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Chapter 54 -  The Rare Lightning Mage!

The rate of his cultivation was still not fast enough! 

Even if Mo Fan had twice as much cultivation time as other people, as well as the 20% buff from the Stardust Magic Tool, the time would still have to be split between his two concubines, er, Stardusts. Thus, he would only be slightly bit faster than that fool Mu Bai. 

If he didn’t want to easily expose the ability of his Lightning Element in front of others, he would not be able to rely on that small advantage to play against the Ancient Mu Family and their cash players!

The question is, how would he be able to maximize the increase of his strength?

As he decided to Baidu the answer, all it said was: Buy a Stardust Magic Tool!

This answer was essentially too stupid.

Let’s not bullshit, the Stardust Magic Tool was naturally the best tool to increase his cultivation. The question was whether the Stardust Magic Tool was something a person could buy?

However, from Mo Fan’s point of view, other than the Stardust Magic Tool, there were no other good methods!

“What if I were to upgrade the little Loach Pendant to Spirit rank just like the one Mu Ningxue is wearing…

“A common ranked Stardust Magic Tool is only able to increase cultivation by 20%. If I were to upgrade it to a Spirit Rank, then it would be a 40% increase. This way, even if I were to practice both the Lightning and Fire element, then I’d still be much quicker than most people. Mu Ningxue’s starting point was higher than mine by too much. Since she was able to get recruited by the Empire early on, that itself would testify that her strength exceeds mine, and most likely has reached the requirement of universities. If I still slowly cultivate like this, then I would get shaken to death by the ancient Mu Family sooner or later.” Mo Fan didn’t regret making this kind of enemy. He was only able to exhaust all his options to increase his strength due to the enemy’s oppression.

Presently, the only thing that could increase his strength faster seemed to be a Stardust Magic Tool.

Mrs. Tangyue has mentioned this before. The Little Loach Pendant could be upgraded by absorbing the spirits of Magical Beasts after they died. This meant that he would need to go out and slay Magical Beasts. If his luck was good, then a spirit would really show up. Then his Little Loach Pendant could really be upgraded to Spirit Rank!

The 40% cultivation addition for a Mage like Mo Fan, whose cultivation speed was already twice as fast as others was simply riding a rocket! 

“It seems like this is the only way.”

Since he had made a decision, then he should brazenly do it!

The heavens has given himself this advantage. If he were to neglect it, then it’d be good for nothing.

After the Practicals, there still remained about a month of summer vacation. Mo Fan walked down to the Hall of the Hunter’s Union without hesitation. 

The Hunter’s Union was an organization formed by wandering Hunter’s Squadrons. There were tens of thousands of Hunter Mages who came to the Hall of the Hunter’s Union to search for missions that were suitable for themselves.

Mo Fan had already gone through them. A Spirit Essence’s price on the market exceeded 5 million RMB. 

Searching for Magical Beasts was the only path Mo Fan could choose to obtain wealth. If he really could gather these 5 million RMB first was hard to say, at least the Soul Remnants and Soul Essence were something you could only obtain through killing a Magical Beast. This was the only path he could choose now.

Killing a Magical Beast by himself? 

Mo Fan immediately shook his head to reject the idea. He simply did not possess the ability to kill a Magical Beast by himself. Thus, he now needed to look for a Hunter Squad that was suitable for him.

Practically all of the Mages in Hunter’s Union formed their own little squads. Those who were able to kill a Magical Beast single-handedly were far too few. 


The Hall of Hunters. The people came and went, it felt like a large hall of spirals, while at same time like a job fair. 

On the wall of the Hall of Hunters was a colossal LCD screen. It announced the newest missions, as well as the rewards of the missions. The lowest reward was 100k RMB, and the higher reward missions could go up to millions. 

Mo Fan looked at the million level missions, his saliva almost flowing down his mouth. 

Completing five of those kinds of missions, and he would be able to buy a Soul Essence to upgrade his Little Loach Pendant by a level. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t something a normal person could do! 

“Iron Hammer Squad is looking for Ice elemental Mages. Required battle experience is three years and above. Have the desire to cooperate in a team. The most important thing is to have an adept control of the Ice spell. The mission has already been received, average reward is 20k RMB, estimated two months completion!”

“Wind Element Mages, the squad lacks an experienced Wind Magician who can lure an One-eyed Magic Wolf. Other Elements are not needed!” 

“Fire Element. Where are the Fire Mages, join our Fierce Wind Squad! Guaranteed to efficiently complete missions, and get wealthy!”

Mo Fan swept a glance over to the side, and he discovered that those Magicians who had joined squads before had actually brought resumes! 

On the resume was distinct proof of their time in other squads, how many missions they’d completed, and the levels of the missions.

Mo Fan was dazzled by this scene. For a moment, he just had no idea on how to pick. 

It seemed like the Magicians who had just graduated were those no one wanted. After all, they had far too little experience with Magical Beasts; one small mistake and they’d lose their life. Who would dare to have Mages who just graduated? 

Whereas Mo Fan hadn’t even graduated; he was a student who had just entered his second year of High school. Bringing a Magic Student was simply a nuisance, and essentially defrauding his squad mates. He could tell that it would be very hard to find a suitable squad from his time in Practicals. 

“Shit, being a Mage actually needs qualifications, this particular year…” Mo Fan couldn’t help but curse. 

As Mo Fan finished cursing, a man hurriedly ran past Mo Fan and bumped into Mo Fan while cursing even more. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The City Hunter’s Team is currently recruiting. I have to go and give it a try. Excuse me for bumping into you!” a weak youth wearing thick glasses said to Mo Fan. 

“City Hunter’s Team?” Mo Fan asked suspiciously. 

“Yeah, don’t you know? They’re specialized in sweeping dangers within the city. They’re a group who kills Magical Beasts that are hiding within the city. The City Hunter’s Team has always been the first choice of Hunter Mages. After all, they are hunters who can stay within the city. Who likes to run around the desolate areas and fight against unknown creatures? Not to mention the City Hunter’s Team’s rewards have always been really high…” The youth in glasses pushed his glasses up as he spoke.

“Tong Yubin, you should stop wasting your time. A Mage like you who just graduated from a Magic High School doesn’t have experience nor the strength. There’s no way the City Hunter’s Team would notice you, unless you’re a Lightning Mage.,” an old Hunter to the side ridiculed him. 

“They’re looking for Lightning Mages?” Mo Fan’s eyes beamed as he asked hastily.

The City Hunter’s Team, they moved within the city. This is something very suitable for Mo Fan who was still studying in school.

If he were to go to the outside, then he wouldn’t know how long it would take him to finish a mission. 

“Lightning Mages has always been in demand for squads. Even the Lightning Mages who have no experience whatsoever will be happily accepted into a squad. After all, the Lightning Mages are far too few, their skills are just simply tyrannical. Sigh! If I were to Awaken a Lightning element, then I wouldn’t have to be ridiculed by those veterans everyday!” that old Hunter said. 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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