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Chapter 71 - Spirit Grade Stardust Magic Tool

Not long after, Battlemages started appearing in this banyan tree-filled old residential area.

Among them was a Healing Mage, who was currently healing Captain Xu Dahuang’s ripped-open chest. Fortunately, Xu Dahuang was a Magician and his body had been strengthened by his Stardust. If he had been a common person, then he would’ve died on the spot.

After seeing the large blood scar stretching from Xu Dahuang’s chest to his abdomen, Mo Fan also realized the importance of a defense spell. At same time, he also rejoiced over the magical Bone Scythe Shield in his hands, or else he would’ve died already.

“Mr. Yang, I think we should still sound the alert. The frequency of the appearances of the Magical Beast are somewhat high, it’s a bit unusual,” Guo Caitang said to the Intermediate Mage, Yang Zuohe.

“Our Magic Association is already in discussion with the Hunters Union. The government is also contemplating this matter. The only thing is that we have already sounded the alert not too long ago, so sounding another one in such a short time could very easily give rise to panic,” Yang Zuohe replied worriedly.

“A One-eyed Magic Wolf, a Magical Beast that isn’t supposed to appear in the city, still appeared… Which is to say that there are some bad things happening,” Guo Caitang retorted.

“Don’t worry, we are already investigating this matter. We have already a reinforced the safety of the city with people. There are still some bizarre situations that we are unable to deal with, that’s why we still need your Beast Hunter Teams to help,” Yang Zuohe answered.

“We will naturally do our best, it’s just the Captain has suffered some injuries, thus, our actions…” Guo Caitang trailed off.

“I will let a Fire Magician temporarily fill your Captain’s post until he recuperates. Speaking of which, when did your team add a new member, and it’s actually a Lightning Mage?” Yang Zuohe asked as he smiled slightly at Mo Fan.

“Recruited from the auditions.”

“Recruited from the auditions??” Yang Zuohe was dumbstruck as he helplessly said, “It’s my first time hearing of a Lightning Mage going to a recruitment fair.”

Everyone began to laugh as their gazes turned to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan’s performance had actually surprised everyone. When everyone thought they would get killed by the evolving One-eyed Magic Wolf, he used the second level of Lightning Strike to create a decisive event. The Hunter Team rejoiced over the fact that they had picked up this kind of Lightning Mage who was willing to move around the City with them. One had to understand that Lightning Mages who has grasped the second level of Lightning Strike were mostly employed by the large, ancestral families. Even if they were to go to the Hunters Union, Magic Association or the government, they would still be able to freely choose a position of equivalent level.

Yu Ang was standing there as he saw everyone’s gazelock onto that young Lightning Mage, he couldn’t help but frown.

Even if he had the light from the major Ice element family, or even excelled among the peers of his age, the splendor of the Lightning Element would still be able to overshadow him.

“Caitang, in order to prevent Fan Mo from changing jobs, how about you use your body to tie him down. In any case, he has saved your life once already, and you still don’t know how to repay him,” Feishi spoke up.

“Get out!” Guo Caitang’s arrogant face was blushing as she viciously cursed back.

On the side, Yu Ang’s face also immediately turned increasingly gloomy.


The disturbance caused by the One-eyed Magic Wolf had finally settled down.

After changing his clothes, he returned to the school dorms. When Mo Fan was about to climb over the walls, he discovered a delicate little shadow flashing past by the gate.

“Zhoumin?” Mo Fan was a little surprised. Why hadn’t the girl returned back home to sleep, what was she doing squatting here?

“Mo Fan, that’s good… I thought you…” After Zhoumin saw Mo Fan was safe and sound, her eyes began to tear up.

Zhoumin was, after all, a girl at the peak of her prime. She was particularly moved over the time when Mo Fan sacrificed his own life to save everyone during the Practicals. However, she was unable to express herself due to her arrogant pride obstructing the way. This time, due to her grandmother’s matter, she almost made Mo Fan lose his life again. Mo Fan had once more saved not only her life, but also her grandmother’s, and she had no idea how to repay the kindness.

As Mo Fan saw Zhoumin was weeping, he also felt really awkward.

“In short, thank you for saving my grandmother. My parents are always busy, so I grew up with my grandmother…” Zhoumin continued.

After consoling her for a good while, Mo Fan advised Zhoumin to return to the female dorms.

A boy sending a girl home in the late evening while the girl is crying, this scene would cause many to have ideas.

After returning to the dorms, his dorm mates began to question regarding how it was. Boring, this daddy, I, is saving the world, alright!?

After everyone had gone to sleep, Mo Fan ran to the water tower on the roof of the school building.

This place was Mo Fan’s holy ground for cultivating. Most of the time there wouldn’t be any people disturbing him.

“How come the Little Loach Pendant didn’t have any reaction after eating that Soul Essence, it’s like it is sound asleep?” Mo Fan sat down on the roof of the tower as he began to talk to himself.

After saying this, the Little Loach Pendant was like an infant as it woke up. It gently trembled as it let out a blossoming radiance that covered its circumference by a finger-length.

This radiance looked extremely viscous, it felt like it was like a silk wrapping around the pitch-black pendant.

Spinning a cocoon to use for rebirth?

Seeing the Little Loach Pendant’s transformation, Mo Fan couldn’t help but think of a word.

In fact, the Little Loach Pendant was slowly being wrapped in the radiance, and was indeed undergoing a transformation. Its old surface had some evident transformations appearing; it was no longer as rusty or stained. It now looked as glossy as jade.

“The thing which Old man Ying had left for me is indeed a treasure!” Mo Fan was entranced.

He could distinctly feel the changes to the Loach Pendant. After the transformation had finished, its location on his chest was continually receiving a very comfortable flow of energy.

When he was being nourished by the Common grade Stardust Magic Tool, it was like being soaked by a spring. His entire body would smooth out from the flow of the comfortable heat, the feeling of quickly loosening up his body and mind was extremely evident.

However, after the Loach Pendant had transformed, Mo Fan could increasingly feel like he was being covered by something unique. If he really were to describe it, it would be a soft silk...

That soft silk would not be a burden to the actions performed by his body. It was tighty stuck to his entire body, causing Mo Fan, who had just gone through a big battle, to instantly feel fresh and comfortable. It was like an infant lying down on a soft baby’s bed that carried serenity and peace.

Mo Fan was delighted.

Even though he had never seen a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool, he was still able to clearly feel that this kind of effect from the nourishment definitely belonged to a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool. Other than feeling his exhaustion was quickly dissipating, Mo Fan could feel his own Stardust being showered with nourishment; this kind of feeling was like he was meditating.

“It is able to increase cultivation without meditating??” Mo Fan was thoroughly shocked!

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