not know what to say, he could only pray for Mo Fan in his heart.

“The two are both well-known figures amongst the younger generations, having the duel is to motivate you to work even harder on your cultivation… Either way, take your positions!” Deng Kai stood in between the two young Magicians as he said this with a voice everyone could hear.

Deng Kai then slowly took a few steps back, but he did not completely exit the field.

At that spot, if something were to happen, then he could quickly put a stop to it.

“Alright, shake hands. Wait for my signal to star,.” Deng Kai said.

Mo Fan and Yu Ang were facing each other as they both extended their arms.

An wisp of ice condensed on Yu Ang’s palm. At the instant Mo Fan shook hands with him, he could feel a cold air penetrating into the depths of his bone marrow.

Mo Fan’s response was quick, as his arm turned burning red. The flames were protecting his own flesh, arteries, and bones. With his face remaining the same, he raised his other hand to erect a middle finger toward Yu Ang.

“You really are a little rat that doesn’t know anything. However, that won’t be a problem, I will freeze your brain that is filled with water; that way, it could perhaps make you more clear-headed.” After Yu Ang let go of his hand, he turned around as he let out a cold laugh before taking his position.

“Idiot,” Mo Fan replied.

After returning to his designated place after turning around, Mo Fan subconsciously closed his eyes for a moment. He opened his eyes again as his gaze swept across his surroundings.

When he had entered this manor, he had forgotten how many eyes he had seen that carried ridicule and sympathy, and there were many who were saying to him that he was incredibly brave yet, the corners of their mouth let out a shallow smile of disdain that meant “You’re overestimating your own strength, simply attempting the impossible.”

In this world, there would always be someone who thought they were clever. Using the excuse of being experienced and schadenfreude tendencies, they would judge you based on every action that appeared to be overstepping your boundaries. They themselves were trapped in a cage of mediocrity, and they were all living in a system they thought no one was able to jump out of. Thus, they thought and hoped for everyone to be the same as them. Furthermore, they used an opinionated and short-sighted belief to ridicule the people who dared to do anything more.

These people loved to rejoice over other people’s misfortunes, incessantly gossip, loved to show off their limited knowledge and sense of superiority...

Today is the day Mo Fan would make them all shut up!

“Duel, begin!” As a command came, Deng Kai had thoroughly declared the beginning of the Magic Duel which Mo Fan has been waiting for for a long time.

In the next second, Mo Fan’s pupils instantly emitted scarlet fire rays. Within the fire ray, you could clearly see the seven flame stars, they quickly connected to each other to form a Star Path.

Dazzling Star Path, magic come forth!

A ball of flames ignited on top of Mo Fan’s palm. The scorching flame sprites were excitedly jumping around, impatient to scorch all of the inflammable materials in the surroundings!

“Fire Burst, Scorch!”

The speed of Mo Fan’s completion of Star Path was fast, the people could still feel the sounds of Deng Kai’s declaration of battle resounding within their ears.

The adept casting naturally startled everyone present.

“It seems like he’s still got some ability, the problem is that this first level of Fire Burst is completely useless.”

“Strange, hasn’t this guy already grasped the Fire Burst, Burning Bones? Why is he using the first level, Fire Burst, Scorch? The power of Burning Bones is much stronger than Scorch, since he already seized the opportunity of casting Magic first, why isn’t he being more fierce?” Instructor Luo Yunbo immediately revealed the suspicions in his heart.

The people who somewhat knew of Mo Fan already knew that Mo Fan was the first person in the entire school to have grasped the second level of Primary Magic. The might of Fire Burst, Burning Bones had already been displayed back in Practicals. In this important duel, why did he decide to cast a Fire Burst, Scorch?

On the other side, Yu Ang was not in a hurry at all. He stood there watching Mo Fan finishing his Star Path, it looked as though he was saying, “So what if you finish your Magic spell first?”

“Ice Spread!” Yu Ang no longer waited, he also used his intent to control all of his stars.

He was just as adept at it as Mo Fan. Spirals of cold air swirled around the expensive white clothing that Yu Ang wore.

“Ice Spread, Coagulate!”

Yu Ang continued to chant the name of his magic. In a split second, the entire duel arena’s temperature abruptly dropped. It went from originally hot midsummer to a cold winter season.

Snowflakes were floating, there were partially frozen layers of frost and ice motes fluttering through the air.

The white snow of frost descended upon Mo Fan. With the speed of the Ice Spread’s freezing, if Mo Fan were to stand more than three seconds within the area of the Ice Spread, the lower part of his body would definitely be frozen.

Ice Spread was an extremely advantageous spell during a showdown.

At the primary caster level, only the Wind and Earth elements had any movement spells.

The effect of Ice Spread had always been an entire area. Once it arrived and the snow frost fell to the ground, the Magician would have to escape from this area within three seconds or else they’d be frozen still. The people who weren’t fast enough were completely unable to escape from the frozen zone.

Yu Ang’s Ice Spread covered a large area around where Mo Fan was. Even if Mo Fan were to do all he can to run from this, he definitely could not escape the range of Ice Spread within three seconds. Thus, after 3 seconds, Mo Fan would become a human target.

After that, Yu Ang will continue to cover the place with yet another layer of Ice Spread. Mo Fan would become an Ice Sculpture that would attract the laughter of the people in yet another three seconds.

There was nothing to be done about it. Ice Element was basically a no-brainer when it came to dealing with slower Magicians and Magical Beasts. This was because Ice Spread was said to be the spell that required no technique within Primary Magic, yet still very useful!

“Shit, did this kid go crazy, why is he still standing there?”

“If it was me, I’d just start running. The second you get frozen, it’ll be over.”

Mo Fan didn’t run. If it was any other knowledgeable Magicians facing Ice Spread, they would start moving so they wouldn’t be easily frozen.

“You want to freeze me?” At this time, Mo Fan had already burst out with a smile.

Mo Fan didn’t throw the flames in his hands at Yu Ang. In fact, he was very clear that the small level one Fire spell was definitely not able to emerge victorious against Yu Ang. This Fire Burst: Scorch possessed another clever function!

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