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Chapter 69 - Intermediate level, Violent Wave!

Xiaoke was already completely stunned.

She definitely used her water spell to protect Captain Xu Dahuang, how come the One-eyed Magic Wolf was still able to tear apart Captain’s stomach?!

“Cap-Captain!” Guo Caitang’s entire being was completely dumbstruck.

An One-eyed Magic Wolf who could completely render Fire Burst: Rupture useless and ignore Water Barrier: Protect, was that really a Magical Beast that they faced off against everyday?

“Xiaoke, hurry up and run!” Feishi yelled toward Xiaoke.

After Xiaoke regained her senses, it seemed as though she was soaked in cold water. She could feel the endless ferocity from the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s pupil.

Its next objective was her!

“Lightning Strike, Fierce Whip!”

As everyone sank into a panicked state, traces of purple Lightning covered Mo Fan’s head.

He raised his hand up before suddenly gripping it.

In a split second, all of the traces of Lightning turned into a long Lightning Python. The Lightning Python frantically whipped onto the incomparably malevolent body of the One-eyed Magic Wolf, lacerating its flesh!

Every time the Lightning Whip swatted down, an electric arc would follow up and drill itself into the savage One-eyed Magic Wolf, entering its flesh and bones.

It was different from the primary Lightning Strike: Python Scars. Once you hit them with the whip-like Lightning traces, it would leave behind Lightning prints. These prints would then conduct electricity to each other, sustaining the electric shock to the target organism.


The One-eyed Magic Wolf was in so much pain that it began to howl.

The One-eyed Magic Wolf’s strong, substantial flesh and its steel-like body was able to endure the formidable destructive force of the Fire Burst: Rupture and the Lightning Strike’s frantic whip could only cause superficial wounds. However, its flesh was definitely unable to resist the paralysis caused by the electric shock and the electric arc that was incessantly bouncing around within its body.

“Lightning! The One-eyed Magic Wolf mostly relies on the strength of its body, and is weak against Lightning Magic!” Guo Caitang was suddenly shocked awake.

“This-This is the second level of Lightning Strike!” Feishi was also somewhat stunned.

During the time where these Hunter Team members were unable to do anything, who would’ve thought that the newest member of the Hunter Team who joined not too long ago would actually stand out!

The most important thing was, this kid had actually cultivated his Lightning Strike to the second level when no one was aware of it!

The One-eyed Magic Wolf was already at the stage where its muscles, blood vessels, and bones were transforming. During this kind of transformation, the One-eyed Magic Wolf would directly possess the dreadful combat prowess of a successful evolution. At this time, there was nothing that could be more perfect than a Lightning Mage that was capable of detonating explosives within the creature’s flesh.

Even if it was the second level Lightning Strike, the strongest of the basic elements would only be able to vividly display its dominance in this kind of situation. Adding to the Lightning element’s powerful restraining abilities, it even caused the One-eyed Magic Wolf to actually stagger and feel weak across its entire body.

On the other side was Mo Fan who was standing at a distance, letting loose a long breath.

Fortunately, the second level of Lightning Strike was indeed very effective, or else the consequences would be catastrophic.

“Continue, Fan Mo, continue! Your Lightning Strike is causing its flesh and bones to stop growing. As long as we are able to stop its evolution, we will still have a chance!” Guo Caitang urgently shouted.

Mo Fan nodded.

He connected his Star Path, and the purple traces of Lightning once again emerged on top of Mo Fan’s head.

Even if he was still a bit unfamiliar with using the second level of Lightning Strike, Mo Fan couldn’t afford to have even a slightest bit of error when faced with a life and death situation.

The Lightning Whip once more viciously lashed onto the One-eyed Magic Wolf whose body appeared to be a little deformed. The whip this time not only had the ability to restrict the One-eyed Magic Wolf, it actually caused its body to deflate. Additionally, the growth of One-eyed Magic Wolf’s bones had shown signs of retracting.

“Good job, Fan Mo!”

“We suppressed it!”

“Hit it until it returns to its original form!”

Everyone was unable to contain their excitement. For them, Mo Fan’s Lightning Strike had essentially saved the lives of all of them.

“The paralysis effect of the Lightning Strike isn’t sustainable. After the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s flesh and bones have adapted to the electric shocks, it will be able to expand once more!” Guo Caitang reminded everyone.

Mo Fan himself was extremely clear on the fact that the Lightning Strike’s paralysis effect wasn’t sustainable.

No matter what, he still had delayed it for a bit of time. Mo Fan felt like he had done his best, at least enough to allow Li Wenjie to pull Xu Dahuang into a safe area. Whether Captain Xu Dahuang was alive or dead was hard to say.


The Wolf howled out. It had finally adapted to the paralysis of the Lightning Strike. This monster that was brimming with power from its body once again released the aura of a wild beast.

“Crap, it is transforming again!”

The color on everyone’s face changed once more. This meant that they would need to worry about their livesagain.

After seeing this scene, Mo Fan knew that he himself really was powerless.

Currently, all he could do was to retreat. His Lightning Strike had given those innocent residents a bit more time, and could also be seen as having saved a few people.

“You evil creature, you still haven’t accepted your death!” an incomparably solemn shout suddenly resounded through the sky above the old street.

Before he had even seen the person, Mo Fan could feel an enormous elemental force gathering in mid-air, countless drops of misty fog were faintly falling onto his cheeks.


Mo Fan raised his head, and was shocked to see that there was an incredibly large wave emerging in midair!

A turbulent wave in the air?

Mo Fan had a hard time believing his own eyes. Yet, this surging wave really was passing through the old houses. Immediately after, it became like a dam bursting as it attacked the body of the One-eyed Magic Wolf.

“Violent Wave: Banishment!”

Following this divine Magic chant, the surging tide directly smashed onto the One-eyed Magic Beast. Furthermore, it turned into a flood as instantly flooded the entire street.

All of the banyan trees had practically been broken through, the walls of the old houses also collapsed. The originally violent One-eyed Magic Wolf had no margin to struggle beneath the violent wave’s flood; it was flushed from the middle to the far end of the street.

“Inter-Intermediate level Water Magic!” After Xiaoke saw at this scene, her face turned incredibly red in excitement.

Violent Wave!

This was precisely the Intermediate spell of Water Element. Seeing the floodwaves rapidly flushing across the street, Xiaoke, who was also a Water Magician, was so excited that she almost fainted.

Intermediate level. It was something that people yearned for even in their dreams. For a little Magician like her, no one would know how long it would take to reach that level.

The trembling Violent Wave was incessantly surging forwards, but it didn’t reach where other people were. What everyone could see was this Violent Wave that resembled a ferocious Dragon as it toppled over the One-eyed Magic Wolf, along with the fact it almost destroyed the entire street!

Mo Fan was also attentively looking at this scene. At same time, his heart was also surging!

Intermediate Mage, so this is an Intermediate Mage. Formidable!

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Editor: RED


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