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Chapter 70 - Magic Wolf Soul Essence

“Sorry, I’m late. Is Xu Dahuang alright?” A middle aged man with a dark blue shirt was standing on top of an old building, and beneath his feet was a gradually fading Star Map. It looked dazzling.

It was very clear that this person was Yang Zuohe, and should be the closest Intermediate ranked Magician to this place. Fortunately, Xu Dahuang and Guo Caitang had notified him in time.

Yang Zuohe still had some lingering fears as he looked toward the renovating buildings in the flourishing commercial streets. From his position, he could see these people who were still shopping, completely unaware of the danger they were in.

If the One-eyed Magic Wolf successfully evolved and crossed over those buildings, then no one knew what kind of living hell this commercial district would become!

Yang Zuohe, who had been with the Magic Association of Bo City for so many years, had seen all kinds of Magicians. Xu Dahuang’s Hunter Team knew this One-eyed Magic Wolf was at the stage of evolving, yet, they stood their ground and did their best to stop it. This bravery really caused one to feel a great admiration!

“His skin was ripped, his internal organs are fine. He’s still alive, thank the heavens and earth for that.” Li Wenjie helped Xu Dahuang cover his chest that was coated with blood.

To be honest, Li Wenjie didn’t quite understand Captain’s kind of attitude. Could it be that his life as a Magician was less important than those people?

“I have contacted a Healing Mage and they’re on their way here. Think of a way to stop Xu Dahuang’s bleeding. I’ll take this animal’s life!” Yang Zuohe said.

After saying this, Yang Zuohe’s figure suddenly flashed. Mo Fan could only see him leaving behind a cyan-colored Star Path before he quickly disappeared. Moreover, with extreme speed, he approached the One-eyed Magic Wolf that had been washed far away by the Violent Wave.

Mo Fan subconsciously followed this Intermediate Mage’s [path as he finally arrived at the end of the street, to find the One-eyed Magic Wolf covered in debris.

After all, an Intermediate Mage’s might was several times stronger than any Element in the Primary level. Against the One-eyed Magic Wolf that everyone was unable to do anything about, he was able to use the Violent Wave to turn it into a half-dead old dog.

Thinking about it, it seemed about right. With such a ferocious wave swatting onto you, a few bones should be broken. Following the rolling, soaking, and previous attacks, even creatures with a higher strength would also directly be turned into trash on the beach.

Yang Zuohe evidently did not want to let this One-eyed Magic Wolf, who almost became a huge threat, go that easily! He used Wind Track to land in front of the One-eyed Magic Wolf.

“Wind Disc!”

The sound of Magic was heard, Yang Zuohe instantly transformed from a Water Magician into a Wind Magician equipped with the power of wind.

A suppression that caused people to stop breathing emerged from the air.

Suddenly, the surrounding air looked as though it was being pulled away from something as it began to frantically circulate.

Not too far from there, Mo Fan had just arrived in time to see this Intermediate Mage with a dark blue shirt use a single hand to support the gathering power with all his might. Beneath his foot and above his head were bright Star Maps that were reflecting one another; they looked gorgeous!


It wasn’t a gentle wind like the Wind Track, and definitely not the same as the Wind Tunnel that was formed to increase one’s speed. At this very moment, Mo Fan could clearly feel the churning airflow blowing forwards, and circulating at high speed!

In a flash, a shocking turbulent tornado emerged before them.

The Wind Disc tornado pulled the immobile One-eyed Magic Wolf into the air. It drew into an arc as it circulated twenty-something meters above ground.

The Wind Disc tornado which stunned Mo Fan quickly dissipated.

The One-eyed Magic Wolf which appeared to be like a small animal had began to heavily drop from the high sky as the Wind Disc tornado had lost its force!


The cement floor directly became concave as the ground formed a large crater.

The One-eyed Magic Wolf’s body was completely torn and crushed as it hit, its blood splashed everywhere.

From the beginning to the end, this thing no longer let out a domineering roar. In just two Intermediate Magic spells, the Wolf had turned into an extremely mournful carcass.

“Dead??” Mo Fan asked, finding it hard to believe.

“Dead.” Yang Zuohe saw Mo Fan had come along, but still gave a slight smile to show his confidence.

“I… Can I go and take a look?” Mo Fan asked.

“You can. Oh, if I’m not wrong, then the Lightning Strike from before should have been cast by you, right?”

“It was me.”

“Young man, you did well. We, the Magic Association will join with Hunters Union and the Government to give you all a commendation.” Yang Zuohe patted Mo Fan’s shoulder.

Mo Fan approached the One-eyed Magic Wolf that looked nothing like its former glory as he slowly fished out the Little Loach Pendant from his shirt pocket.

The Little Loach had a strong reaction at the moment the One-eyed Magic Wolf had lost its life. It was as though it was beating a pitch no one was able to hear, as though it was shouting out for something...

A strand of Wolf Soul slowly floated out from the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s mouth.

Mo Fan was able to see this Wolf Soul. It looked like a tiny burning moth that had fluttered up from being frightened, looking unsure on where to go.

A radiance emerged from the Little Loach Pendant, and the Wolf Soul looked as though it had found its destination as it quickly floated over...

The Little Loach Pendant directly absorbed the Wolf Soul, and then let out a shivering sound. It was similar to a little child who was happy after having its food.

This time...this time, it didn’t look like a Soul Remnant. After the Little Loach Pendant had absorbed the Wolf Soul, Mo Fan suddenly realized something.

Before when the Little Loach Pendant had absorbed the Soul Remnant, it basically had the weak, nearly invisible light of a firefly, and additionally, the light was particularly muddy. The Little Loach Pendant simply had difficulty absorbing it; it had the attitude of someone who thought it was barely better than nothing.

However, this time, the Little Loach Pendant appeared very thirsty from afar. When it ate the whole Wolf Soul, the entire Loach Pendant appeared happy...

Could it be that it was a Soul Essence this time?

Thinking back on what Guo Caitang had said before, this One-eyed Magic Wolf had stealthily absorbed the colossal power from the Underground Holy Spring of Bo City before it hid within the human city as it sneakily tried to evolve. In other words, this guy had basically received some good nourishment that had caused it to advance in strength and reach the stage where it was going to evolve.

This kind of Magical Beast would have a very high chance of leaving behind a Soul Essence after its death!

Only Soul Magicians were possessed with the ability to collect Soul Essence. If the Intermediate Magician, Yang Zuohe didn’t bring along a special Soul Essence gathering tool, then he wouldn’t be able to see this incomparably pure Soul Essence. 

The Soul Essence of a dead creature would automatically dissipate after three minutes, and it was clear that Yang Zuohe has never collected Souls before. Thus, he didn’t have any interest in the carcass.

Perhaps this Intermediate Magician never thought that the coming kid would actually carry a tool for collecting souls. Just when he had turned his back to tell others to clean up the scene, the Soul Essence valued at five million RMB had been taken away by the harmless-looking Mo Fan. 

The value of an One-eyed Magic Wolf who was on the verge of evolving was very high, but it not was valuable as a Soul Essence that had only a very small chance of appearing!

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