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Chapter 72 - The Incredible Life Starts Now!

The amount of time Mo Fan could endure meditating for was already much longer than other people. With the assistance of the Stardust Magic tool, he could cultivate for 12 hours a day and it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, the time a person had was still limited. If an even higher grade of Stardust Magic Tool allowed him to continue cultivating for an increasingly longer period of time, then it wouldn’t mean much at all. It’s not like Mo Fan would meditate for 24 hours a day!

After experiencing combat, Mo Fan understood that if a Magician solely relied on meditation to increase their strength, it would not be enough. On the contrary, experiencing combat, being in a life-threatening circumstances and having the thirst to become stronger when faced against a powerful foe, these had a certain degree of inducing a slow but definite range of increase in Stardust.

Thus, Mo Fan needed to maintain a long cultivation time everyday while he also had to join the operations of the Hunter Team.

If an even higher grade of Stardust Magic Tool only increased a Mage’s cultivation time, then it wouldn’t be very effective for someone like Mo Fan who could already cultivate for ten or so hours everyday.

What went beyond Mo Fan’s expectations was that the Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool could allow Mo Fan to continually meditate, but also directly nourished his Stardust to a certain degree.

When he was not meditating, his Stardust could still slowly grow.

When he meditated, then it would have an even higher effect on the growth of his Stardust than normal!

Mo Fan had already attained a longer degree of increase to his meditation time, and if the effects of meditating received a boost, then that was increasing his power like a rocket!

Awesome! If it’s like this, then not only will I be able to advance to the third level of the Fire spell before I graduate, but my Lightning spells will also be able to advance to the third level! If I were to strive even harder, I might even be able to touch the threshold to Intermediate Mage!

When the stars reached level 3, it signified that the Stardust was not too far away from transforming into a Nebula!

Mo Fan had already researched many things concerning Intermediate Mages.

The element that was first formed within a Magician’s Spiritual World was known as a Stardust.

When the Stardust within the Magician’s Spiritual World turned into a Nebula, the star orbit would appear increasingly magnificent and bright. That meant the Magician had reached the Intermediate level!

The Nebula was much bigger than the Stardust. If the Stardust was just a tiny, sparkling dust in the vast universe, then the Nebula would be a cloud where starlights converged. The Nebula contained increasingly larger amounts of mana. This would signify that the mighty, formidable Intermediate Magicians could rip open the vast sky, and grandly arrive.

When you linked the stars within a Stardust, they would become Primary Magic spells!

When you formed a Star Map with the stars within a Nebula, they would become Intermediate Magic spells!

Mo Fan definitely did not forget that when the Intermediate Mage named Yang Zuohe cast his Intermediate Magic, beneath his foot was an incomparably mysterious and magnificent Star Map. It was different from the radiance of a Star Path, the Star Map was far stranger and mightier, the power within it was enough to earn the boundless admiration of all the Magicians who were still hovering around the Primary level.

The Intermediate Water Magic that was able to wash the entire street, Violent Wave, and the Intermediate Wind Magic that was able to lift a One-eyed Magic Wolf that was as heavy as a car ten or so meters into the sky, Wind Disc; let’s not even talk about how cool they were, but their strength was even more abnormal. It was definitely on a whole different league then a Primary spell!

If just the Wind and Water Elements Intermediate Magic were that amazing, then wait until I have grasped the Intermediate spells of Lightning and Fire; then who would need to be afraid of the Mu Family?

Let’s diligently cultivate!

I, Mo Fan’s, incredible life has only just started!


The winter wind was blowing smoothly from the north. Everywhere it went, the trees stripped off the leaves that covered them as they welcomed the breeze with harsh nudity.

In the south, the flora wasn't affected so much by the winds of winter. No matter how strong the wind was, the trees were always suave and green. Having some leaves falling was only giving face to the seasons. The trees were always green, 365 days a year.

Mo Fan was in Bo City, a city that didn’t have very clear seasons. Even the clear seasons would change one day, and that would signify that Father Typhoon was coming.

Yet another typhoon season. Mo Fan and his friends were all curling up in their dorms. The moist and cold dorm building with a somewhat musty smell was mostly silent. Most of the students were expending big efforts for the Magic High Exams next year.

What no one knew was that a mere Magician who graduated High School would still need to struggle within society. If you weren’t able to strive for a higher position, then it’d be increasingly more difficult to cultivate to a higher level of Magic. If you genuinely wanted to stand out from your peers and become a Magician that would receive people’s reverence, then you must enter a Magic University. That way, your chances of becoming an Intermediate Magician would be significantly bigger.

Intermediate Magician, that was a Magician’s one chance to completely change their life. All of the students were all doing their best to strive for this chance.

“Big Brother Mo Fan, I awakened the Healing element. So if big brother Mo Fan were to receive any injuries, then I can use magic to heal you,” came a text message along with an adorable smiling face.

Mo Fan was slightly astonished.

What the heck, what is this?

“Healing element? How come you awakened the Healing element? All of us awakened a basic elemental, so how come you awakened a Light Magic during your primary awakening?” Mo Fan urgently sent a text back to ask.

“The vast majority of everyone’s first element awakening is a basic element. However, there are bound to be some few exceptions. I have heard that others could use some unusual item to conduct their awakening, this would give them a definite chance of awakening a certain Magic element,” Ye Xinxia texted back.

“Conduct Awakening?” If I were to reach the Intermediate level and wanted to awaken an element, then couldn’t I use the conducting way that you mentioned to complete it?” Mo Fan was delighted, he felt as though he had gained a whole new view of heaven and earth.

“You can, the prerequisite is that you need to be able to gather the conducting materials.”

“Xinxia, I love you to death, you have helped me solve a huge and difficult issue.” Mo Fan’s dull mood immediately turned happy.

He had always thought that the awakening was random, whatever element you grabbed would be it. He never thought that there’d be something like Awakening Conduction in this world. In that case, after reaching the Intermediate level and obtaining a chance at awakening his second element, if he were to use the Awakening Conduction, then he could receive the Dark element!

The window of Magic was unceasingly opening widely for Mo Fan in this short period of time. Every time it opened, Mo Fan could see a future that he yearned for, driving him to passionately cultivate!

The progress of his Lightning and Fire Stardusts had gone smoothly, the speed of their advancement was a few times faster than his expectations. Especially after meditating, and joining the Hunter Teams for combat, he had shaken off many of his peers.

However, this kind of things did not necessarily need to be boasted about. On the day of the Magic High Exams, his peers would definitely be so surprised that their chins would come crashing down to the cement floor!

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