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Chapter 63 - Strange Occurrences in the Old Streets        


In the remaining time of the summer break, Mo Fan kept on cultivating. 

The City Hunter Team wasn’t exactly a very busy job; most of the time, he was just adjusting his life. 

After Mo Fan had finished two more Bounty missions with the City Hunter Team, he finally left the realm of a rookie. He was able to stay even more calm as he cast his spells when faced with a Magical Beast.

Advancing his battle experience along with his cultivation, Mo Fan unexpectedly discovered that his Stardust’s growth was even faster. 

As his Stardust grew, naturally, the usable stars were also transforming. On the day he started his third year of high school, Mo Fan had successfully transformed the Lightning stars. 

They had turned increasingly bright, and the radiating stars were able to conduct increasingly stronger Lightning Magic. Thus, the used spells naturally changed as well. 

“Next time when I go out on a mission with the City Hunter Team, they will surely be surprised.” Mo Fan was sitting in class, he felt particularly happy. 

Currently, his Lightning Strike and Fire Burst had both achieved the second stage. This advancement speed had far exceeded his peers. If he was able to reach the third stage by his graduation, then that would be even more perfect! 

It was said that when the stars had transformed into the third stage, then one would be rather close to breaking through to Intermediate level Mage. 

Mo Fan had no idea on when he would reach the Intermediate level. However, he would definitely exhaust all methods to make himself stronger! 

School life was still just like that. After going through the Practicals, the students’ temperament had a clear transformation. On top of that, the Magic entrance exams were near, so those students who were usually slacking in particular were giving their best as they frequently appeared on the training grounds. 

Mo Fan himself didn’t go to the training grounds. 

What was the use of hitting a wooden puppet. He had directly changed these meaningless practices and exercises into real combat, real combat against Magical Beasts! That kind of progress was many times more effective than hitting the wooden puppets at the school training grounds! 

“Brother Fan, did you realize it? Ever since Practicals, the arrogant Class Representative, Zhoumin has been treating you really well,” Zhang Xiaohou whispered into Mo Fan’s ear. 

“Really?” Mo Fan asked as he raised his eyebrows. 

“Of course, sometimes, she would even sneakily glance over here.” 

“Isn’t it because I’m handsome?” 

“If you were to put it like that, then I can’t do anything about it. However, if it was because you’re handsome, then she wouldn’t have been so harsh on you when the school began. She is harsh on every single person, however, when it comes to you, her entire person changes; she becomes like a next-door little sister, cute and obedient,” Zhang Xiaohou stated. 

Presently, Mo Fan went to class in the morning and cultivated in the afternoon. At night, he has to wear a uniform to protect the peace of this city. How could he have time to care about a young girl’s heart? Moreover, he already had a heroic spirit that would save thousands of girls from their sufferings, thus, occasionally obtaining a few girls’ affections… Isn’t that a common thing?

“See, see. She’s coming over here to find you… Tsk tsk, Brother Fan, I’ll retreat first.” Zhang Xiaohou was indeed a qualified friend. There are certain friends who are as stupid as pigs, they just love being a Light Mage!1

Mo Fan raised his head and saw that Zhoumin really was coming his way. 

Seeing her appearance, embarrassed yet excited, it truly made one feel pity for her. 

Zhoumin looked quite elegant with squeaky clean black hair over her shoulders, and a delicate face that carried the arrogance of many young girls. Normally, they naturally treated boys like devils and so they kept their distance. However, the truth was, it was just impossible for them to conceal their warm hearts. 

“Mo Fan… Do you have time tonight?” Zhoumin whispered after she walked over. 


He still had to consolidate the level two spell of Lightning Strike. 

Zhoumin, oh, Zhoumin. As the Class Representative, you should be wholeheartedly focusing on your studies, how could you let your heart focus on the mundane things. We are third year high schoolers who are about to become University students. This year is extremely important, it will affect the future. If you were to let your heart distract you this early, then it will bring nothing good for anyone! 

Therefore, Mo Fan nodded as he said, “I’m available!” to Zhoumin. 

Zhoumin immediately opened her eyes widely and said, “Wait for me after school, I need to tell you something really important.” 

“No problem.” Mo Fan nodded his head, he was thinking of whether he should have Zhang Xiaohou go and prepare a small umbrella, just in case he will need it.2


After the school ended, a large crowd of students rushed toward the exit. 

Zhoumin was indeed true to her words, she was waiting for Mo Fan at the back gate of the school. 

Mo Fan walked over and as he was about to open his mouth, Zhoumin mysteriously said, “Mo Fan, I’m not sure if I should be telling you about this matter, but I also don’t know anyone who is more suitable. 

As Mo Fan heard this, he suddenly had no idea what to expect. 

“It’s like this; my grandma’s house is on the Rongshu Street. It is an old district that is going to be rebuilt into a new one. During the summer break, I went back to live with my grandmother, and then I frequently felt trembling sounds from the construction site next door. It seemed like there were construction workers doing their jobs. However, I asked some people and they all said that they don’t do construction work at night… My grandma always said that the large old district that is about to turn into ruins has something living there. I tried to have my grandmother move away, but she refused to leave the place. Therefore, I was hoping you would come with me and see what exactly is happening. Or else, I won’t feel safe leaving my grandmother there alone, I’d feel scared at night,” Zhoumin said to Mo Fan sincerely. 

After hearing Zhoumin’s words, Mo Fan couldn’t help but feel shocked. 

Construction site trembling?

Shit, last time there was a cafeteria, and this time, there’s a construction site trembling. This Bo City was getting toyed with too much. 

“Don’t tell me it’s another Colossal-eyed Ape Rat?” Mo Fan began to think.

“Colossal-eyed Ape Rat? That’s a Magical Beast, the Bo City shouldn’t have those kind of things, right?” Zhoumin blurted out in shock. 

Zhoumin still had lingering fears from facing the dread of a Magical Beast the last time. 

“That’s not a strange thing at all. The news from the Hunter’s Union states that during this period of time, the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat is acting as though they’re entering the mating season, there are frequent cases of them popping out from dark corners.” Mo Fan was already used to seeing strange things. 

If he was lingering around school, Mo Fan would be the same as Zhoumin; thinking that Bo City was one hundred perfect safe and that there would not be any Magical Beasts appearing. 

However, being in the City Hunter Team, Mo Fan could count as having experience and knowledge. 

How do you say this... 

Little classmate, Zhoumin, you really found the right person! This brother’s other identity is an officer of Bo City, and because we only clean the Magical Beasts within the Bo City, we are definitely more specialized! 

Sigh, I won’t be able to receive commission this time. However, getting the girls’ affection isn’t exactly a bad thing either, let’s go and take a look! 


Arriving at the old district, it was just as Zhoumin had described. This part of the city had already been demolished, it looked as though it had just experienced a severe earthquake. 

Dust pervaded the demolished district, and there were temporary walls and holes all over the construction sites. A half-demolished house was just left there, it affected the appearance of the area as they erected another unfinished tower. 

I heard that the old Rongshu district are going to be rebuilt into a new commercial district. In the end, there was a severe shortage in the investment, thus, they left behind a remnant of what it used to be in this part of the city, and even the government doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Most of the people had already moved from this district. There were wanderers and vagrants who decided to stay here temporarily due to difficulties. The remaining ones who stayed behind were the old people who refused to move away, like Zhoumin’s old grandmother. 


Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED        


1.  This basically means Lightbulb, which also means a third wheel

2. (Ed. Note: Okay, he agreed so he can let her down easy, I guess? Otherwise, shouldn’t he have just said No?)

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