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Chapter 61 -  Advancing the Lightning Element!         


“Fan Mo, your reaction is really quick. Your spell casting speed also shocked us. We thought you were the type of newly graduated Magician whose legs would soften up after seeing a Magical Beast.” Li Wenjie walked before Mo Fan and patted his shoulder a few times. 

“Yeah, I thought we had to take care of you for the large majority of the year before you could’ve been somewhat useful; who would’ve thought that your spirit quality was already this good that you even saved Guo Caitang. Guo Caitang, you’ll have to devote your entire life to him to properly express your appreciation,” Fei Shi said as he laughed. 

Mo Fan had applied for this position without any practical experience nor resume. In fact, the Hunter Team’s minimum requirement was to have killed at least ten Magical Beasts. If Mo Fan were of a different element, then this elite Team of Hunters would definitely not accept him. They didn't even need those with the Fire Elements. After all, the City Hunter Team fights off Magical Beasts within the city. If other hunters can’t face off against a Magical Beast, then they would just die themselves. If the Hunters Team can’t face off against the Magical Beasts, then it’s possible that the consequences would spread to people who can’t fend off for themselves. 

The City Hunters Team’s responsibilities were significant, and thus, the members were needed to be the elite of the Hunter Mages. 

Considering the rarity of a Lightning Mage as well as the abilities of their spells, the Hunter Team were willing to spend the half of the year to properly nurture the rookie who knew nothing. In everyone’s eyes, Mo Fan was a definite rookie who wouldn’t necessarily be able to cast his spell when faced against a Magical Beast. 

Just now, after he had finished his Lightning Strike spell in an instant, the speed of his reaction and the control of his Star Path actually caused the Hunter Team to have a whole new view of him! 

Especially Guo Caitang. In the beginning, she aggressively gave Mo Fan, a rookie, a harsh scolding. Who would’ve thought that in the most crucial time, it would be this rookie that would save her life. Her heart felt exceedingly complicated. 

“Alright, Li Wenjie, Feishi, the two of you go and inspect the cafeteria. If there is no other Magical Beast, then we can leave the rest of the matter to the police if that girl is still alive,” Xu Dahuang said. 


Search and rescue required a large amount of people. The Hunter Team’s primary objective was to eliminate the danger factors. Following that, all they needed to do was to let Fei Shi and Li Wenjie assist the police in searching for the missing Lin Yuner. 

It was just that it had been over a week, the girl’s chance of surviving was very low. 


As Mo Fan was about to leave, the Little Loach Pendant suddenly let out a buzz. 

“There’s a Soul Remnant?”

Mo Fan felt delighted as he hurriedly walked to the side of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat’s body. 

A blue radiance emerged out of the body of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat. It looked similar to a firefly. It was as small as a candleflame, looking like it was being summoned as it slowly floated into the pendant around Mo Fan’s neck. 

The others were busy with other things, and thus they didn’t notice this scene. Mo Fan successfully absorbed the Soul Remnant of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat into his Little Loach Pendant. 

The Little Loach Pendant had an ability that allows it to automatically absorb Soul Remnants. When he had killed the Spirit Wolf the last time, it had also absorbed the Spirit Wolf’s Soul Remnant. 

Unfortunately, to make the Little Loach Pendant really grow required something even more pure than a Soul Remnant, which would be a Soul Essence. Who knows if absorbing these Soul Remnants would have any effects whatsoever, I’ll have to go back home and do some research on it. 

Moreover, the Magic Association and Hunter’s Union also sold Soul Remnants. The price of one was roughly around ten thousand yuan. If there were enough Soul Remnants absorbed, then they would also allow the Little Loach Pendant to grow. In that case, is there a need to use the money from hunting Magical Beasts to buy those Soul Remnants? Either way, the top priority is to make the Little Loach Pendant grow; this way, I will definitely be able to have my Fire Burst reach the level of Rupture! 

“Hm? The Lightning stars seems to have some transform. Don’t tell me…” Suddenly, Mo Fan felt the stars within his Lightning Stardust tingle with incomparable excitement. 

The excitement here was similar to the time where his Fire stars had transformed. The transformation that time had allowed Mo Fan to reach the level of Fire Burst - Burning Bones, up from merely Scorch!

That is to say, his Lightning Strike was about to make a breakthrough! 

In the past when he kept meditating, the Lightning stars had no reaction to whatsoever. Who would’ve thought that the lightning quick spellcasting today would actually cause them to transform? Mo Fan didn’t know whether it was because of the experience from the battle he had today that allowed them to transform, or it was due to the absorption of the Soul Remnant?

Fire Burst has already achieved Burning Bones. I wonder what kind of effects the heaven-defying Lightning Strike will cause at its second level? It really made you look forward to it! 


What Mo Fan did not expect was that he would actually obtain a commission from his first time completing a mission.

The school had in total used 200,000 yuan to request the City Hunter Team come there and solve the issue. Mo Fan received 10% of it; after all, he had just joined them. Normally speaking, those who just joined would only receive the wages of an intern. The commission was only given as a token; they had considered Mo Fan a special Lightning Mage, as well as his outstanding display today. The team basically gave Mo Fan a full share. 

10% was around 20,000 yuan. This was on par with six months of his father’s income. 

Mo Fan didn’t want to play around with this money, thus, he cautiously put it away as he did not need it for a period of time. 

Speaking of which, this was Mo Fan’s first time being paid for work. Although it was indeed dangerous, the reward had actually exceeded Mo Fan’s expectations. This was much more than what the hunters outside of the city earned; no wonder why so many of them would do their best to join the ranks of the City Hunter Team. 


The Mu Family Manor... 

The sky blue private pool had a gentle ripple. Mu He in a swimming cap had swum up on shore. With his body still wet from the water, he laid down on the recliner with an umbrella shielding him from the sun. He then looked at the private swimming teacher with rye-colored skin as he not so accidentally swept his gaze across her chest. 

Creak, creak, creak~~”

As Mu He was about to say something, he discovered the swimming pool had a layer of frost slowly covering it. The surface of the swimming pool quickly solidified. 

“Don’t… I’m going to swim again soon.” Mu He felt a headache. Before he could finish, the entire swimming pool had already been frozen solid, as if it were winter. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

“Uncle He, my father wants you to come over,” a tall, slender man with a gloomy look said to him. 

“Yu Ang, your Ice stardust has gotten increasingly strong, how has your training been?” Mu He asked with a pleased expression. 

“The progress is a bit slow,” the youth called Yu Ang replied. 

“You still call that slow…” Mu He said with a forced smile, “Other people are only at the first level of Ice Spread, yet, you have already grasped Ice Spread: Condense. With your cultivation speed, you won’t even need two years to attain the third form of Ice Spread, Cover! That is a large scale Ice Spread, let’s not even talk about a small Fire elemental student, you could even freeze a whole lot of them by yourself! 

“Two years? That’s still too long.” Yu Ang mumbled to himself. 

“You’re always so dissatisfied with your cultivation. The truth is, you’re already more outstanding than other peers of your age. Yes, you and that child Mu Ningxue have a definite difference; however, Mu Ningxue is just too special. You should already know that your father, Mu Zhuoyun, has been brooding over that kid Mo Fan. After a year, when you’ve successfully dealt with that kid, then your father will definitely give you an amazing present,” Mu He laughed.  

“I haven’t even put that little clown in my eyes at all,” Yu Ang stated.

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