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Chapter 55 -  City Hunter Team


Oh, oh!, Mo Fan rejoiced covertly. 

So it turned out that Lightning Mages were very popular within the Hunter’s Union. 

You couldn’t blame them, however. There was only one Lightning Mage per thousand, and additionally, the Lightning spells’ power were not inferior to the Fire element. Plus, it carried a paralysis effect. With the Lightning Mage suppressing the Magical Beasts, the speed it took for the squadron to circle the Magical Beasts would be reduced by a large margin!

Good, he had found a method that would allow him to make money, as well as increase his combat prowess! 

However, in order to not expose my innate double element, I should still do a disguise. On one hand, it’s so people won’t recognize me. On the other hand, I would look more mature. I am still too much of a high schooler! After Mo Fan made his decision, he quickly found a black crayon. 

Changing his appearance wasn’t hard. Mo Fan just needed to dye his face darker and then put on a long, grey hoodie.

As long as he put on the hoodie, and showed the distinct jawline of his face, his entire temperament would be entirely different! 

He found the City Hunter’s Team and saw the long queue standing outside. He couldn’t help but sob a bit. 

Shit, this even overtakes the registration for the exams for officers! 

Let’s just line up. That’s all I can do. Let’s just do the interview first and then go past stage two of it. It seems like the interviewer is a sweet and beautiful woman. 


“They’re all trash. Do these morons thinks we, the City Hunter’s Team, is a job where we just sit on our butts and eat the benefits of the state!?” a tall and sturdy man who still had gauze wrapped around his head snarled behind the recruitment counter.

“Captain, don’t be anxious. There’s a lot of people applying, there will be a good one!” said a man who was wearing a fashionable flower cap. 

“Actually, this one isn’t bad. He has mastered the second level Wind Trail, Flash Steps. It can be used to track and lure Magical Beasts,” a delicate-looking girl said as she stood behind the sturdy and tall man.

“As long as we have me as the Wind element, do we still need anyone else?” spoke up a wind Mage with long hair, graceful in his white shirt.

“These are all just considerations. I still haven’t seen anyone I’m completely satisfied with yet,” the gauzed-up Captain said.

“In that case, how about Ah Cheng? This fella is quite clever. The truth is, the really amazing Mages actually have their own fixed squads. They rarely wander over here. In my point of view, we should just choose Ah Cheng. His Fire abilities should be sufficient enough against a Magical Beast,” the graceful, long-haired Wind Mage spoke up.

The Captain helplessly shook his head, “It seems like this is the only way.”

As he finished saying this, that sweet-looking recruitment girl hastily ran over, her face ramming directly into the Captain's chest.

“A….Ah, I’m sorry.” The recruitment girl’s cheek was red as she hastily apologized. “There’s… there’s a Lightning… a Lightning Mage applying to join our City Hunter’s Team.”

“Are you for real??” The tall and sturdy Captain seemed more energized, his eyes beamed as he looked in the direction of the long recruitment line.

The other squadmates’ eyes also sparkled.

Lightning Mage!

Their City Hunter Team was indeed more popular relative to other squads. However, that didn’t signify that Lightning Mages were willing to enlist.

In the past, Lightning Mages had always been guests amongst the Hunter Squads. Some of the more Elite squads wouldn’t mind taking in a completely newbie Lightning Mage. 

You could definitely cultivate newbies. However, an one in a thousand Lightning Mage was extremely hard to find even if you were to turn on a lantern! 

Too many Lightning Mages had already been reserved, additionally, they were very easy to absorb into a large Ancient Family or Organizations. The possibility of finding a wild Lightning Mage was just far too small.

“Is that him?” The sturdy Captain was a little impatient, he directly walked out from the back.

“Y...yes, Captain. Are you going to personally interview him?” the recruitment girl stuttered.

“Interview… What’s there to interview?” the sturdy Captain turned around as he looked puzzled.

The recruitment girl, as well as the other teammates, were puzzled. If the Captain wasn’t going to personally interview him, then why did he run over there?

At this moment, you could see the Captain walking to the recruitment desk. He looked at Mo Fan, whose face seemed somewhat dark, before he asked, “You’re a Lightning Mage?” 

Mo Fan glanced at this tall, sturdy, and ferocious man as he slowly raised his hand. In a split second, an electric arc passed between his fingers before it formed what seemed to be a bug buzzed as it fell onto the table, before burning a small hole in the table cloth.

The sturdy Captain’s face bloomed, he nodded his head excitedly. 

“You longer need to line up. We have found our person!” The sturdy Captain was also domineering; he directly looked toward the long line and shouted this out. 

As he shouted this, the long line was not very happy. 

“Shit, Why? We still haven’t gone through an interview yet?!”

“Yeah, I’m really strong. I can cast a spell in less than four seconds.”

“Are you for real, there are even Magicians going through the backdoor in recruiting? This world is just too unfair! I don’t want to be in the desolate areas!”

The group of people began voicing their complaints. They had expectations for this position.

“If any of you is also a Lightning Mage, then this Captain will break the rules and recruit you!” shouted the sturdy Captain, maintaining his unreasonable attitude.

As everyone heard this, they were stunned.

“Shit, Lightning?” 

“Are you for real? A Lightning elementalist would run here and steal our livelihood, how do we even survive now?!” 

“Uh, A Lightning elementalist, what’s there to interview about? Let’s just go somewhere else.”

As soon as they heard Lightning element, everyone was like a defeated chicken as they dangled their heads.

There’s nothing they could do about it. The Lightning element was the Head of the Basic Elements, it had an incomparable advantage. These people no longer had any desire to compete.

Mo Fan turned around and saw that this long line immediately disperse. He was a little shocked.

Even in school, he knew that the Lightning element had a particular importance attached to it. However, he never thought that the Lightning element would possess such a suppressing force within the society of mages.

It makes sense when he thought about it. When he was facing the Spirit Wolf, the truly decisive spell was indeed the Lightning elements Lightning Strike. Not only was it able to injure the Magical Beast, it was also able to paralyze its muscles! 

“Come come come, little brother. Welcome to our City Hunter Team, let me introduce you our members… Oh, let me first introduce myself. I am the Captain of the City Hunter Team, Xu Dahuang, a Fire Mage,” the sturdy Captain introduced himself.

“Hello, my name is Xiaoke, I am a Water Mage,” the delicate-looking girl sweetly smiled. 

“Li Wenjie, Wind Element," the handsome youth said confidently, as he flung his graceful hair back. 

“Call me Feishi, I am an Earth elementalist,” the round faced man with the flower hat said as he smiled widely.

Mo Fan looked at these Magicians whose were definitely a few years older than him. He was a bit stunned before he finally introduced himself, “I am Fan Mo.”

“Fan Mo, from your blank resume, I can tell that you’re a newbie who hasn’t even met a genuine Magical Beast. Thus, I want to remind you of one thing. Don’t think you’re amazing just because you’re a Lightning Mage, be careful of your own life!” said a rather beautiful girl. 

Mo Fan glanced at this woman; he felt that she was somewhat familiar.

“Oh, this is my Vice-Captain, Caitang, Ice Element!” Captain Xu Dahuang explained with a smile.


Shit, it’s that girl! 

Mo Fan finally recognized this person. This Caitang was related to the Mu Family. This girl kept up a princess-like appearance every day, and was hard to interact with! 

Shit, how come I meet people from the Mu Family all the time? It seems like I need to quickly enter a good university and leave this city. 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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