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Chapter 81 - Fire Burst: Rupture!!

“Let Yu Ang finish. If he were to freeze his face, then it would halt his breathing, that would be a danger to Mo Fan’s life.” Principal Zhu looked like he had predicted this result before he spoke to Deng Kai.

“Don’t worry, a Fire student won’t die that easily under the snow.” Mu Zhuoyun was so happy that he began to stroke his beard.

Looking at the surrounding guests, they all appeared to be completely dumbstruck.

Hahaha, I bet you guys didn’t think that Yu Ang, who has just turned eighteen, would have grasped the third level of Ice Spread already!

Generally speaking, if you were able to grasp the second level spell before you graduated from Tian Lan Magic High as a student, then you’d be a top-notch student. If this kind of student also received a good grade on their Practicals, then the majority of them would definitely be able to enter a good Magic University.

As for the third level spell, who knew how many years it would take to learn that!

His adopted son, Yu Ang had actually grasped it by the age of eighteen, surpassing all of the fifteen hundred students of Tian Lan Magic High, and surpassing all the other powerful disciples.

This little thing Mo Fan really is overestimating his own abilities. Later, when you get knocked out, I, Mu Zhuoyun will still not let you off that easily. I’ll let you curse, little brat, I’ll let you do that. Didn’t it feel good that year when you cursed at me? Am I still not able to control you, little bastard?

“Nevertheless, the Mu Family can still produce these talents. Admirable.”

“Old brother Zhuoyun, this move of yours was a little unexpected. Third level of Ice Spread, you sure hid that one deep. Fortunately, I didn’t let my dog of a son compare himself with your Yu Ang, or else he’d become just like this pitiable student,” an old married woman laughed bitterly to herself.

“Sigh, with the third level of Ice Spread appearing, he’s basically now in control of all the younger generations of Bo City. Indeed a hero of the young.”

The intimidation of the Third level of Ice Spread was indeed strong, it essentially caused this duel to no longer have any leeway for the wider number of people. All the guests basically started to congratulate and flatter Mu Zhuoyun.

Mu Zhuoyun was enjoying it. Making the Coming-of-Age Ceremony this grandiose was so he could show the people of Bo City how strong the Mu Family’s younger generation was.

“Deng Kai, it’s about time.” In the end. Principal Zhu was still relatively worried for Mo Fan.

“Deng Kai, how come you haven’t stopped it yet? Mo Fan doesn’t have a single Magic Equipment to resist this. If you delay it any longer, his blood flow will also stop. That will have a great effect on him.”

In the middle of the duel, Deng Kai actually wanted to stop this duel with a huge gap between the powers. However, in that boundless snow were radiating round flames that caused Deng Kai to immediately dispel his thoughts.

“Old Zhu, I’m afraid this Mo Fan isn’t as simple as we imagined him to be.” Deng Kai’s gaze was tightly locked onto Mo Fan.

Principal Zhu’s heart was filled with suspicion. Just when he was about to say something, incomparably bright and colorful flames ignited within the boundless snow and caught his attention.

In this kind of situation, he still wanted to persist and finish a Fire Burst?

Fire Burst’s, Burning Bones’s might would substantially decline beneath the pressure of this large amount of snow. Even if its might didn’t decline, Principal Zhu refused to believe that Yu Ang wouldn’t have any defensive Magic Equipment.

In other words, even if Mo Fan was able to complete a Fire Burst before he got frozen, his Fire Burst would still be deflected by Yu Ang who hadn’t used his defensive Magic Equipment. This kind of struggle...

Huh, something is wrong!

This Fire Burst...

Principal Zhu’s eyes suddenly widened. Using his powerful perception, he was actually able to see the intense and incredibly frantic fire element energy within the boundless snow!

This wasn’t the second level Fire Burst, Burning Bones!

The tiny ball of flames possessed an incomparable penetrative power and boiling temperature, it shot through the snow, which was incapable of cooling off the flames!

The Fire Burst once again landed in front of Yu Ang who was controlling the ice and snow.

Yu Ang sneered with disdain, he used his intent to search for the defensive Magic Equipment within his Spiritual World.

“Ice Dust Shield!”

Yu Ang awoke the Shield Magic Equipment imprint within his spirit. In an instant, the specks of ice frost quickly formed into a large, curved Ice Dust Shield in front of him. This Ice Shield was enough to completely protect him while he was behind it.

As the guests saw this scene, some began to sigh and others started to mock.

There was no need to continue this useless struggle. A free player like you will definitely not able to win against a premium player.

“Fire Burst…”


From within the ruthless and boundless snow, Mo Fan’s resounding chant suddenly spread around the duel arena.

After the sound faded, a frightening scarlet red emerged from center of the vast expanse of whiteness that was the arena.

The scarlet red was only the size of a candle light in the beginning, however, in the next second, an enormous explosion sound was heard.

“ ~~~~~~~~!!!!”

Without warning, the raging flames suddenly burst open.

Waves of fire began to wash over with the Fire Burst ball in the middle, scorching tongues of fire were frantically fluttering.

A dazzling scarlet red, and a boiling heat. The air began to vibrate from the sound of explosion, and the undulations were all transmitted towards the guests who were sitting on their seats.

As everyone saw this, they were completely dumbstruck. Their eyes sank into that ball of rupturing Fire Burst.


How is this Fire Burst’s Burning Bones!?

Fire Burst: Rupture!

This is the third level of the Fire element spell!

The people hadn’t regained their senses from the shock of Yu Ang’s elevation, far surpassing his peers. Now, they were all being blasted away by Mo Fan’s Rupture. Their hearts were all trembling, unable to calm down.

The Captain of the City Hunter Squad, Xu Dahuang, looked as though his eyes were coming off.

Fire Burst: Rupture was his ultimate move. With the help of this third level of Fire Burst, he could be counted as an outstanding Magician amongst the hunters. The problem was that he is close to a thirty year-old Magician, and the Fire Burst: Rupture was something he had poured all his strength into to break through. A third-year high school Magic student who hadn’t even graduated yet had actually grasped it… This really was difficult for him to accept!

Principal Zhu, and Deng Kai had already sensed Mo Fan’s Fire Burst from the beginning. However, even now, their hearts were still unable to calm down.

After running a school for so many years, a student who was able to grasp the third level of Fire Burst before graduation… They couldn’t even remember how many years it had been since the last one!

You had to know that just a few seconds ago, they were sighing about how an Ancestral Family’s Disciple was the disciple of an Ancestral Family. No matter how excellent a student of a Magic School was, they still wouldn’t be able to contend. Who would’ve known that in the next moment, Mo Fan gave them something that exceeded their imagination?

Was this kid a freak?

He was still capable of cultivating to this kind of realm in school, a place that had a limited amount of resources!

Yang Zuohe from the Magic Association was flabbergasted upon seeing this. He swept past the people in the surroundings who were completely stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Has this kid been pulled in by anyone? If not, then I want him!”

The Zhou Family’s Zhou Mingjun was unsatisfied as he immediately said, “Your Magic Association doesn’t have any good Fire elemental resources, you should leave him to our Zhou Family.”

“This kid belongs to our army, don’t you steal him from us!” Luo Yunbo was unable to hold himself back, he hurriedly stood up and said his part.

Yu Ang, a disciple of an Ancestral Family, had practically the best resources which Bo City could offer. In this kind of situation, he had cultivated to the third level of the Ice element spell, which caused people to lament endlessly. A student from Tian Lan Magic High who was able to achieve the same realm would definitely disturb the entirety of Bo City!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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