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Chapter 62 - Underground Holy Spring        


Yu Ang’s diligent cultivation was for himself. Even if his father, Mu Zhuoyun, had arranged a Magic Duel for him an year from now, Yu Ang genuinely did not put this matter in his heart. 

“Why don’t you head over, I’ll be right there with you,” Mu He told him. 

Yu Ang nodded as he walked toward the Master’s house. 

After going through an artificial garden, Yu Ang stepped into an unusual little courtyard. 

In an European-styled Mansion like this, having an antique tea house was extremely strange. 

“Father, I don’t understand why you have arranged a boring duel for me.” Yu Ang sat down to the side as he addressed Mu Zhuoyun. 

“If we were to only invite high-class people, family members, and people of your age on your Coming-of-age Ceremony, then that would be extremely dreary. The opportunity of gathering the most important and well-known people of Bo City into a single place is quite difficult. If there was be a duel during your Coming-of-age Ceremony, then I’m sure a lot of people would have a more positive opinion of you. There are certain matters which older generations like me just cannot interfere with; thus, you need to use your own superior strength to subdue the seniors and peers watching you; this way you will also gain prestige. Having that will assist you greatly when you control the city later on.” Mu Zhuoyun sipped the tea as he talked about his plans. 

“Then you should arrange for me a more suitable opponent,” Yu Ang replied. 

“In the beginning, I also thought that having a small character like this would be a child’s play for you during your Coming-of-age Ceremony, so I was also considering about whether I should’ve arranged for someone more appropriate. However, now it doesn’t seem that way anymore. After all, it’s essentially a battle between me, Deng Kai, and Principal Zhu.” Mu Zhuoyun said. 

“What do you mean?” Yu Ang was confused as he asked. 

“Your opponent, Mo Fan, has already grasped the second level of Fire Burst. The progress of his cultivation has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Being able to achieve this kind of result in just a short year means he’s not just some minor character. Presently, he is the most outstanding student of Tian Lan Magic High, and he has gained the attention of Deng Kai, Zhan Kong, and Principal Zhu. Now, if I wanted to pull anything on this kid, I believe the others most likely wouldn’t let me do it… This really has caught me by surprise. The cultivation of the son of a driver is actually not any slower than the preeminent disciples of our ancestral families. If he was more discreet, than you wouldn’t have to know anything about the matters between Deng Kai and I,” Mu Zhuoyun explained with a cold smile. 

“In that case, there might be some interesting things happening.” Yu Ang looked greatly relieved. 

If a weak opponent were to appear at his Coming-of-Age Ceremony, then that wouldn’t be earning himself any prestige; instead, it would be giving this scoundrel his spotlight, as well as not being able to demonstrate the strength that exceeded his peers of the same age. 

The Mu Family regarded the younger generations’ Coming-of-Age ceremonies as their most important, and it could be said that the Coming-of-age Ceremony was their grandest ceremony. If the youths were strong, then the family clan was strong; this would allow them to claim power within Bo City at an early age. Having the older generations jumping out and showing off their strength wasn’t always appropriate. If they were to have their younger generations of disciples demonstrate their overwhelming dominance to their peers, wouldn’t that be demonstrating the Mu Family’s absolute power? 

Mu Ningxue was at the Imperial Capital, which was at an even higher domain. 

Bo City would also need an outstanding young Magician who could carry the banner, right? 

Yu Ang was an excellent successor for controlling the city. Mu Zhuoyun wanted to meticulously nurture him so that he could stand at the peak of Bo City. 

Whether the path of the future would be smooth would naturally depend on the beginning. Other disciples’ Coming-of-age Ceremonies could be arranged in a small manner. However, Yu Ang’s Coming-of-age Ceremony needed to be grand. It had to have grandeur, it had to have guests, and it had to amaze the world! 

That brat Mo Fan does indeed exceed our expectations. However, he is only a stepping stone for the growth of an elite youngster like Yu Ang! 

However, would this scheming Mu Zhuoyun tell Yu Ang that he was allowing the young man to be nurtured with a large amount of resources, so that when he reached a high position and held a large power, he would only be someone else’s stepping stone? That person would be Mu Zhuoyun’s biological daughter, Mu Ningxue! 

Mu Ningxue is the most perfect successor for Mu Zhuoyun. Since Bo City was too small, his only choice was to nurture another trusted aide so he could properly control Bo City and the native lands of the family. 

“Don’t worry, after the end of the Coming-of-age Ceremony, I will open up the Underground Holy Spring of Bo City for you. You will have a week’s worth of cultivation time in there. This one week will be enough to allow your cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds; then your peers in Bo City will no longer be placed in your eyes!” Mu Zhuoyun said calmly. 

“Father, is that Underground Holy Spring really that magical?” Yu Ang’s eyes glistened as he asked this. 

“Of course. You know of a Stardust Magic Tool right? This Underground Holy Spring is equivalent to a Stardust Magic Tool that reinforces your strength by countless times. It doesn’t just simply ease your fatigue, it is also a Holy Ground for the nurturing of your cultivation speed! Whether it is meditation or ‘Control’, the spring is the most perfect place for it. The Underground Holy Spring isn’t something you can open at will; thus, once you enter, you will have to put your entire mind into cultivation. This is because this could possibly be the best opportunity for you to attack the Intermediate level!” Mu Zhuoyun said. 

“Int.. Intermediate? Aren’t I still quite a bit far from that??” Yu Ang was a bit startled. 

“If you didn’t enter the Underground Holy Spring, then you would still be quite far from it. However, if you were obtain the opportunity this time, then that would be different,” Mu Zhuoyun said as he rubbed his mustache. 

“Father, just how did this Underground Holy Spring of Bo City come to be? How can it have such an incredible effect?” 

“The Underground Holy Spring has a long history, there is no need for you to know it. All you need to remember is that the Underground Holy Spring is an amazing cultivation opportunity that you only get once in your life.” Mu Zhuoyun no longer said anything else. 

Yu Ang nodded several times in understanding. 

Assuming that it was able to allow a person to break through the Primary level and tread upon the Intermediate level which many yearned for, this Underground Holy Spring of Bo City was indeed extremely important! 

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